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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WIDE

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Hercules, 203:do it. Cultivate the right inner attitude and be wide open to all your fellow men. Learn toHercules, 214:form, "Let ambition rule and let the door stand wide"; from the angle of soul, "Lost am I in lightHercules, 219:If this is a fact, and if we can get a wide enough retrospect, it should surely be possible toInitiation, viii:occidental thinkers at this time there is a wide diversity of view upon this momentous subject.Initiation, 7:after all the study and toil he has at least a wide general conception of the Logoic thought-formInitiation, 55:love and the wisdom of the ages. He has had a wide experience and education, having been originallyInitiation, 55:and speaks English fluently. His reading is wide and extensive, and all the current books andInitiation, 121:types, and to cooperate in large plans and wield wide influence. A part of the plans of theInitiation, 187:this high office, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even [188] the Logoi themselvesIntellect, 15:Thoughts Let us give the word "spiritual" a wide connotation! I do not here speak of religiousIntellect, 34:welter of opinion emerges the basic fact of the wide range of the human states of awareness, andIntellect, 44:plane problems which call aloud for solution. A wide general system of education reaching downIntellect, 45:two things are needed: - trained minds with wide general knowledge as a foundation (and this ourIntellect, 67:that which is needed, and the range of needs is wide and real. It is the heart approach. FourIntellect, 120:this preliminary technique, and, hence, the wide confusion as to the nature of the mind and as toIntellect, 134:The true student of meditation learns to be wide awake mentally, and potently aware of phenomena,Intellect, 159:direct understanding of a knowledge which is so wide and synthetic in its grasps that we cover itIntellect, 165:and that opens up a field of contacts which is wide indeed. Not only is the soul of man en rapportIntellect, 184:realized becomes apparent when we note the wide study of comparative religion, and the interplayIntellect, 191:writings persist the longest and show the most wide usefulness which come from those who areIntellect, 257:those with whom they live; they find themselves "wide open" to the thoughts and moods of otherMagic, 11:closed self-centered life, and opens the doors wide to spiritual energy. In so doing he finds thatMagic, 79:rapid shifting of the scene of action causes wide areas of disturbance which militate against anyMagic, 94:of human and animal suffering, and in world wide efforts for the betterment of the internalMagic, 139:cycle and the consequent bringing together in wide synthesis of the need and of the force,Magic, 174:care to purchase at the price. Yet a door stands wide open to all who care to come, and no earnest,Magic, 180:the use of atomic matter, thus opening up a wide range of communicators. It spells safety. ItMagic, 197:today is that of the solar plexus, for it is wide open, actively functioning and almost fullyMagic, 236:and to gain a wise understanding of their wide implications. These three divisions are: TheMagic, 257:whilst the meaning grasped becomes more and more wide and inclusive, and hence involves (onMagic, 304:in the handling of the world karma, wide open to the suffering of others and unable to distinguishMagic, 370:reached the stage wherein his eyes are wide open; he has learnt to speak truth to himself, and hasMagic, 372:however, it is the part of wisdom to adhere to wide generalities until the whole matter has takenMagic, 400:they are so inclusive in their outlook and so wide in their interpretation of truth that they seeMagic, 400:set up around themselves, but are governed by a wide tolerance, and a sane mentality and sense ofMagic, 405:The result of this would lead inevitably to wide cleavages and the erection of world barriersMagic, 414:This group gives to the word "spiritual" a wide significance; they believe it to mean an inclusiveMagic, 420:of vision must be developed and that [420] wide horizon pointed out which will enable the aspirantMagic, 442:Word said: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide. Sagittarius - And the Word said: Let food beMagic, 491:daily meditation he does the first. Through wide reading and sympathetic interest and understandingMagic, 522:body of man, express themselves. This opens up a wide horizon and covers practically the work ofMagic, 535:there is an apprehension of a vision and of a wide unconquered territory of contacts then thereMagic, 588:entity, during the past few centuries, on a wide level. This purification is going on now in allMagic, 588:Through welfare and uplift movements and the wide spread of sanitation, the work goes forward [589]Magic, 603:and upon an influence or an auric power which is wide, constructive and inclusive. You ask me toMagic, 607:intellect, and their state of awareness is wide and inclusive. They therefore can suffer more thanMagic, 628:him forward to his present point [628] of wide comprehension and usefulness; they have produced ourMeditation, 56:I thus apparently disgressed? It seems to you wide of the mark and beside the question? Let meMeditation, 289:totally different from those of others, offer a wide field to choose from, and no one experience isPatanjali, 97:much explanation. The word "subtle" has a wide meaning, but (from the standpoint of Patanjali) isPatanjali, 208:sealed and closed or partially