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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WHEREVER

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Statement:and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response, and I have beenAstrology, 374:materialism and of darkness may be driven back (wherever found) before the sweeping onslaught ofAstrology, 457:in conditioning world events and world affairs. Wherever one of these outlets for spiritual forceAutobiography, 201:are almost the rule and not the exception. Wherever marching armies march hundreds of thousands ofBethlehem, 87:Spirit, by Nicholas Berdyaev, p. 46. [87] I. "Wherever a thing is both perceived and felt, there isBethlehem, 154:for it means [154] "rejoicing in the way," and wherever we find reference to the basic dualities ofBethlehem, 283:all barriers and elevates the children of men wherever the will to be so helped is found. And it isDestiny, 92:are five such inlets, scattered over the world. Wherever one of these inlets for spiritual force isDiscipleship1, 311:interplay with other lives, touching them wherever you possibly can, and achieve in that way thatDiscipleship1, 352:on [352] certain stated days, sitting alone wherever they may be and thus do the required work.Discipleship1, 592:and to judge, plus a willingness to serve wherever the need is greatest. That is your problem. YouDiscipleship2, 4:that protecting wall of love that meets all need wherever possible - physical, emotional andDiscipleship2, 182:heart and to work with and through heart centers wherever they are found in manifestation. I haveDiscipleship2, 378:which can be directed toward the plane of desire wherever and whenever contacted; he finds out alsoDiscipleship2, 475:observation, of a determined going out to help wherever that help may be needed. You have, in manyEducation, 53:civilization, and our modern culture, wherever it is found. The brain of humanity is now open toEducation, 124:discussion in restaurants, railway carriages, or wherever people consort, argue and talk. This isExternalisation, 28:all over the civilized world of any age, wherever culture of any kind made itself felt. Thus theExternalisation, 329:This group must inspire, promote and strengthen wherever and whenever possible. Such a task canExternalisation, 384:if fanaticism is absent. The fanatic is a danger wherever he is found, for he sees only one side ofExternalisation, 399:in your individual life and in your environment, wherever possible, which will help make the workExternalisation, 556:attention paid is not exclusive, but that [556] wherever two or three are gathered together in theExternalisation, 556:Master of the Hierarchy, energy will flow; that wherever goodwill is a goal and evokes effort in noExternalisation, 556:these Festivals to try and do so subjectively (wherever they may find themselves) and toExternalisation, 674:- centers of energy direction will be found wherever the ashram of a Master is located in any partFire, 55:close connection with certain central ganglia, wherever located, and having a special Fire, 65:This is the significance of 'many from one'; wherever we see the one we should recognize the manyFire, 247:thrills through every atom. - S. D., I, 298. Wherever there is an atom of matter, there is life. -Fire, 491:are intelligent, self-induced and permanent. Wherever attention is centered on the form and not onFire, 604:Life therefore is everywhere in the Universe... wherever there is an atom of matter, a particle orFire, 670:Logos. Groups of these Pitris are found wherever man is in incarnation in all the schemes, but inFire, 670:which concerns our own planetary Logos. Wherever man is in incarnation, the Builders of his bodiesFire, 866:of destruction" in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes the force which flows through himFire, 915:be found around the habitations of the Masters wherever situated. Under group 3 work the elementalsGlamour, 15:an instrument for the breaking of group glamor wherever it may be found. I refer to thisHercules, 162:of Sagittarius. And have you ever thought that wherever you go you see the cross of Cygnus, the RedHercules, 194:so we can look upon ourselves in our own fields wherever we may be. In view of the cosmic picture,Hercules, 196:the Alps he drove his cattle, and into Italy. Wherever wrong had triumphed he dealt the powers ofHercules, 201:own in every land, over-shadowing his disciples wherever they are found, and because his soul andHercules, 201:it on any one else, they recognize each other wherever they meet, they speak a universal language,Hercules, 202:the new note as it comes from disciples wherever found and, secondly, to fit ourselves to form partInitiation, 46:groups, thus bringing about the desired results wherever cooperation and receptive intuition can beInitiation, 57:saving him much and acting as his intermediary wherever possible. No one so wisely knows as he theInitiation, 61:offices people should familiarize themselves, wherever possible. Two other Masters, speciallyInitiation, 79:of destruction in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes the force which flows through himInitiation, 142:must be remembered that under the law of economy wherever there is an application or a transmissionIntellect, 32:determines the starting-point of man. Wherever he shifts the emphasis within himself, there itIntellect, 252:to do that. They will fan the flame of love wherever they go; they will teach brotherhood in itsIntellect, 261:utilization of the various aspects of energy wherever the Self feels they should be used for theMagic, 261:This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be and in whatever company, and will notMagic, 418:the message and keynote of the work you all do wherever you are. What should therefore be the workMeditation, 183:certain forms of light, and the magnetic fluid wherever encountered. The fire of the mental plane.Meditation, 244:faculty of inner vision, that sees the trouble wherever it may be, and can clairvoyantly view theMeditation, 314:letter, the schools will be in two divisions wherever situated: A preparatory school for thePatanjali, 87:of the seven rays, assigning the way to the ray wherever it seems to them appropriate. Problems, 154:the promptness with which they recognize truth wherever it is to be found (in the church or out ofPsychology1, 323:himself into such a condition that he fits wherever he may be and can get on with anyone. From thisPsychology1, 400:throughout the world, and also the Celtic races wherever found. These are descended from the secondPsychology2, 236:of us, must foster and nurture this tendency, wherever found. The standardization and regimentationPsychology2, 524:heavy inert rhythm; the light which can be seen wherever there is a center is dim; the point ofPsychology2, 538:causes, leads to cancerous areas in the body wherever there is a weakness in the bodily tissue. ThePsychology2, 660:the work and the programs of the World Servers wherever they are found and located must be madePsychology2, 748:of the men of goodwill throughout the world, wherever they may be found. The spiritual HierarchyRays, 12:reaction to that which is counter to the good. Wherever the consciousness is focused, there is theRays, 155:selflessness, willingness to follow the light wherever it may lead, ability to begin work withinRays, 254:the members of the New Group whenever and wherever contacted. This will not be at all an easy task,Reappearance, 73:or condition that its force can be directed wherever needed and whenever called for. This isSoul, 70:moves freely. He is free to lay the emphasis wherever he pleases; according to the 'place' thusSoul, 113:bloodvessels the negative system of the body. Wherever there are nerves there are correspondingTelepathy, 174:of such a nature that it had a beneficent effect wherever and whenever it touched or contacted
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