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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISDOM

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Atom, 81:in an interesting manner in Proverbs viii. where Wisdom cries aloud (Wisdom in the Old TestamentAtom, 81:in Proverbs viii. where Wisdom cries aloud (Wisdom in the Old Testament representing the ChristAtom, 86:the intelligence, with the second aspect of love-wisdom just beginning to make its presence felt,Atom, 98:qualities of God, that of intelligence, of love-wisdom, and of will or power. Today we are steppingAtom, 144:the demonstration of another quality: love or wisdom, the whole being energized by a great centralAtom, 155:say that in the sun Sirius lies the source of wisdom, and that the influence or the energy of loveAutobiography, 2:of the Christ who are the Masters of the Wisdom, real to people, as real as They are to me and manyAutobiography, 4:First of all, the fact of the Masters of the Wisdom, Who work under the guidance of the Christ. IAutobiography, 35:and questioning - one of the Masters of the Wisdom came to me. At the time of that happening andAutobiography, 37:and Who is an outstanding exponent of the love-wisdom of which the Christ is the full expression.Autobiography, 41:I wonder now - from the angle of more worldly wisdom - if they did not get saved with rapidity inAutobiography, 48:it is but a door opening on to vaster reaches of wisdom, achievement and understanding. It is aAutobiography, 91:It would also be a sorry story. If I have any wisdom today and if any of us manage to avoid theAutobiography, 116:expenditure of energy than I believed. The wisdom and profound psychological knowledge of the smallAutobiography, 122:lie in my hands and that it would be the part of wisdom for him to stop knocking me about. I toldAutobiography, 139:and of men." I found that the Masters of the Wisdom were His pupils and disciples, just as peopleAutobiography, 140:and of the detailed significances of the Ageless Wisdom. I find that I get simpler as I get olderAutobiography, 140:Many who come to a study of the Ageless Wisdom find it difficult at first to accept the fact of theAutobiography, 155:pictures of the Christ and the Masters of the Wisdom, as the Theosophists call Them. To my surpriseAutobiography, 157:general public with the truths of the Ageless Wisdom. Their policy of admitting nobody into theAutobiography, 158:world could be a disciple of the Masters of the Wisdom unless they had been so notified by Mrs.Autobiography, 191:to discuss the Plan of the Masters of the Wisdom and to meditate for awhile on our part in it. ThisAutobiography, 191:or to put them in touch with the Masters of the Wisdom. The latter request always amused me. I'mAutobiography, 192:but it is His responsibility. As a Master of the Wisdom He knows what I do not know and has accessAutobiography, 193:have done none of this without the support and wisdom of my husband. I shudder to think of theAutobiography, 195:and consciously under the Masters of the Wisdom. There are in the world today many schools forAutobiography, 198:[198] non-sectarian and based on the Ageless Wisdom that has come down to us from the very night ofAutobiography, 207:very deep and profound knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom but she was afraid of people; afraid ofAutobiography, 214:is out of date and its approach to the Ageless Wisdom has little or no appeal to the modernAutobiography, 214:said that the next interpretation of the Ageless Wisdom would be a psychological approach, and AAutobiography, 217:something to reach the world with the Ageless Wisdom. She had a beautiful home on Lake Maggiore inAutobiography, 227:difficult situation with poise and serenity and wisdom. When she returned to me in England I wasAutobiography, 229:the source in the 19th century of the Ageless Wisdom as its light streamed into the Occident. OneAutobiography, 229:who were emphasizing some aspects of the Ageless Wisdom and some presentation of esoteric truth.Autobiography, 230:of many groups through which the Masters of the Wisdom are working, and any group that forgets thisAutobiography, 231:of humanity. Through them the Masters of the Wisdom, under the direction of the Christ, are workingAutobiography, 255:with the true nature of the Masters of the Wisdom and offset the erroneous impression which theAutobiography, 257:on his own initiative and with the measure of wisdom and love which is his, endeavors intelligentlyAutobiography, 262:The fact of the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom - as They work in the planetary HierarchyAutobiography, 265:the right handling of energies and forces, upon wisdom as the result of applied knowledge and uponAutobiography, 269:eventually themselves becoming Masters of the Wisdom. This they achieve by mastering allAutobiography, 271:those who can help in the teaching, and upon the wisdom and the discrimination which he shows inAutobiography, 271:except the authority of greater knowledge, wisdom and light; this makes him an immovable point ofAutobiography, 272:it will show itself as spiritual light and wisdom and will not take the form of concrete direction,Autobiography, 272:his own policies, interprets the Ageless Wisdom according to the light which is in him andAutobiography, 273:beginners in the fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom. His work