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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WHEREON

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Statement:of the emotions to that of the mind (the plane whereon the Masters can be found) then they willAstrology, 82:the seed of all illusion. But, from the Cross whereon he has been slain - e'en though he knew itAstrology, 226:in the two keywords. Upon the ordinary wheel, whereon the soul is found, blind and apparentlyAstrology, 340:(later to be transmuted into the burning ground) whereon these two "face in the final conflict"Astrology, 540:out on the seventh or physical plane - the plane whereon major changes in all forms are made and onAstrology, 554:shall remove my feet from off the narrow place whereon I stand. I face the light. I am the LightAstrology, 555:Christ - The Cardinal Cross This is the Cross whereon, under the occult paradox and in time andBethlehem, 222:physical, the emotional, and the mental planes, whereon man habitually lives. The sacrifice of theDiscipleship1, 13:glamors and the illusions of the astral plane whereon thought-forms and masquerading entitiesDiscipleship1, 215:on to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom - the ray whereon I myself am found. Your first ray personalityDiscipleship1, 318:your attention turned towards the astral world whereon your group is planning to work. This may atDiscipleship1, 463:that pinnacle of peace and that altitude of joy whereon your soul immovably stands, then look intoDiscipleship1, 471:which characterizes the soul on its own level whereon the form aspects of manifestation do notDiscipleship1, 515:Self for service. 3rd month - The burning ground whereon pure gold is seen. 4th month - LiberationDiscipleship1, 523:- Only my soul can reach the point of strength whereon I stand and to my soul that way is alwaysDiscipleship1, 579:waters give. 4th month - I am a steadfast hill whereon the breeze of God blows free. The wearyDiscipleship1, 596:of the era in which you live and the stage whereon you deliberately have chosen to play your part.Discipleship1, 633:contact, provided that you recognize the plane whereon you function, with its obvious limitations.Discipleship1, 649:share in bringing this about on all the planes whereon you can consciously function. As youDiscipleship1, 651:- "The Place of Rest is on the mountain top whereon I stand detached. Flooded I am by the life andDiscipleship2, 93:are holding steady, but have enough teaching whereon to work and can take no more stimulation. TheDiscipleship2, 562:and "travels in consciousness" to those levels whereon the spirit aspect can commune with him,Discipleship2, 629:pinnacle of loneliness which is the sole place whereon truth can be known." This is an injunctionDiscipleship2, 671:Way of the Buddha and the Christ." The pinnacle whereon the thorny crown is won. The moment ofDiscipleship2, 716:2nd month - I descend in thought unto the plains whereon men walk, and there I work. 3rd month - InEducation, 15:with the higher levels of the mental plane, whereon the idea is sensed and seen. Writing has a moreExternalisation, 12:records. These latter are the eternal scroll whereon the plan for our world is inscribed and fromExternalisation, 149:and to function on that level of consciousness whereon the soul is found. Only those can use theExternalisation, 421:to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind willExternalisation, 512:therefore the laws that function on the planes whereon those bodies [513] express themselves, thenFire, 30:[30] three. The work was shifted to the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood. The lesser triangle withinFire, 265:manifests in the [265] three worlds, the planes whereon the subjective and the objective areFire, 353:all our planes form the cosmic physical plane, whereon an Entity, inconceivably greater than ourFire, 397:plane in connection with the Logos (the plane whereon He forms His ideals, His aspirations and HisFire, 399:abstract or of the ideal, and the concrete ones whereon he normally functions. This connectingFire, 521:aspect, and then a plane of at-one-ment whereon an approximation is made which, on the path ofFire, 521:plane in the solar system we have a fourth plane whereon the struggle for perfect illumination, andFire, 522:is found on the fourth subplane of each plane whereon are situated the etheric centers of allFire, 627:plane, or fourth cosmic ether, is the plane whereon: The sacred planets function. Man willFire, 683:plane being a cosmic etheric plane, and the one whereon are to be found the etheric centers of aFire, 687:travelling via the fourth cosmic ether (whereon as earlier stated are the etheric centers of theFire, 707:plane, the lowest abstract plane, and the one whereon the Ray of the third Logos provides theFire, 714:on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) aFire, 720:standpoint of our own scheme. In all the schemes whereon man is found at some period or another,Fire, 752:can use such a term in connection with a plane whereon time, as we understand it, is not) theFire, 855:second subplane of the mental plane (the plane whereon the egoic bodies of advanced humanity, ofFire, 906:dominates the seventh plane; it is the ray whereon deva substance and Spirit can meet and adaptFire, 977:strongly vitalized, and it performs the function whereon it is sent by the "Sound" or speech withFire, 978:on the physical