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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WHEREOF

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Astrology, 558:or other of the three above Wholes, will know whereof I speak; lesser minds will get a generalAstrology, 629:are not yet initiate. The initiate will sense whereof I speak. This evolving Reality which isDiscipleship1, 116:warping of your nature. You will understand whereof I speak and this sentence conveys to you aDiscipleship1, 140:ancient imprisoning limitations. You know well whereof I speak. First, I would say to you theseDiscipleship1, 158:joy. Therefore, with joy I serve." You will know whereof I speak when I say that your personalityDiscipleship1, 182:a name for that is needless, and you will know whereof I speak. It is allied to fear and tunes youDiscipleship1, 229:interim living. I think you will apprehend that whereof I speak because I speak in terms of yourDiscipleship1, 235:I will say no more for you will comprehend whereof I speak and the reason for the brevity of thisDiscipleship1, 243:your future success. I think you will realize whereof I speak. In conformity to soul impulse mouldDiscipleship1, 263:nor your really fine efficiency. You will know whereof I speak for, in your high moments, you annoyDiscipleship1, 281:which he seeks to express. You will understand whereof I speak. Seek for the next few months,Discipleship1, 282:all your relations from that center of peace whereof you know, and which is to you the one sureDiscipleship1, 457:"secret place of the most High." You will know whereof I speak, because that is one of the lessonsDiscipleship1, 472:activity I need not say, for you know well I whereof I speak. I offer you the way out in fourDiscipleship1, 472:not be more explicit. Again I say: You know whereof I speak. Eliminate self-pity. All that comes toDiscipleship1, 492:in the light of world pain, you have little whereof to complain; that in the sight of world sorrow,Discipleship1, 498:find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak. Your astral body is the mostDiscipleship1, 503:circumstances may disrupt. You will understand whereof I speak; it is because of this knowledgeDiscipleship1, 517:this to you: You have not failed, and I know whereof I speak. Those of us who function with fullDiscipleship1, 524:into the "clear cold light" comes to you. I know whereof you are capable. You are not using theDiscipleship1, 556:not explain to you, for you will recognize that whereof I speak. I enlarge not here upon the hiddenDiscipleship1, 594:of old, and that is that you will understand whereof I speak. The period of strain and stress nowDiscipleship2, 533:today conditioned as it is. You will understand whereof I speak and there is no need for me to beFire, 326:ray uses as a medium. The fourth ether is that whereof the majority of the etheric bodies of menFire, 409:being, and the atom which is the basic material whereof all forms in all the kingdoms of nature areGlamour, 28:knowledge with which to understand that whereof I speak. First, the united auras of the groupGlamour, 39:and will ask you to endeavor to understand that whereof I speak. The Dweller on the Threshold doesGlamour, 39:Dweller and the Angel. Do you comprehend that whereof I speak? As yet, my words embody for youHealing, 360:is ours, as we are His. Do you understand that whereof I speak? He is the world Healer and Savior.Intellect, 139:the faculties into a void of immense solitude whereof no mortal can adequately speak... When,Intellect, 185:phenomena, both material and spiritual, the Rays whereof, being allowed to shine unobstructedly,Magic, 211:the world of heavenly Being. It is the state whereof disciples are becoming increasingly aware,Magic, 322:opened and lifted up unto the Lord" will know whereof I speak. It is needless for us to concernMeditation, 143:experimentally and not just theoretically that whereof I speak before he is deemed ready to pass onPsychology1, 9:working hypotheses, in order to understand that whereof I seek to speak. Some of the points I mayPsychology2, 378:and initiates will really comprehend the things whereof I speak. A study of the Technique ofPsychology2, 451:and we might as well face it and understand whereof we speak and what are the implications. I haveRays, 524:impossible as it is for you to comprehend that whereof I speak, it is wise to establish the fact inRays, 607:one of her books of the fact that the substance whereof all forms are made is already - from theRays, 608:and the Major Initiations These are deep things whereof we speak; it is wise to remember that all
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