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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WIDER

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Psychology1, 302:national obligations, but he must think in the wider terms of humanity itself, and so bring the LawPsychology1, 336:It responds more freely and reacts to a far wider range of contacts in the animal kingdom, and thePsychology1, 361:keynote of their endeavor. These words have a wider connotation and significance than the thinkersPsychology1, 362:will prepare the way for the recognition of the wider issues which will materialize as the newPsychology1, 389:empire. But they are more inclusive and think in wider terms than the feminine aspects of divinePsychology2, 12:It is first of all the entering into a new and wider dimensional world by the expansion of a man'sPsychology2, 20:be imperfect and even false, from the angle of a wider knowledge and a more inclusive grasp ofPsychology2, 45:When the third initiation takes place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he willPsychology2, 96:not unrecognized by modern psychology, is of far wider significance than has yet been realized.Psychology2, 128:surrounding family group to the neighborhood. A wider range of contacts becomes possible, untilPsychology2, 135:other cases, the server [135] will come into a wider and more loving vision, and, taking his eyesPsychology2, 158:and urges are negated in the interest of the wider life of humanity, and of God Himself. God is thePsychology2, 216:development upon the Path. They have a much wider scope, and pertain to the broad sweep of thePsychology2, 217:four statements we have sought to express the wider [218] possibility or occasion as the HierarchyPsychology2, 223:which tends to identification, through the wider choice and comprehension. It is the basic causePsychology2, 256:of this rule for soul control in its wider and more essential meaning. There is, therefore, no needPsychology2, 350:the prevalent civilization, but also into that wider and more inclusive world of conscious activityPsychology2, 350:sensitive and responsive to his environment in a wider and more specialized sense. Today, in ourPsychology2, 351:and thus the consciousness of the larger and wider whole gradually supersedes his individual andPsychology2, 394:the path of discipleship, comes to see and grasp wider aspects of the inner relationships of thePsychology2, 401:finding it a hard lesson) leads inevitably to wider opportunity in Service. I have given enoughPsychology2, 424:direction. This involves The cultivation of a wider vision. The formulation of an inner program,Psychology2, 438:of himself as facing a larger [438] world, a wider horizon, and greater opportunities. This largerPsychology2, 463:First, the steady, loving presentation of a wider vision, which must be held before the man's eyesPsychology2, 466:to the unlocking of the door into the desired wider world, or serve to lead a man to the mountainPsychology2, 466:to lead a man to the mountain top from which the wider horizon can be seen, and the larger visionPsychology2, 534:making the man able to enter more easily the wider fields of service which he is discovering. ItPsychology2, 558:to pay the price; he recognizes another and wider sphere of being which he can include in his ownPsychology2, 632:in the hands of Those who are working to some wider end. This whole matter might be looked at fromPsychology2, 647:that there should be, if possible, a far [647] wider use of the radio, so that sequentially andPsychology2, 669:to order the newer ways of living, so that the wider issues may be perceived and developed. AtPsychology2, 710:with their higher mental equipment and their wider knowledge of the world. Nothing has been doneRays, 37:dual function and thereby fit himself for the wider cooperation. The emotional application hasRays, 39:initiation - move forward and outward into the wider reaches of the divine consciousness. TheseRays, 41:He passes through door after door into a wider experience and expansion of consciousness. But inRays, 58:group. Have I succeeded in giving you a somewhat wider vision of the significance of initiation inRays, 91:now possible, however, to present His true and wider task, because man's sense of proportion, hisRays, 130:the Hierarchy. I am seeking only to point to a wider horizon than that usually registered byRays, 133:the entire mass of human thinking in a far wider and deeper manner than perhaps the most optimisticRays, 205:work of a world disciple, for the influence is wider and more far-reaching than that of a disciple,Rays, 308:initiate who has developed or is developing the wider grasp and who can see and think and vision (IRays, 389:freedom only opens the door to another and wider freedom on ahead, and the ring-pass-not of ourRays, 398:we have seen, gives the needed training for that wider service, and the theme of what I might callRays, 412:to present those on the seven rays with [412] a wider range of choices and a greater diversity ofRays, 429:crisis, true vision and a new freedom, plus a wider spiritual horizon may be attained. The crisis,Rays, 439:Law of Service), at the sixth initiation, into a wider field of experience, with all the divineRays, 459:and a projection of them into the "higher wider reaches" of the mental plane, until the abstractRays, 665:willingly oriented towards the light, who see a wider world than that of their own selfishRays, 678:demonstrated his determination to think [678] in wider and more inclusive terms. The group beginsRays, 718:I then lifted these three ideas on to wider levels and endeavored to show how the crises throughRays, 727:the purpose is to liberate light and love into a wider universe and to free the solar system fromRays, 728:bring to their expansion into ascertained fact a wider knowledge than is as yet your possession.Rays, 753:chose to manifest in those days), was opened wider under the corrupt regime of the Kings of FranceRays, 753:and, in our own day, has been opened still wider by evil men in every land. Remember that the evilReappearance, 10:awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God - impelled by the LawTelepathy, 26:at this time that we can begin to look for a wider and more general expression in the world todayTelepathy, 59:spiritual adventure, and as the indication of a wider field wherein consciousness may expand moreTelepathy, 92:easily will he reach those he must aid towards a wider and deeper insight. This registering of hisTelepathy, 92:its implications of a new vision, a new goal, a wider field of service - leads to the inflowingTelepathy, 101:more extensive and, therefore, cover a much wider range of activities. The Processes ofTelepathy, 119:the objective of His thinking. In the larger and wider sense, it is that sumtotal of the ocean ofTelepathy, 126:it will not be possible correctly to gauge the wider aspects of the purpose of Sanat Kumara.Telepathy, 196:and for which a fight must be made, wherein the wider plans for the good of the whole must be
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