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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WELFARE

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Astrology, 142:is consecrated to group service and to the welfare of humanity. The average Aquarian upon theAstrology, 142:all his interests are confined and to whose welfare all he has is consecrated. Upon the Fixed CrossAstrology, 572:and focused by the vision of the general welfare of humanity. Astrology, 582:done in the fields of philanthropy and human welfare, but, factually, love has never yet beenAstrology, 593:and effort of the Hierarchy as regards human welfare and guidance that the goal of the efforts ofAtom, 148:self-centered, and pays no attention to the welfare of the group of which he is a part. This priorAutobiography, 182:no believer in sacrificing your family and their welfare to your own spiritual urges. At the closeAutobiography, 197:remember that all paths lead to God and that the welfare of the one humanity governs all theirAutobiography, 251:animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and have interiorly pledged themselves toAutobiography, 252:move forward along the way of light, for human welfare without discrimination, for kindness and theAutobiography, 286:in any group, church, organization or social and welfare activity which may appeal to them. OurAutobiography, 292:Hierarchy of the planet and the general good and welfare of humanity. The Axis policy was based onAutobiography, 297:coming days less worthy than the host of world welfare movements and activities that are arisingBethlehem, 153:to the north. Gold is the symbol of material welfare, and the opposite pole to spirit is matter,Bethlehem, 170:the common good and your personal success or welfare conflicted, you must sacrifice and notBethlehem, 259:the era of service. World service, world welfare, world interest, world [260] inter-communicationBethlehem, 263:its own principles of living, its laws of group welfare, and its brotherhood of man. In theBethlehem, 278:Are we interested in the vital whole? Is the welfare of the race of real moment to us? Are weDestiny, 82:They are very close to each other and the welfare of each means much to each of them, so much soDestiny, 149:their interest in human good and human welfare, the perseverance they show in their search forDiscipleship1, 39:which is motivated by love of humanity and its welfare, which relates science and religion andDiscipleship1, 300:and will shine upon your way. Consider the welfare of the group by becoming an integrated partDiscipleship1, 772:away from [772] human activities and human welfare. Nor is a negative attitude adequate to theDiscipleship1, 783:animated by a sense of responsibility for human welfare and have interiorly pledged themselves toDiscipleship1, 785:move forward along the way of light, for human welfare without discrimination, for kindness and theDiscipleship2, 232:based upon a genuine desire for the true welfare and progress of all men everywhere. In all theseDiscipleship2, 337:of the fruits of scientific research to human welfare; it may take shape in the third ray aptitudeDiscipleship2, 392:the necessity of the Plan and who seek the welfare of their fellowmen. The highest group formulatesDiscipleship2, 587:disciple is an ashramic worker, pledged to the welfare of humanity. You are, as I feel sure youDiscipleship2, 592:initiated in 1825, and brought about the major welfare movements, led to the organization of theEducation, xii:of Biology, Sociology and Psychiatry to Human Welfare and Progress. The Unity of Knowledge. TheEducation, 12:a factor in the group life, and to promote group welfare by some aspect of active work and by theEducation, 46:peoples escaped from one land to another; welfare workers went from country to country, serving theEducation, 53:hence the philanthropic, goodwill and welfare movements of today. It will make possible,Education, 89:of responsibility for human happiness and human welfare. Nevertheless, the real work along theseEducation, 102:changing, so that today in many countries the welfare of the State itself, the good of the Empire,Education, 106:interest of the mass of the people in the common welfare. Hitherto the upper layer of society hasEducation, 106:classes have investigated and studied the public welfare from the angle of mental and scientificEducation, 124:joins a political party, or upholds some form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groupsExternalisation, 121:and as the state assumes responsibility for the welfare of the nation. The Hierarchy was, in thoseExternalisation, 143:and of endeavor of some kind towards human welfare. Now is the time for much work to be done withExternalisation, 186:philanthropy, the educational systems, and the welfare movements throughout the world. The progressExternalisation, 209:and to make their unique contribution to the welfare of the whole family of nations. The workingExternalisation, 228:selfish reactions and (for the sake of human welfare) temporarily, at least, live at your highestExternalisation, 228:but I do seek to aid you to see humanity and its welfare - not only in terms of your own nation orExternalisation, 231:towards right human relations and true human welfare. These enlightened people will back theirExternalisation, 240:arm for defence but refuse to fight for human welfare. How, then, shall we awaken the world to theExternalisation, 285:spiritual Order, concerned with the developing welfare of humanity, is to be found. This is an ageExternalisation, 339:not. It is the theme of betterment, of universal welfare, of general security, of widespreadExternalisation, 