ajar, swing wide. The five great means of contact rush intoPatanjali, 357:then the spiritual man stands forth in his own wide world, strong, mighty, wise. He uses divineProblems, 139:to outer forms and rituals and - in spite of a wide and beneficent philanthropy - is quite unablePsychology1, xxiii:necessary for us to introduce the subject on a wide basis and to link the individual with thePsychology1, 58:the Deity, within the solar system, express as wide a divergence of consciousness. There is a bodyPsychology1, 84:blind. Then shall the gate into the north remain wide open, for there the unseen Master stands withPsychology1, 84:many as of deep significance and as indicating a wide intention (during the coming cycle) [85] toPsychology1, 85:(during the coming cycle) [85] to open the door wide into the temple of the hidden mystery to man.Psychology1, 100:of the soul. The range of investigation is so wide that I can only indicate some of the possiblePsychology1, 162:to mankind, these four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with the four aspectsPsychology1, 170:government. In all organized endeavor and in all wide schemes of construction and of work therePsychology1, 204:The Third Ray of Higher Mind Special Virtues: Wide views on all abstract questions, sincerity ofPsychology1, 204:he is a dreamer and a theorist, and from his wide views and great caution he sees every side [205]Psychology1, 207:acquired: Reverence, devotion, sympathy, love, wide-mindedness. This is the ray of science and ofPsychology1, 210:Virtues to be acquired: Realization of unity, wide-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness andPsychology1, 251:for them as a whole. It should be noted that, wide as we may regard the difference between man andPsychology1, 253:are the rabbits and other rodents. This is a wide and general specification of no scientific importPsychology1, 285:I have here noted is true. There is today, on a wide scale, a true "lifting up of the heart untoPsychology1, 333:analysis, and there will then be possible a wide checking up of information and of facts. TherePsychology1, 384:two powers function in this way and with this wide objective in order to give to the planet,Psychology1, 397:the fruits of mind, and seek your power in wide possessions, but have no sure abiding place.Psychology1, 398:that Law. He sinned wilfuly and with his eyes wide open to results. Hence he knows the law as noPsychology1, 399:have caused the gates of resurrection to open wide. We are told that these three swore anPsychology1, 422:to mankind, these four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with the four aspectsPsychology1, 426:for them as a whole. It should be noted that, wide as we may regard the difference between man andPsychology1, 428:are the rabbits and other rodents. This is a wide and general specification of no scientific importPsychology2, 16:as a dominant personality in some field of wide expression, using the energy of ambition to bringPsychology2, 36:whence I came? Is the word strong enough to open wide the door? What shall I do?' The answer came:Psychology2, 122:grasped for (in grasping it) we open ourselves wide to the new incoming influences. The Law ofPsychology2, 167:things. His eye is closed. His eyes are opened wide. He dwells within his world in deep content.Psychology2, 169:progress, led upward to the summit. There a wide window stood, open unto the blue of heaven, andPsychology2, 170:no scope for sight, - no height, no depth, ho wide extension. He had but room to go one way. HePsychology2, 171:of the world he stood with many fellow-players, wide to the light of day. In the far distance stoodPsychology2, 174:door. He speaks with power the Word which opens wide the Gate of Life. He stands before the AngelPsychology2, 184:together, people demonstrating [184] the wide difference in nature, who are found on differingPsychology2, 207:limitations of men's minds. The above is only a wide generalization, and the various groupingsPsychology2, 220:it - determine hierarchical activity, leaving wide scope for individual effort, but providing thePsychology2, 228:the true meaning of history is grasped, when the wide sweep of human unfoldment down the ages isPsychology2, 240:Their effort is only now becoming possible on a wide scale, as men begin to respond to the trendPsychology2, 311:terrible and evil effects (speaking again with a wide generalization), the training of the body andPsychology2, 336:the Christ and the Buddha, with Their immensely wide range of subjective and divine awareness. StepPsychology2, 372:he sees. It must be recognized that he lacks the wide love of the second ray disciple which is aPsychology2, 393:Whole to be grasped in meticulous entirety. This wide, yet detailed, scope or universal recognitionPsychology2, 400:for certain types of men. This theme opens up a wide range wherein the creative imagination canPsychology2, 407:hence also the emergence in every country on a wide scale and in increasingly large numbers ofPsychology2, 411:It will be apparent to you, therefore, how wide is our subject and of what real importance. It willPsychology2, 447:problem of the expansions of consciousness. A wide field of psychological investigation lies aheadPsychology2, 451:is mystical and not occult. Hence the world wide appositeness of what I am saying and itsPsychology2, 487:etheric barriers, and throwing the doors wide open on to the astral plane. Such are some of thePsychology2, 489:upon the astral plane. These cover such a wide range of possibilities that it is not possible for
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