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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WILLIAM

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Atom, 36:or of protyle. Protyle was a word coined by Sir William Crookes, and is defined by him as follows:Atom, 41:The Evolution of Substance In the year 1895, Sir William Crookes, one of our greatest scientists,Atom, 78:toward that which has been called by Sir William Crookes "protyle," or that which lies back of theAutobiography, 18:called in Scotland), the eldest son of Sir William Maxwell, but her husband, my Uncle David, diedAutobiography, 18:grandmother was Anne Fairbairn, daughter of Sir William Fairbairn and niece of Sir Peter Fairbairn.Autobiography, 18:Sir Peter Fairbairn. My great-grandfather, Sir William, was, I believe, a partner of Watts (ofAutobiography, 19:importance in these democratic days. Both William and Peter Fairbairn started life as the sons of aAutobiography, 19:men and both gained titles. You will find Sir William Fairbairn's name in Webster's Dictionary andAutobiography, 24:been built in the time of Queen Anne by Sir William Temple. He it was who introduced tulips intoAutobiography, 24:windows and trying to picture the scene as Sir William Temple must have seen it - with its formalAutobiography, 29:person who always gave me understanding was Sir William Gordon of Earlston. He was not a bloodAutobiography, 96:of Scotland deaconesses. She was a sister of Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness Castle andAutobiography, 101:Mr. Boyd-Carpenter. My father's eldest brother, William La Trobe-Bateman (also a clergyman) gave meBethlehem, viii:I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Mr. William Cummings and Mr. Alan Murray for theBethlehem, 173:call it Consecration, And others call it God. William Herbert Carruth. [175] I. We now come to theBethlehem, 198:sin." - A Student's Philosophy of Religion, by William K. Wright, p. 178. In view, therefore, ofEducation, 45:remembered by the average British child is "William, the Conqueror, 1066." The American childExternalisation, 183:Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini.Intellect, 121:subnormal, normal or supernormal. - McDougall, William, Psychology, the Science of Behavior. In theProblems, 43:remembered by the average British child is "William, the Conqueror, 1066". The American childSoul, 14:in the vitalism of Bergson and the pragmatism of William James." - Durant, Will, The Mansions ofSoul, 21:strictly predictable, events." - McDougall, William, Psychologies of 1925, p. 303. Soul, 63:pp. 182, 183. Coming again to modern times Sir William Barrett said: "The universe presents us withSoul, 63:the origination of force." - Barrett, Sir William, On the Threshold of the Unseen, p. 274. TheSoul, 64:it is interesting to note in this connection Sir William Barrett's threefold enumeration ofSoul, 160:Pupin On the Threshold of the Unseen, Sir William Barrett Pagan and Christian Creeds, EdwardSoul, 160:Word, Bhagavan Das Self, Its Body and Freedom, William E. Hocking The Strength of Religion as Shown
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