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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WHIRLPOOL

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Discipleship1, 275:conflict, thus acting as a calm center in the whirlpool of activity with which you are surrounded.Discipleship1, 450:the eye of vision) can see the turmoil and the whirlpool of terrific forces, seeking violent outletDiscipleship1, 500:of the forces brought together, produces a whirlpool of energies which prove always destructive.Discipleship2, 67:[67] are brought into contact with this astral whirlpool. (I would call the attention of D.E.I. toDiscipleship2, 459:meet in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamor and reality.Glamour, 85:man into wrong activity and surround him with a whirlpool of effects and of conditions in which heGlamour, 106:more streams of energy which produce a temporary whirlpool of energies and, from the angle of man -Glamour, 246:influences. Man moves, therefore, in a whirlpool of forces of all types and qualities. He isHealing, 140:human being is, in reality, like a miniature whirlpool in that great ocean of Being in which heHealing, 140:and the Angel of the Presence descends into the whirlpool. Then all becomes still. The watersMagic, 160:loses its separate existence. The simile of the whirlpool is of value here. The thinker is like aMagic, 160:into a stream of water. If he throws it into a whirlpool, it is sucked in time into the centralMagic, 161:of the waters" is not that of a self-engendered whirlpool, but is more allied to that of a pool,Magic, 161:and aims, and are comparatively free from the whirlpool of selfish tendencies. But their astralMeditation, 84:inner center or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden.Psychology2, 65:on (after crossing each other and producing a whirlpool of force) into the solar plexus region;Psychology2, 362:at the heart of a storm or the center of a whirlpool. The third ray aspirant has to achieve thePsychology2, 540:Instead of this, there is set up a tremendous whirlpool of forces which not only produces physicalPsychology2, 546:centers, the interior life of the man becomes a whirlpool of conflicting energies with disastrousPsychology2, 723:forces are today playing upon humanity, and this whirlpool of energies is sweeping humanity into a
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