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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WINDOW

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Astrology, 136:man in Aquarius puts all his wares into the window, and often in the room behind the window thereAstrology, 136:the window, and often in the room behind the window there is little to be found. Esoterically, theAstrology, 422:by the clear light of the intuition, then his "window of vision" becomes clarified and his sightAutobiography, 25:with my elbow on the table and gazing out of the window. I was suddenly brought back to everydayAutobiography, 49:in my life I used to look out of my bedroom [49] window and see in the distance that stupendousAutobiography, 97:the house. I can see her now going over to the window and peeking at him through the lace curtainAutobiography, 150:awakened me and I jumped out of bed to shut the window and bumped into him. This, coming on top ofAutobiography, 157:Faversham, drying it. Dorothy looked out of the window and called out, "Oh! Mother, if you wouldAutobiography, 205:built it a ladder from the garden to my bedroom window and cut a hole in the screen so that heDiscipleship1, 390:my words and is only separated from you by the window and the extent of your conscious awareness.Discipleship1, 391:Think this out, my brother, and look through the window of the mind to that Light which reveals theDiscipleship1, 456:for three minutes each morning stand before the window and visualize your head (the area around itDiscipleship1, 459:exercises and with your moments before the open window. This meditation is to be followed with theDiscipleship1, 468:general import. Then rise, and going to the window, send out love and light to those who guide theDiscipleship1, 536:dark, into that dark I go. 2nd month - I am a window through which the light can shine. That lightDiscipleship1, 598:a man standing in a room with his back to the window - a window that so sadly needed cleaning thatDiscipleship1, 598:in a room with his back to the window - a window that so sadly needed cleaning that the light inDiscipleship1, 598:man who has turned around and walked over to the window, and then has cleaned a small circleDiscipleship1, 598:of time remains in which to finish cleaning the window and illumining the room, thereby associatingDiscipleship1, 598:associating yourself with the life outside the window. I believe you can do it if you desireDiscipleship1, 598:with darkened windows. When you look through the window there is nothing to be seen as it reallyDiscipleship1, 599:I must know first that you have cleaned another window pane. That also which you earlier cleansedDiscipleship2, 27:and one looking north. Seated before the eastern window on a low carved chair (but looking towardsDiscipleship2, 27:you, and therefore sitting with his back to the window) you may visualize your Tibetan brother, inDiscipleship2, 73:but as you stand with me before the "open window" and prior to the attempt to hear me speak theDiscipleship2, 73:living light which is pouring through the open window and enveloping the group. Note, as thisDiscipleship2, 552:[552] years visualized me standing by an open window, and you have thus sought contact with me.Fire, 1130:or diamond concealed by the egoic lotus, is the window of the Monad or Spirit whereby he looksFire, 1130:into the three worlds. The third eye is the window of the Ego or soul functioning on the physicalIntellect, 91:Brother? What would you do within? Bar door and window that none may see: That alone we may bePatanjali, 18:"Let the one who looks out take care that the window through which he gazes transmits the light ofPatanjali, 69:achieved mind control. The mind then becomes the window of the soul, and through it the spiritualPatanjali, 163:the mind, his medium of investigation, or the window through which he looks out (whether upon thePatanjali, 277:than the people and activities seen out of any window in a big city reveal to the onlooker his ownPatanjali, 413:To the soul, the mind acts also as an eye or a window through which information comes, but is notPsychology2, 168:Weaver sits; they grow in volume and in power. A window breaks and, though the Weaver cries aloud,Psychology2, 168:A voice proclaims: 'Look from out thy window, Weaver, and see the pattern in the skies, the modelPsychology2, 169:progress, led upward to the summit. There a wide window stood, open unto the blue of heaven, andPsychology2, 440:is aware. These are displayed in his window for all to see, and they make him what he apparently isPsychology2, 465:and of different ideals. He has unlatched a window through which light can pour in, revealing thatPsychology2, 467:ourselves to the light which the unshuttered window has released into our little world of dailyPsychology2, 501:street in any large city or as he looks out of a window in any environment. These sights and soundsPsychology2, 502:as one can register the contents of a shop window when passing by. A shocked horror can, forRays, 6:of egoic intent to the physical brain and as the window through which the Ego, the real Man looksSoul, 150:or material support, and stepping out of a window into the air without fear of falling, are avenues
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