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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WIDENING

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Autobiography, 2:(psychological and material) into an ever widening field of usefulness. I want to show that in eachAutobiography, 170:heart. The cleavage in the society was steadily widening and the line of demarcation between thoseAutobiography, 173:more democratic minds in the T.S. was steadily widening. In America Mr. Warrington and the E.S.Autobiography, 196:succeeds in deepening their spiritual life in widening their horizon and in increasing their mentalAutobiography, 274:upon the consciousness of men everywhere, widening the outlook of the general public and presentingBethlehem, 36:for another initiation; we are on the point of widening our horizon, and passing through an openBethlehem, 51:hither and thither. We are on our way, widening our horizons. We are also preparing for expansionsBethlehem, 93:brilliant galaxy of World Teachers gave an ever-widening interpretation of Deity, reaching, as timeDiscipleship1, 47:consciousness so that you become aware of ever-widening ranges of contact. I refer to the abilityDiscipleship1, 311:and radiant center, make itself felt in ever widening ranges of contact. Seize each opportunity forDiscipleship1, 534:opportunity to indicate to you the need for your widening in the life of service. Vertical growthDiscipleship2, 422:the fact that he is presented with a widened and widening field of service for which he has theDiscipleship2, 438:sweeps or carries the initiate into ever widening spheres of "lighted consciousness," and thisDiscipleship2, 585:service to others which obliterates karma, the widening of your point of view, particularly in theEducation, 127:the areas affected by civilization are speedily widening and the cultural effects are as rapidlyExternalisation, 542:longer He will cooperate with the Christ in widening the channel of contact between Shamballa, theFire, 465:but is having some effect - in ever widening spirals - upon all whom he contacts, devas, men, andHealing, 187:to love and to conscious contact with ever widening areas of divine expression. To the head center,Initiation, 52:within the organization itself an expansion, a widening, and a disintegration where necessary,Intellect, 5:representative of only one part of humanity. The widening of our own consciousness ought not toIntellect, 78:his attention has been focused on an ever widening range of contacts. Man has already passed fromMagic, 294:is but a pathway leading him to wider and ever widening contacts and realizations. Here also liesMagic, 485:The circle of those who apprehend them is widening somewhat and these thought-forms frequentlyMagic, 553:in the form of a beam of light. It rays outward, widening towards the end, into a second circle andMeditation, 16:them, the shattering is brought about by the widening of the channel, due to the driving power ofMeditation, 79:drawing it downward into fuller expression and widening its contact on all the three planes in theMeditation, 237:the development of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel that communicates with thePsychology1, 177:the goal of expanding man's consciousness and so widening his horizon that a synthesis of thePsychology1, 248:an awareness and a sensitivity to an ever-widening and more inclusive contact is gradually beingPsychology1, 338:from one experience to another in an ever widening scale of contacts. It is this Ray of IntelligentPsychology2, 323:range of experience through contact with an ever-widening environment becomes possible, leading toRays, 61:practical occultism, he is recognizing an ever widening sphere wherein he can serve with purposeRays, 434:this apparatus the initiate is put in touch with widening areas of the divine "state of mind" orRays, 435:with new and opening spiritual environments, widening his horizon, stabilizing himself upon theTelepathy, 93:call forth or evoke from them a response and a widening consciousness; the processes of spiritual
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