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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WIDE

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Astrology, 20:face the many different ways; I face some wide horizons and yet today I stand. I will determine forAstrology, 30:aware. It might be useful here to comment in a wide and general way, and with many necessaryAstrology, 55:occult knowledge." The door then stands open wide through which the life and light of the threeAstrology, 130:on to a still greater consummation. There is a wide and interesting field of research to be foundAstrology, 163:Capricorn: The Cardinal Cross. "Both Gates stand wide." Taurus - Leo - Scorpio: The Fixed Cross.Astrology, 164:the "doors of entrance" into all of them stand wide open. On the Mutable Cross and on the FixedAstrology, 169:both the doors in Cancer and Capricorn stand wide open, being then occultly aligned. Astrology, 173:said: Let ambition rule and let the door stand wide." Here we have the key to the evolutionaryAstrology, 268:upon the path finds himself responsive to a very wide number of energies, coming to him from manyAstrology, 312:many long cycles. It is "the gate which stands wide open, broad and easy to pass through and yet itAstrology, 316:why the two "Doors of the Zodiac" open [316] wide to the impulse and demand of the divine Spirit.Astrology, 316:details have distorted and diverted the wide sweep of the subject [317] and ignored the true importAstrology, 327:planets. I have here opened up to you a very wide field of research and I have indicated a mostAstrology, 411:today passing before his eyes. Speaking with a wide generalization, it might be said that the threeAstrology, 520:destruction of vast areas of forests, fields and wide spaces of vegetation. The Shamballa force,Astrology, 528:and their planetary rulers. There is a wide field of research here. This research will fall intoAstrology, 632:public opinion is an unknown thing on a world wide scale, though enlightened groups are rapidlyAstrology, 653:Word said: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide. Sagittarius - And the Word said: Let food beAtom, 36:appearing, and about which there is a wide diversity of definition. In looking over one scientificAtom, 102:the consciousness of plants, opening up a very wide range of thought. We have seen that in atomicAutobiography, 3:student, a writer of books which have had a wide and constant circulation and which have beenAutobiography, 20:for notes. The margins were nearly two inches wide and on them you would have found recorded inAutobiography, 39:plane occurrence. I found myself (whilst wide awake) in this valley and forming part of a vast,Autobiography, 43:spite of opportunity, a good stage setting and wide personal contacts. I think it was a very realAutobiography, 76:good mezzo soprano voice in those days with a wide range and exceedingly well trained. I lost it inAutobiography, 170:about Krishnamurti were splitting the society wide open. Orders were going out from Adyar, basedAutobiography, 213:of humanity and all of them non-profit and world wide, and all made possible by the students in theAutobiography, 224:us Heaven sent, and to have in it the promise of wide future opportunities for expansion. The firstAutobiography, 226:last books, called The Cosmic Christ, has had a wide and most useful distribution. She was one ofBethlehem, 3:the door into the very center of reality stands wide open. Paralleling, however, this significantBethlehem, 10:a world of higher being and consciousness stands wide open; the way into the kingdom of God hasBethlehem, 11:entire Gospel narrative is built, he gave them a wide and general application, leaving one with theBethlehem, 22:are still with us and the door still stands wide open. Through the agency of this hierarchy ofBethlehem, 29:may think, the portals of initiation will open wide to the suffering world disciple (as they haveBethlehem, 41:matter is being given out at this time, and so wide is the general interest, that a measure ofBethlehem, 42:ourselves to the word "soul" because of its wide use in the West. The immortal soul in man preparesBethlehem, 47:mould the spirits of men are holding the doors wide open, and through them mankind will be obligedBethlehem, 131:His country next; and next all human race; Wide and more wide, th' o'erflowings of the mind TakeBethlehem, 131:next; and next all human race; Wide and more wide, th' o'erflowings of the mind Take every creatureBethlehem, 180:new age and a coming kingdom of God. Out of the wide sweep of time and out of the aeonian grasp ofBethlehem, 184:After the advent of Christ, the door stood wide open for all time, and the kingdom of God began toBethlehem, 206:that the door into the kingdom is flung wide open and that he can enter in. But he has first toBethlehem, 260:of its citizenship, and He opened the door wide for all who could fit themselves (through serviceBethlehem, 261:its implications, for the kingdom of God stands wide open to all who love and serve and who purifyBethlehem, 273:Church. The need is for vision, wisdom and that wide tolerance which will see divinity on everyDestiny, 44:of the bulk of the mediums throws the door wide open to very definite dangers. Fortunately, thereDestiny, 52:two powers function in this way and with this wide objective in order eventually to give to theDestiny, 103:- The Significance of Certain Cities There is a wide field of research here. This research willDiscipleship1, 31:Group of World Servers was sent out and given wide distribution by means of the pamphlet entitledDiscipleship1, 53:the light and distributed the water of life in a wide and general distribution with here