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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WENT

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Hercules, 118:to Hercules as in other cases. The word went out only to the country where the queen of the AmazonsHercules, 125:on his tablets the purpose of the coming test, went forth and spoke to Hercules. "Go forth, my son,Hercules, 125:country, yet take the time to eat." And Hercules went forth. And Hercules, who is a son of man andHercules, 126:his search. Up to the limits of the snow he went, following the tracks of the fierce boar; up toHercules, 126:for the coming of the boar. And hour by hour went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near.Hercules, 155:Gate the ninth you now must go." Forward, then, went Hercules, the son of man who was also the sonHercules, 159:something, and his eyes were opened. In Libra he went through a difficult stage of achievingHercules, 171:Hercules mastered it. This done, Hercules went on, and found Prometheus. Upon a slab of stone heHercules, 180:cleansed of ancient evil. I have spoken." Forth went Hercules through Gate the eleventh in searchHercules, 181:havoc with human lives. [181] To the palace then went Hercules and sought out Augeas. formed thatHercules, 182:the son of man who also was the Son of God went back to him from whom he came. "A server of theHercules, 182:of the Bible. It has been thought that the sheep went to heaven and the goats went to hell. It isHercules, 182:that the sheep went to heaven and the goats went to hell. It is the other way round. The goat inHercules, 190:common sense, which real initiates always have, went down from the mountain top and contemplatedHercules, 195:the Son of God departed. In search of Geryon he went. Within a temple Hercules made offerings toInitiation, 33:and discouraging. Thousands of years came and went, and races of men appeared and disappeared fromMeditation, 174:The information given was correct, as far as it went, and you may if you wish incorporate it here.Problems, 14:the nations swung into action when Japan first went into Manchuria or Italy into Ethiopia, the warProblems, 71:to the war, active in every land and though they went underground during the war, they still exist.Problems, 150:imbued with that life and energy which, as time went by, would enable him to recognize himself as aPsychology1, 77:themselves. Esoterically speaking, they "went down into hell, and found their place in prison." OnPsychology1, 84:uttered. Only between the seven Forms the work went on. A silent call went forth from each to each.Psychology1, 84:the seven Forms the work went on. A silent call went forth from each to each. Yet still the templePsychology1, 84:Yet still the temple door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door wasPsychology1, 84:entered into light. Out from the east, the Word went forth: Open the door to all the sons of menPsychology1, 354:With the aid of the seventh ray the needed work went forward. At the time of the individualizationPsychology1, 396:founders of the present Jewish race: "The law went forth from the inner group which guided thePsychology1, 396:those gates, ready to enter when the Word went forth to roll the gates aside, were laden with thePsychology1, 396:world, and thus shew their love. "Again the Word went forth: Leave all behind and pass beyond thePsychology1, 396:They loved not discipline. "Again the Word went forth: Drop on the ground all that you hold, andPsychology1, 397:faces towards the gates of earth. Their friends went on... They stayed behind... The Masters met inPsychology1, 397:loved the service of the light. Again the Word went forth to the revolting three, who waited stillPsychology1, 397:Man The ancient legend tells us that the three went forth in sorrow and revolt, laden with theirPsychology2, 37:What shall I do? I wander in illusion.' The word went forth: 'All is illusion, 0 Dweller in thePsychology2, 37:invoke the angels to my aid! The trumpet sound went forth: 'Rise up and fight, and reconcile thePsychology2, 38:ways. What shall I do to find The Way?' A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep within hisPsychology2, 59:had to supply and in search of which he went forth. A radiance or light, which will augment thePsychology2, 121:of the Christ, that great Son of God Who "went about doing good", leaving an example that we shouldPsychology2, 170:extension. He had but room to go one way. He went that way alone, or dragging those who asked thePsychology2, 200:7. The Law of the Lower Four "Four sons of God went forth. But only one returned. Four SaviorsPsychology2, 688:successful spiritual effort of a healing nature went not forth except by prayer and fasting. WillRays, 87:[87] form to His disciples, the Master Jesus went down into hell (figuratively speaking), carryingRays, 116:was not yet adequate to the requirements, so he went sadly away; he had to prepare himself for theRays, 192:in The Old Testament in the story of Moses. He went up into the Mount of God and there received theRays, 382:covered vast cycles; aeon by aeon, the work went on until we have today the three major centers inRays, 664:of years elapsed; civilizations came and went; races developed and disappeared. In Lemurian days,Reappearance, 107:technique of service through His own life as He went [108] about doing good, healing the sick, asReappearance, 131:mind; from that field of threefold experience He went forth to love, to teach and to heal. ChristReappearance, 141:stone edifices whilst God's children everywhere went hungry and unclothed and so lost their belief
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