levels; on the subtler levels whereon the worker stands, and in his communicationsFire, 983:the wise magical student upon the astral plane, whereon, through purified desire and sanctifiedFire, 1013:Elementals RULE VII The dual forces on the plane whereon the vital power must be sought, are seen;Fire, 1014:dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meetFire, 1103:of the energies; it is the battleground whereon the dualities are adjusted to each other, andFire, 1113:and new. This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible. Some escaped and cameFire, 1274:Heart is He who builds a Path between the sphere whereon His lot is cast [1275] and the greatGlamour, 9:technical or academic occultism) that the plane whereon the intuition manifests and where theGlamour, 86:upon the etheric levels of the physical plane whereon the deceptive power of maya is experienced)Glamour, 141:- is [141] glamor. It is the field whereon the great battle of the pairs of opposites must beGlamour, 242:energies and forces, emanating from those levels whereon the soul has - rightly or wrongly -Healing, 54:of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused, proceed thoseHealing, 54:by the forces emanating from that plane whereon a man's consciousness is primarily centered. To theHealing, 133:of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies [134] are focused, proceed thoseHealing, 349:and intelligently on the causal levels whereon souls dwell, it is impossible for him to decideHealing, 423:that pinnacle of peace and that altitude of joy whereon your soul immovably stands, then look intoHealing, 533:of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceed those determiningHealing, 558:of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceed those determiningHercules, 21:is setting out to do. He must tread the Path whereon all the hidden things can be brought forthHercules, 61:facts: that there was a garden containing a tree whereon grew the golden apples; that the tree wasHercules, 63:resumed his search, binding Busiris to the altar whereon he himself had lain. Again we findInitiation, 8:of the evolving personality, to the planet whereon he plays his part, to the system wherein thatInitiation, 29:Himself, on the higher plane of consciousness whereon he functions, is the true Silent WatcherInitiation, 141:on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) aMagic, 18:as sign posts, directing man along the path whereon future sign posts may be found and moreMagic, 219:Plane RULE SEVEN The dual forces on the plane (whereon the vital power must be sought) are seen;Magic, 220:forces. The plane of the two paths. The plane whereon the vital power is sought. [221] The plane ofMagic, 221:The plane of the vibrating poles. The plane whereon a choice is made. One of the most vital thingsMagic, 224:individual human unit. It is the battleground whereon must be found the Waterloo of every aspirant.Magic, 225:Work. [225] Again, the astral plane is that whereon the pairs of opposites act and interact, andMagic, 225:the pairs of opposites act and interact, and whereon the pull of the great dualities is mostMagic, 226:its activities. The astral plane is the plane whereon the man passes through three stages ofMagic, 230:and so stand on that pinnacle of achievement whereon "a choice is made". What is that choice? ForMagic, 235:dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and airMagic, 245:dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set." This is a symbolic way ofMagic, 362:reason for this lies back on the cosmic planes, whereon the planetary Logos has His life. From theMagic, 362:solar system but also with those cosmic planes whereon our Logos has His Personality aspect, usingMagic, 458:and be inclusive to this sphere of activity whereon the Mind of God expresses itself, free from theMagic, 553:the Maltese cross. At the bottom of the page whereon this symbol is found are four geometricalMeditation, 215:It leads then to the third plane of atma whereon the green of activity predominates... Meditation, 215:the standpoint of the interpreter, and the plane whereon his consciousness is working. The value ofMeditation, 311:according to the need of finding a situation whereon to found a preparatory or an advanced school.Meditation, 323:This large central shrine will have a pavement whereon will be traced the triangle, and within theMeditation, 323:three spaces outside the triangle having tables whereon will be found various symbols and a few ofMeditation, 323:books on symbols and some large parchments whereon the cosmic symbols will be portrayed. The colorMeditation, 340:intuitional planes can find a receptive sheet whereon they may inscribe themselves. This thoughtPatanjali, 334:by the middle plane of at-one-ment or union whereon God and man are made one. This is the ChristPatanjali, 379:evolution, which include the two higher planes whereon initiates of the Mysteries function. 1.Psychology1, 67:is not seen, and so illumine all the spheres whereon God works. I would call attention to the factPsychology1, 71:One The Seed, that is the Flower The Mountain whereon Form dies The Light within the Light ThePsychology1, 76:grouping of the solar lives on the mental levels whereon they appear, He brought into functioningPsychology1, 116:attached. It only indicates to you the ground whereon you stand, and that the illusion of the
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