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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WEAKNESSES

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Autobiography, 5:and the same love of others, the same sins and weaknesses, the same pride and selfishness, the sameAutobiography, 246:the individual was constantly infringed and the weaknesses and ambitions of the leaders wereAutobiography, 263:in nature, full of faults, based on the weaknesses and the strength of the teacher who foundedDestiny, 91:and exclusive. Exclusiveness is one of the major weaknesses of the sixth ray type. Ray 4. - ThisDiscipleship1, 9:in the group of any Master may have many weaknesses and limitations. These act as hindrances toDiscipleship1, 46:group qualities emerge and can be studied; weaknesses can then be offset and right indicationsDiscipleship1, 75:is also a strong personality tie (with all the weaknesses which that may entail) and a deep, ifDiscipleship1, 77:seek to throw a light. I shall point out your weaknesses - if I can get your sincere attention.Discipleship1, 77:- if I can get your sincere attention. These weaknesses exist. You are not yet initiate, and youDiscipleship1, 137:is an essential and the good points and the weaknesses must be recognized with equal readiness.Discipleship1, 187:the open the successes, the failures and the weaknesses and look at them together in the clearDiscipleship1, 195:are full of response to, and recognition of, the weaknesses and frailties of your family andDiscipleship1, 301:[301] that your brothers should know your weaknesses. My brother, this should not be. It is all aDiscipleship1, 301:illusion. What matters it if each knows the weaknesses of his brother on the Path, and if all areDiscipleship1, 330:and depressed by the discovery of their weaknesses. They resent being thus handicapped and theDiscipleship1, 392:myself what are my major assets and my major weaknesses? Can I define clearly within myself what IDiscipleship1, 408:people (with their reticence and silences, their weaknesses and strengths, their aspirations andDiscipleship1, 420:only be the case if you adjust in yourself those weaknesses of character which call for reticenceDiscipleship1, 426:the surface the hidden things, and the germs of weaknesses, thus revealing defects and liability. IDiscipleship1, 442:whereby you, the Observer, can learn. Your weaknesses and equally your strengths will be revealedDiscipleship1, 512:the veil of this glamor. Consequently again, the weaknesses which are looked for are found and theDiscipleship1, 512:Are you prone to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Is there an immediate interestDiscipleship1, 512:glamor. 3. Suspicion. The most poisonous of all weaknesses is this glamor; it is usually the mostDiscipleship1, 618:ready at all times to avail himself of the weaknesses to which you have been prone. I say not thisDiscipleship1, 778:the individual was constantly infringed and the weaknesses and ambitions of the leaders wereDiscipleship2, 31:of all mankind, of humanity's mistakes and weaknesses, thoughts, [32] distorted strengths andDiscipleship2, 45:I refer is not that which is incident to those weaknesses of character which repel one's fellowmen,Discipleship2, 82:do. Every disciple has been tested; unsuspected weaknesses have emerged and characteristics whichDiscipleship2, 82:way, but a large majority have passed the test. Weaknesses of motivation, of purpose, of techniqueDiscipleship2, 82:the incoming energies will render excessive the weaknesses (if they are recognized for what theyDiscipleship2, 93:outer form does not hold together, owing to the weaknesses of its members and the pressure of dailyDiscipleship2, 110:the group love can offset them all; personality weaknesses, mistakes and faults are overlooked andDiscipleship2, 150:- each in his own life and community - with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himselfDiscipleship2, 621:the Path is made, for the subtler qualities and weaknesses emerge and are not so easily detected asDiscipleship2, 621:I would suggest, therefore, that you study the weaknesses of your position in connection with yourDiscipleship2, 640:aware of your own limitations and of your own weaknesses. Your first ray physical body is ofDiscipleship2, 679:succumbed to [679] two personality faults or weaknesses which seriously hinder your work for me,Discipleship2, 684:intention to waste no time in indicating weaknesses in character and areas of failure inDiscipleship2, 730:to feel encouraged. You are, however, aware of weaknesses and of failure. So be it. But the factDiscipleship2, 758:fail to express themselves, and thus again their weaknesses are developed and a tendency toExternalisation, 64:of their personalities. There are, my brothers, weaknesses to be found in all the group members.Externalisation, 172:fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures in the urgency of that whichExternalisation, 356:Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusing the conflictExternalisation, 376:The democracies have awakened also to their weaknesses and to the realization that true democracyExternalisation, 424:into light. They availed themselves of the weaknesses, the selfishness and the self-interest ofExternalisation, 490:- each in his own life and community - with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himselfGlamour, 163:Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusing the conflictHealing, 18:as you well know, certain forms of hereditary weaknesses, which either predispose a person toHealing, 95:of the body and its inherent, inherited weaknesses. [96] You will note that, in reality, the mentalHealing, 310:has certain predispositions, certain inherited weaknesses, certain glandular deficiencies - all ofHealing, 573:to a man's nature, ray, development and weaknesses and limitations, they are distributed to theInitiation, 64:principally to know himself, to ascertain his weaknesses and to correct them. He is taught to workMagic, 187:and to bring to the surface all the hidden weaknesses. That this has to be done inevitably is so,Magic, 623:and gather around the server. When the hidden weaknesses appear, they suffer as well as he. TheMagic, 623:intent, and again he knows it not. His latent weaknesses must emerge under the pressure of theMagic, 624:or to lower his ideal so as to conform to weaknesses. To all this must be added the strain of theMeditation, 110:till they approximated vices, temperamental weaknesses could be intensified till they becameProblems, 9:and begin to handle their own psychological weaknesses and complexes. Each nation must aim at soundProblems, 12:most men at this time, with attendant weaknesses. Yet, in all countries, there are those who havePsychology1, 91:hides at some point inherited disease and racial weaknesses, and that fails somewhere, in somePsychology1, 128:ray predisposes a man to certain strengths and weaknesses, and constitutes his principle ofPsychology2, 403:equally important. The outstanding weakness or weaknesses in an individual's equipment orPsychology2, 403:to the exclusion and even negation of other weaknesses not so obvious but equally crippling.Psychology2, 453:which are based up the capacity, the inherent weaknesses and strengths and the qualifications ofRays, 125:is to reveal to him certain inevitable and basic weaknesses, such as control of the animal nature,Rays, 125:so disciplined, are all indicative of essential weaknesses. His fanaticism, latent or expressed,
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