and thereDiscipleship1, 85:So I would beg you, my disciples, to aim at a wide open simplicity which waits expectant of thatDiscipleship1, 96:upon his environment, and an initiate by the wide scope of his world service. How does it happenDiscipleship1, 169:that, as you face and shoulder an increasingly wide financial responsibility, you persist in thatDiscipleship1, 170:the channels of the inner life and reach - in a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal andDiscipleship1, 191:this group. The doors of opportunity have opened wide for you, for your increased stimulationDiscipleship1, 214:Investigate the psychology of groups. You have wide knowledge as to the psychology of individuals.Discipleship1, 233:and must be taken with the eyes of the mind wide open, so as to avoid the pitfalls of aloneness,Discipleship1, 266:intensified effort of the next two years - opens wide for you. You have perhaps noted, as you haveDiscipleship1, 282:teach them to think and feel. This connotes a wide distinction. I would ask you to correspond atDiscipleship1, 290:Hence, my brother, your problem. A mystic of wide consciousness with a powerful personality ray andDiscipleship1, 304:mind's eye the same two-leaved door, standing wide open. Through it you see a radiant sun of goldenDiscipleship1, 313:of love, the key is turned. The door swings open wide." "With hasty feet the one who hastensDiscipleship1, 325:door before you has two leaves. One is now open wide. The other is ajar. Love alone can open theDiscipleship1, 335:thine, of ours and that. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word can then be spokenDiscipleship1, 355:have a word for you as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increased service. You knowDiscipleship1, 361:which you acquire in meditation, through wide reading and through your constant, interior thinking.Discipleship1, 362:all men know. When both the doors stand open wide, the disciple serves the purpose of the Lord ofDiscipleship1, 376:that you seek, and the door of service stands wide open and you are needed where you stand.Discipleship1, 385:that can be seen is a mass of golden flowers, wide open in the sun. Then imagine yourself, myDiscipleship1, 489:come your way. The door to that service stands wide open and you are ready now for that measure ofDiscipleship1, 497:correspondence and meditation - can be very wide. See, therefore, that it deepens with each newDiscipleship1, 519:will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love. Stand withDiscipleship1, 528:lawn to the stream, which is about fifteen feet wide, and has rocks and ferns, depths and shallows.Discipleship1, 529:forming a plantation about twenty-five feet wide, including native mountain trees, and our dogwoodDiscipleship1, 541:Your personality ray, being the fourth, opens wide the door for soul contact and (when that contactDiscipleship1, 544:by me, as you well know. It is necessarily a wide generalization, based on true experience inDiscipleship1, 582:to them yourself. I would ask you to realize the wide scope which your fertile, over-active mindDiscipleship1, 582:mind brings to every question, and the wide range of incidental and related questions which itDiscipleship1, 615:and aid in your release. The door still stands wide open for you. But the opportunity for you to goDiscipleship1, 630:a haven of refuge for others. Its doors stand wide open and you are often not to be found withinDiscipleship1, 642:of you to ponder upon this statement and see how wide a field of service is opening up. I would askDiscipleship1, 652:which you can learn now. You are in a place of wide possibility for service. Your opportunity toDiscipleship1, 653:These changes are simple, but are of so wide-reaching a nature and are so drastic in their scopeDiscipleship1, 708:and perhaps a strange phrase) to blast them wide open, give them a deep sense of insecurity as toDiscipleship2, XIII:may be practically possible. Let your horizon be wide, my brother, and your humility great. I amDiscipleship2, 25:moon - it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. ThroughDiscipleship2, 66:these difficulties, and that strain is far more wide-reaching than is generally believed. Do youDiscipleship2, 141:in view. It was a preliminary meditation to a wide scheme for a particular kind of developingDiscipleship2, 150:"I am preparing to present to you for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza ofDiscipleship2, 206:is both vertical and horizontal, and this wide diffusion has led to the formation of that majorDiscipleship2, 244:in the womb of time. Hence, my brothers, the wide extent of the material destruction to be seen onDiscipleship2, 281:with ideas, then with the hierarchical Plan in a wide and general sense, and finally reaches theDiscipleship2, 360:involved when a disciple deals with a hint, how wide are the vistas which are opened up, howDiscipleship2, 409:symbols) are already opening and soon will stand wide open to admit the passing of the "Son of Man,Discipleship2, 449:nature. I. Focus Seek to ascertain in a wide and general sense where your major life focus isDiscipleship2, 459:limits your usefulness. The solar plexus is wide open to all impressions. But you, as a soul, areDiscipleship2, 471:you, and the way into my Ashram stands open wide for you. Discipleship2, 483:that there is full opportunity for you to find a wide sphere of contact, to work in fullDiscipleship2, 486:just the same and the door into my Ashram stands wide open to those who fulfil the requirements.Discipleship2, 507:ancient development, and (in South America) the wide mixture of races, make the task of bringing
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