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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WELDING

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Discipleship1, 9:on, however, and if real effort is made, the welding process will make much progress. This,Discipleship1, 145:and the abnormal people... You must refrain from welding them into any structure which you mayExternalisation, 336:inner spiritual life of understanding and the welding of all workers into one unity of service. AExternalisation, 505:work is organizing the individual nations and welding them into an homogeneous whole, preparatoryFire, 218:expression in the manipulation of matter and its welding into form f or the use of Spirit. Then aInitiation, 54:out of her present chaos and unrest, and of welding her diverse peoples into an ultimate synthesis.Intellect, 204:present widespread educational systems, we are welding into a coherent unity that sumtotal whichMagic, 81:all to itself, and carries all on with itself, welding separated units into a unified homogeneousMagic, 428:of the group of world mystics and its close welding is not an accomplished fact? World unity,Magic, 631:will be carried forward (the work of spiritually welding the world into a synthesis and theMeditation, 339:buddhi) being the unifying principle and thus welding all, at the fourth initiation the lowerPsychology2, 130:consciousness with its responsibilities, and the welding of the individual into an awakened group;Psychology2, 651:few years and [651] there is a much closer inner welding than heretofore. The group will be foundRays, 743:organized [743] cooperation among them, and no welding together into a united group for worldSoul, 64:the Ether which holds the atoms together, the welding ether which is essential to theSoul, 107:'Yuga' to join or to weld together. Just as in welding, two pieces of the same metal are made to
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