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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WEAPON

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Discipleship1, 423:for those who are preparing for initiation. The weapon whereby the battle will be won is that ofDiscipleship1, 423:service. Had you ever regarded service as a weapon for use? This statement is, as you will see, aDiscipleship2, 527:under the influence of glamor you oft wield the weapon of speech in a destructive manner and notExternalisation, 218:by a sense of individual futility - that weapon which the Forces of Materialism are using now soExternalisation, 311:for the freedom of the human soul with every weapon in the armory of mankind. They would hold backExternalisation, 668:the ordered beauty of the future. The major weapon now being used by the combined Forces of Evil isFire, 882:D., III, 420. Finally, Knowledge is a dangerous weapon: This is due to Personal Selfishness. It isHercules, 98:on every hand, grasping his trusty club, the weapon he himself had made, the gift that to himselfMagic, 577:physical plane. The sword of the Spirit is that weapon which in the hands of the disciple cuts downMeditation, 299:mind, instead of being a means to an end and a weapon for use, is in fair [300] way of being aProblems, 76:constantly being demanded and when refused the weapon of the strike is used. The use of the strike,Problems, 81:new and better way of life, but also a terrible weapon, capable of wiping the human family off thePsychology2, 40:order to cooperate; Power realized as the major weapon of love; Identification with the rhythm of
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