344:done in the fields of philanthropy and human welfare, but factually, true love has never yet beenExternalisation, 386:of trained experts in the field of child welfare, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists andExternalisation, 432:concerned with the final issue, with the future welfare and the ultimate well-being of humanity.Externalisation, 450:for the good of humanity, and who regard the welfare of the whole as of far greater importance thanExternalisation, 507:the Red Cross, and with the rapidly developing welfare movements. His work also embraces teaching,Externalisation, 539:concerned with the aiding of humanity through welfare movements. It was felt that it was necessaryExternalisation, 580:development of atomic energy on behalf of human welfare, national currencies will have been largelyExternalisation, 584:and a determination to aid in the cause of human welfare. One interesting distinction will laterExternalisation, 584:will not be dedicated to purely humanitarian and welfare work. That will be a motive and not anExternalisation, 600:as to Their work and Their interest in human welfare, and the unconvinced, yet hopeful, wishfulExternalisation, 601:the vociferous demands of men of goodwill, of welfare workers and of those pledged to internationalExternalisation, 603:has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What isExternalisation, 603:of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right humanExternalisation, 603:majority) live in physical bodies, work for the welfare of humanity, use love instead of emotion asFire, 1080:of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of the animals (as is the caseGlamour, 18:Group service and united effort towards group welfare has for two centuries been seen on Earth inHealing, 667:for others and mass action to promote human welfare have spread over the Earth. The emergence ofHercules, 52:his destiny is cast, utter consideration for the welfare of those with whom he is associated, and aHercules, 73:"In our view the highest aspirations for the welfare of humanity become tainted with selfishnessHercules, 186:forgetting of one's own self and affairs in the welfare of the particular section of humanity withInitiation, 5:seize upon any data that seems to affect our own welfare, and concerns our own evolution, and fromInitiation, 47:works at present under the Christ for the welfare of Christianity; other Masters hold similar postsIntellect, 42:upon the subjective side of life, the physical welfare of the individual and the race is neglectedIntellect, 241:of the present time, all organization of general welfare and of group betterment; all religiousMagic, 284:every part of the body, is responsible for its welfare and demonstrates in a manner not yet trulyMagic, 321:all movements that have for their objective the welfare of humanity, through philanthropic andMagic, 339:which have for their objective the uplift and welfare of men everywhere. The necessity of givingMagic, 407:characterized by a world consciousness and the welfare of the entire body and not of the part. TheMagic, 542:agriculturist, and all those dealing with the welfare of the human animal, are the direct result ofMagic, 588:of it stands, on the path of probation. Through welfare and uplift movements and the wide spread ofMagic, 633:all the various departments of human thought and welfare. Those Pisceans who are enough developedProblems, 12:internationally minded and preoccupied with the welfare of humanity, as a whole. They eagerlyProblems, 20:are not anti-social; they have led the way in welfare reforms, instituting such measures as theProblems, 44:peoples have escaped from one land to another; welfare workers have gone from country to country,Problems, 63:of responsibility for human happiness and human welfare. This work should be started in infancy soProblems, 130:in which temporal power is the goal and not the welfare of the little people. The present programProblems, 168:of these things in terms of the spiritual welfare of humanity and a truer interpretation of theProblems, 178:forceful and so outspoken on the side of human welfare that leaders, statesmen, politicians,Psychology1, 108:thinkers in the field of science and of social welfare with the needed knowledge which will enablePsychology1, 279:and for the growth of understanding, of welfare movements and of the tendency to cooperation, ofPsychology1, 341:to be recognized as of major importance, and the welfare of the individual is important just in soPsychology1, 342:is breaking down and the truer values of group welfare, of group integration, and of group progressPsychology2, 122:The tide is on. Everybody is actively serving in welfare movements, in philanthropic endeavors, inPsychology2, 495:satisfaction or group betterment and group welfare. These dreams can embody in themselves ancientPsychology2, 678:are an illustration), the ideal of group welfare in contradistinction to individual aims of aPsychology2, 739:are actuated by an earnest desire for their true welfare. I would like at this time to emphasizeRays, 59:this is interpreted by him in terms of material welfare; then this divine discontent drives himRays, 67:under the law of occult obedience for the welfare of humanity. The initiate, however, works inRays, 121:fellowship of faiths, movements based upon the welfare of humanity as a whole, and ideologicalRays, 365:and the spread of a universal humanitarian welfare movement are all indicative of this meetingRays, 499:work of the great humanitarian movements, the welfare organizations, and the widespread evocation
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