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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WELCOMED

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Astrology, 431:fish-goddess, the symbol of Pisces. A.A.B.) and welcomed the light within the depths and grasped itAutobiography, 205:no protection whatsoever. He loved everybody and welcomed every bum to the house. He was overbred,Autobiography, 236:on lists demanding peace. The Axis nations welcomed the idea of peace propaganda for it representedDiscipleship2, XII:was an unexpected development to the Tibetan but welcomed by him. He said that this act attractedDiscipleship2, 382:enables the group to seek initiation and to be welcomed through the slowly opening door by thoseExternalisation, 469:place called Heaven, into which the elect are welcomed; He is also seen as consigning all whoExternalisation, 537:of [537] resurrection. The Hierarchy needed and welcomed this interlude and recognized it as anHealing, 14:what I say, that therefore disease should be welcomed, and that the process of death should beHealing, 427:the process of death, clearly recognized and welcomed by the man, could be described by him in theHercules, 28:The people of that land, released from fear, welcomed the deliverer, acclaiming Hercules as saviorMeditation, 44:Lotus Feet, is by you to be desired and eagerly welcomed. Cultivate daily, therefore, that supremeMeditation, 202:and increases the range of his vision is to be welcomed, even though his apprehension of these
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