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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WEBS

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Astrology, 479:as the divine plan works out. The etheric webs of the sacred planets are largely triangles whilstHealing, 186:web in the etheric body. These circular disks or webs are to be found between each pair of theHealing, 187:carried forward. [187] There are four of these webs. When the fourfold personality is highlyHealing, 187:and the ajna center is awakening, then these webs slowly and gradually, normally and automaticallyHealing, 187:normally and automatically disappear. The webs in the head are of much higher quality and bisectMagic, 592:There are four of these interlaced circular "webs", lying between the five centers found on the rodMagic, 592:the ajna and throat centers. These etheric webs are in reality disks, rotating or revolving atMagic, 592:the system of centers concerned. Only when these webs are burnt away by the ascending andMagic, 592:activity sets up a contact with the protective "webs", or disks of pranic energy found on eitherMagic, 593:due to the piercing of one or other of the webs, through the activity of the centers allied toMagic, 596:purity of the vehicles, and the various etheric "webs" have to be carefully dealt with, and alsoPsychology2, 66:and immediately burns away all the etheric webs which are the protective barriers, separating thePsychology2, 595:hastens the burning of the protecting etheric webs up the spinal column. If this is done whilst thePsychology2, 596:the separating walls and of the dividing etheric webs. The lifting of the energies ever higher in
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