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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WIDESPREAD

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Astrology, 19:people nothing but terror, a miserable fatalism, widespread physical depletion and many otherAstrology, 171:possibilities. India, for instance, expresses a widespread degradation, but at the same time theAstrology, 235:teaching of wrong sexual habits, the example of widespread prostitution (I use this word inAstrology, 249:that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choiceAstrology, 446:[446] The latter fact is responsible for the widespread attack made upon Masonry during thisAstrology, 510:and its limitations, and with these there is a widespread familiarity. As you know, I am concernedAstrology, 556:Doctrines. Page 12.) It is the Cross of the "widespread arms, the open heart and the higher mind,"Astrology, 557:[557] Logos Who is Himself stretched upon its "widespread arms." Autobiography, 18:beautiful, lovely and good. Her influence was widespread throughout the British Isles. She had herAutobiography, 274:becomes aware of the new movement and thus a widespread interest in those things which are esotericAutobiography, 288:the factual nature of the truth involved. The widespread acceptance of any truth down the ages andBethlehem, 191:evolutionary process - leading as it has to our widespread educational systems and the general highBethlehem, 191:be, which prompts the universal unrest and the widespread determination to better conditions? ThatBethlehem, 193:the novice with the blood of bulls or rams were widespread, and were to be found in the rites ofBethlehem, 263:breaking down today of the old forms, and the widespread destruction of the familiar structures ofDestiny, 36:Wisdom puts it. Now, however, owing to the widespread education of the masses and the many means ofDestiny, 138:in relation to the Plan and the steady growth of widespread creative activity, both in theDestiny, 149:revolt against materialistic religion and in the widespread effort to be [150] seen in Europe andDiscipleship1, 6:or potentially so illumined. Today, knowledge is widespread and many, many people are alreadyDiscipleship1, 53:of light has been formed. It is a diffused and widespread light and its channels are to be foundDiscipleship1, 88:condition of the entire human family and the widespread fear and terror for which the energy of theDiscipleship1, 111:is a real danger to the earnest student in the widespread attitude of mind which regards the worldDiscipleship1, 594:three people. This means slower work but a more widespread influence. It is safer and more fruitfulDiscipleship1, 685:result of the activities of all disciples. The widespread recognition of the evil of the presentDiscipleship2, 164:is still lacking. This new Invocation, if given widespread distribution, [165] can be to the newDiscipleship2, 166:this fundamental attitude, the necessity for widespread expression of these underlying facts willDiscipleship2, 296:I wonder whether you have ever considered the widespread effect of all the reflective thinking, theDiscipleship2, 316:[316] The possession of a much closer and a more widespread contact between the Hierarchy andEducation, 105:which are assuming undesirable dimensions. The widespread demand of the youth of the world todayEducation, 119:of awareness of the coming new race will be the widespread recognition of the fact of the mysticalEducation, 124:what is liable to be the final outcome of this widespread ability of the human mind to think inEducation, 135:point which must be grasped by esotericists. The widespread promiscuity of the sexes, and the ruleExternalisation, 7:the path of service with pure motive. Lest this widespread upheaval and consequent disaster to soExternalisation, 47:pressure and circumstance, and there is a widespread interest in progressive education and in theExternalisation, 53:in which he lives, by his advisors, and by the widespread corruption and selfishness. A study ofExternalisation, 63:world at this time. It is caused entirely by the widespread hatred in the world - hatred of peopleExternalisation, 76:exception, that their influence is potent and widespread (far more so than they themselves areExternalisation, 97:will have been made upon earth, resulting in widespread goodwill and world understanding or inExternalisation, 97:a form that will cause much real suffering and widespread disaster. This disaster can take manyExternalisation, 108:and more potent type of man. The effects of this widespread stimulation have been all that wasExternalisation, Esoter:characteristics in humanity. One has been the widespread development of the discriminating faculty,Externalisation, 194:Historical backgrounds, climatic conditions and widespread intermarriage have made the differentExternalisation, 201:interpretations there are wide differences; on a widespread recognition of a universal divineExternalisation, 229:issues, the many clamoring voices, and from the widespread concentration upon the unworthy pastsExternalisation, 250:so that the use of the new Invocation may be widespread. There are many to whom it could be sent,Externalisation, 264:that the return of Christ is imminent; there is widespread acceptance of the concept that theExternalisation, 300:decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysm (engulfing all peoples) wasExternalisation, 320:brother. The war is not yet decided. There is a widespread feeling that God (as we call the CentralExternalisation, 326:had not marched on Poland. The cause of the widespread cruelty, terror, murder and agony restsExternalisation, 