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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WINDOWS

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Autobiography, 24:middle of the formal garden, outside the library windows. In its way Moor Park was a show place andAutobiography, 24:that library. I remember standing at one of its windows and trying to picture the scene as SirAutobiography, 84:heaven. It was an immense room, with long French windows opening out into the rose garden and theAutobiography, 84:One by one they had sneaked out of the French windows. One by one they had listened until theyAutobiography, 119:hang their bedding and their clothing out of the windows. They live on the streets, sitting inAutobiography, 203:over the maid's quarters downstairs. There were windows on three sides of this room and there IDiscipleship1, 598:to be and they live also in rooms with darkened windows. When you look through the window there isDiscipleship2, 27:open, revealing a long low room with three windows - one looking east, one looking west and oneDiscipleship2, 57:which was slowly opening into a room with three windows The recognition that the group, as a unit,Discipleship2, 57:spiritual love and spiritual will (the three windows, atma-buddhi-manas, or the three aspects ofDiscipleship2, 681:you know, seeing it as you do today through the windows of prejudice, pain and limitation. If IHealing, 570:of the soul in incarnation. The use of these two windows or eyes of the soul leads to aMeditation, 257:now we catch glimpses through the occasional windows we pass in our ascension of the ladder, ofRays, 195:and brain. These veils are as curtains over the windows of vision. They prevent realization of that
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