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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WILLING

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Magic, 60:Until this is done, the Master, no matter how willing He may be, is powerless, and can take noMagic, 350:all desire for the things of self and must be willing at any [351] cost to pay the price ofMagic, 413:the personnel of the group is that they must be willing to work without recognition, on theMagic, 414:distinction of race. Their lives are lives of willing service, rendered with utter selflessness andMagic, 472:for the learned aspirant but for those who are willing to become as little children they will beMeditation, 43:June 18, 1920 ...It is only as the disciple is willing to relinquish all in the service of theMeditation, 60:pupil has himself reached a point where he is willing to know, to dare and to be silent. TheMeditation, 309:instinctive realization of a Master, and the willing following that comes from the recognition ofPatanjali, 256:seek to be shown unless at the same time he is willing (as in the acquirement of any science) toProblems, 8:This latter group would show themselves as willing to carry forward the needed educationalProblems, 30:smaller powers as well as the great Powers be willing to relinquish some of their so-calledProblems, 30:background, race and environment? Will they be willing to leave each other free to shoulder [31]Problems, 31:[31] individual responsibility and yet be willing ever to assist each other as members of oneProblems, 31:human spirit, the spirit of God? Will they be willing to share the produce of the earth, knowing itProblems, 34:task of the educators to prevent this. Let us be willing to recognize that those countries in whichProblems, 86:minority may be far greater than it is willing to admit, as is the case with the Jewish minority inPsychology1, 110:with the endeavor to be intelligent, and as willing (more or less) to try to live as souls, and toPsychology1, 111:your attitude towards all teaching is that of willing service, with no thought of self. The growthPsychology1, 114:only to those who form part of them) have to be willing to be instructed and developed as groupPsychology2, 136:carrying forward of that Plan. He then becomes willing to be a tiny part of a greater Whole, andPsychology2, 233:which makes him psychically gregarious and willing to herd (of choice or perforce) with his fellowPsychology2, 361:different psychology. When he can do this and be willing to achieve divine idleness (from the anglePsychology2, 436:then dealing with people who should be able and willing to help themselves. When the man hasPsychology2, 456:the adherents of cults and sciences; they are willing to sacrifice or to damage anyone who seems toPsychology2, 543:which the religious writer and thinker is also willing to admit are those of feeling, sensitivityPsychology2, 558:he can develop and use if he so desires and is willing to pay the price; he recognizes another andPsychology2, 588:The above rules apply to the psychic who is willing enough and intelligent enough to change hisPsychology2, 590:rare indeed to find a psychologist who would be willing to admit the possibility of these premises.Psychology2, 679:The men and women of good will who are willing to listen, to consider and to work, must be foundPsychology2, 685:Hierarchy. They have expressed Themselves as willing to aid in the present crisis. That aid, if thePsychology2, 690:working actively for real understanding, who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the helping ofPsychology2, 715:can find ourselves if we so desire and if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. A groupPsychology2, 725:enough to make the needed sacrifices, and are willing to sink their organization differences in thePsychology2, 726:aspirants and disciples desired it, if they were willing to participate in such an effort, and madePsychology2, 727:emphasize the points of contact. Many might be willing to do this for the period of the emergencyRays, 208:two initiations concern only those who are willing to meet certain unusual requirements and toRays, 210:for the very definite training of some willing aspirants, but also an equally definite point ofRays, 760:putting a copy in the hands of all those who are willing to use it. A comprehension of its origin,Reappearance, 161:the possibility of His reappearance and who are willing to admit that history can again repeatReappearance, 161:recognize the continuity of revelation and are willing to admit the possibility of His return. TheReappearance, 164:Him and who hope and long for His coming are not willing to make the needed sacrifices, and thusReappearance, 181:also provides a rallying point for all who are willing to be tried out, and a place where theirReappearance, 184:find ourselves if we so desire, and if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. A groupReappearance, 185:enough to make the needed sacrifices and are willing to sink their national, religious andSoul, 17:situation today is that which is sceptical, yet willing to be convinced; agnostic, yet determinedSoul, 155:a mystery." The man of science is increasingly willing to grant that the reality behind theTelepathy, 141:larger percentage than the average occultist is willing to admit. H. P. B. was, however, truthful
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