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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WHENCE

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Psychology2, 36:Around me lie the waters. Can I return from whence I came? Is the word strong enough to open widePsychology2, 37:down. The Blessed One paused and questioned: 'Whence come the victory and whence defeat? Am I notPsychology2, 37:and questioned: 'Whence come the victory and whence defeat? Am I not the Blessed One Himself? IPsychology2, 45:released stands forth and says: 'I return from whence I came; from the formless to the world ofPsychology2, 96:the higher values, and had to return again whence he came. Such is the life story of all the [97]Psychology2, 395:and effect simultaneously, and sees why and whence and to what end all things are moving. It is notPsychology2, 434:to the esoteric theories, via The brain, from whence certain aspects of the nervous system areRays, 204:coherent, magnetic energy is focused and from whence it flows in two directions Towards the threeRays, 381:for certain of the Masters to "return from whence They came." It became necessary to provideRays, 476:shoulders of matter" to that high place from whence it originally came, plus the gain of experienceRays, 693:and from "thence return to that High Place from whence He came." You can see, therefore, why IReappearance, 75:from the high place whereon He works and from whence His energy is directed, but the Christ willReappearance, 187:of men; it also looks towards the Place from whence the Christ will come, which they symbolicallySoul, 43:the growing Boy, But he beholds the light, and whence it flows, He sees it in his joy. The youth,Soul, 61:Platonist as quoted by Dr. Burtt said: "Whence, I ask if it be unworthy of a philosopher to inquireSoul, 100:reducible to the Primordial Shakti (Adya Shakti) whence every other form of Power proceeds." -Soul, 103:Atman, the self, is found in the heart, from whence it expresses itself as the life principleTelepathy, 10:incoming energy is met, blocked and driven back whence it came; or, if the receiver is aware ofTelepathy, 20:than is now realized. People today do not know whence various mental impressions come, and thisTelepathy, 176:at all stages of their return to the center from whence they came? [177]
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