327:of untold pain and suffering. Secondly, the widespread physical destruction, wrought by theExternalisation, 338:actively present today that we have the dire and widespread crisis. It was the need to give aExternalisation, 339:of universal welfare, of general security, of widespread opportunity, irrespective of race, colorExternalisation, 375:a nation. The demand for national recognition is widespread; the emphasis upon humanity as theExternalisation, 376:differences were rampant, racial hatreds widespread, and the economic and political orders remainedExternalisation, 376:true democracy does not as yet exist, owing to widespread political corruption, and to theExternalisation, 428:Germans were deceived from the beginning, and a widespread national deception, backed by a terrorExternalisation, 466:to the glory of modern science and to the widespread education which has distinguished the pastExternalisation, 473:crucifixion, slaughter and death are widespread; sorrow, pain, disillusionment and pessimism areExternalisation, 554:of God to the Hierarchy will necessarily have widespread effects; however, one of the mostExternalisation, 596:which has overtaken mankind is universal and widespread; no one has escaped, and all men areExternalisation, 602:I would point out to you, however, that the widespread appearance of such tales and claims, thoughExternalisation, 621:a form of spiritual cowardice, but it is so widespread that it is responsible for the loss ofExternalisation, 627:into her banks the financial results of her widespread financial dealings, preserving them safelyExternalisation, 643:can arrest its subtle working and its eventual widespread appearance, on a scale great enough to beExternalisation, 650:hope, to the expectancy and to the curiously widespread belief that divine intervention is possibleExternalisation, 656:regimes. I would most definitely emphasize the widespread nature of this energy contact becauseExternalisation, 672:and through groups for the production of such a widespread spiritual recognition that menExternalisation, 682:lamasery, but my main work has lain elsewhere - widespread in the world of men; I reach this vastFire, 107:first type of functional disorder is common and widespread. Its reverse can be found whereFire, 320:arts, for methods of transportation, for widespread illumination, and in healing. These fourFire, 381:The early part of the next round will see more widespread knowledge and interest in this matter. Fire, 651:the return of man to simpler and saner ways, the widespread feeling for bathing, fresh air, andFire, 909:and to the dissemination of an impulse of a widespread [910] nature to seek the country and wideGlamour, 130:therefore, is itself a victim of general and widespread illusion. Apart from the fact that theGlamour, 223:pull of the astral plane and its many and widespread glamors. They are not so frequently responsiveGlamour, 224:glamors they are attempting to dissipate are so widespread and general that effects cannot beGlamour, 229:individual, group and national, and also its widespread influence over humanity as a whole. TheHealing, 11:into some real understanding of the general widespread disease to be found upon our planet in allHealing, 18:duty, through his daily contacts, or through a widespread condition of disease in his environment.Healing, 64:wrong early training and teaching, [64] and a widespread misunderstanding. These cases are to beHealing, 70:conditions of fear, worry and irritation are so widespread today that they might be regarded asHealing, 72:relations to the physical body. These are quite widespread and usual. It is essential that you keepHealing, 78:will become more and more generally used. The widespread interest in breathing today evidences aHealing, 89:modern world of today that there is beginning a widespread infringement of these mental laws,Healing, 229:and which produced many unholy alliances and widespread evil relations. A great new law of natureHealing, 231:major sin of the Atlantean people was theft - widespread and general. The seeds of aggression andHealing, 237:we call cancer. We have spoken of one basic widespread disease related to the physical body; weHealing, 291:world conditions. At the same time, the present widespread distress indicates the extent andHealing, 381:devastated countries in both hemispheres) - the widespread research being carried on in ourHealing, 568:which it brings about is rheumatism; this is widespread today and has been for centuries; from theHealing, 598:secret enables a Master to control epidemics and widespread diseases; with this you are not at thisHercules, 205:no longer its ancient appeal but, in spite of a widespread revolt against organized, orIntellect, 3:other." - Joseph Maréchal, S. J. [3] The present widespread interest in the subject of MeditationIntellect, 204:mind with these two, and, through our present widespread educational systems, we are welding into aMagic, 306:of depression we are dealing with something so widespread that few escape its attacks. It is like aMagic, 401:in the orient or the occident. The condition is widespread, and the public consciousnessMagic, 407:the telephone and telegraph are the servants. A widespread philanthropic enterprise, and the growthMagic, 628:general tendency towards amalgamations, and the widespread fusing and blending which are going onMeditation, 112:more dangerous now. Their control is much more widespread. Hence the emphasis laid on service, andMeditation, 179:of emotion, the violent reactions, and present widespread era of crime are the results, very
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