comes midway between the groups nowAutobiography, 275:doctrines and the secret teaching of the Ageless Wisdom - given to the public often under theAutobiography, 281:doctrines appear and disappear as the Ageless Wisdom presents itself, generation after generation,Autobiography, 282:dogmas, but simply teaches the Ageless Wisdom, as recognized in all lands down through the ages.Autobiography, 286:attempt to spread the teaching of the Ancient Wisdom. We regard it as a healthy sign when a studentAutobiography, 287:believe in the Hierarchy and the Masters of the Wisdom. All we ask is that he investigate theAutobiography, 287:direct invitation) belief in the Masters of the Wisdom is assumed to exist and the elementaryAutobiography, 293:unknown. The inclusive concepts of the Ageless Wisdom and the knowledge of the divine Plan requireAutobiography, 294:the Fundamental Doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom It simply presents them for consideration and forAutobiography, 298:the Tibetan is in fact one of the Masters of the Wisdom known by certain [299] of his associates asAutobiography, 301:case of our own group life, originated in the wisdom of A.A.B. in her efforts to meet this thirdAutobiography, 302:that from the position of greater knowledge and wisdom of the Hierarchy certain things are known toBethlehem, 5:in Religion in the Light of Theosophy) The Wisdom which expresses relationship to God, the rules ofBethlehem, 5:Himself and through His life history what this wisdom and knowledge could do for man. HeBethlehem, 6:Esoteric Doctrine, a system which was designated WISDOM, and those who were devoted to itsBethlehem, 6:things that are. Under the noble designation of WISDOM, the ancient teachers, the sages of India,Bethlehem, 6:of the great religions. When, however, the inner wisdom teaching is forgotten and the esoteric sideBethlehem, 8:we choose with eyes opened by that sagacity and wisdom which are the hall mark of those who haveBethlehem, 14:which He sounded, stimulated intelligence into wisdom. Wisdom is a cosmic principle, and a divineBethlehem, 14:He sounded, stimulated intelligence into wisdom. Wisdom is a cosmic principle, and a divineBethlehem, 16:will, when held sanely, bring in the rule of wisdom and prepare the disciple for the Christ life.Bethlehem, 20:and arrive at a fresh enunciation of the ancient wisdom. Through the lens of the illumined mind manBethlehem, 21:understanding, and produces an inclusiveness and wisdom which meet his deeply sensed need. HeBethlehem, 26:upon personality devotion to the Masters of the Wisdom, and to their own organization leaders; theyBethlehem, 26:great aspect of divinity, expressing itself in wisdom. This expression is found in its fullness inBethlehem, 28:man's conscious unfoldment. As mankind grows in wisdom and knowledge, and as the civilizations comeBethlehem, 28:to be organized and to grow, and when the eye of wisdom slowly opens and trains itself to seeBethlehem, 30:before that mysterious Presence Whose light and wisdom shone forth before the world through theBethlehem, 66:the Virgin, in the symbolism of the ancient wisdom, stands [67] for virgin matter, for theBethlehem, 72:initiation, to transmute their knowledge into wisdom, and to offer all that they have to the ChristBethlehem, 75:grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him." (St.Bethlehem, 76:was subject unto them... And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."Bethlehem, 90:embodied in Himself the principle of divine wisdom and, with clear insight into the world ofBethlehem, 100:led to make right choice, and to balance (with wisdom) the endless pairs of opposites. We passBethlehem, 120:and unselfishness which puts others first, a wisdom which concerns itself with the teaching andBethlehem, 143:purified nature and His divine understanding and wisdom, Christ blended in Himself the collectiveBethlehem, 145:known; some of its aspects, such as the love and wisdom of God, have been revealed to us by Christ.Bethlehem, 147:fire. But what need hast thou of this manifold wisdom, O Arjuna? With one part of My being I standBethlehem, 151:of understanding, which expresses itself in wisdom, and characterizes the sage and the wise uponBethlehem, 166:with spiritual poise and with that farsighted wisdom which produces a correct sense of values and aBethlehem, 166:- the quality of His life, which is Love and Wisdom and Value and Reality. It was all of this whichBethlehem, 167:time in teaching and speaking. But such is the wisdom and the beauty of His presentation of truth,Bethlehem, 167:Were needed at the time to unite the ancient wisdom and the more modern hope. Keyserling hasBethlehem, 273:the Christian Church. The need is for vision, wisdom and that wide tolerance which will seeBethlehem, 284:of the citizens of the kingdom of Souls: love, wisdom, silence, non-separativeness and freedom fromDestinyenergy of the Will of God. The energy of Love-Wisdom, called frequently the Love of God. The energyDestiny, 6:[6] present in our solar system, that of love-wisdom, to which many of the egos now in incarnationDestiny, 7:will be applied eventually by love, motivated by wisdom in cooperation with intelligence. All willDestiny, 9:have latent in them much beauty, strength and wisdom, and also a profound and valuable contributionDestiny, 10:Lords of Compassion and [10] the Masters of the Wisdom. The restoration of the ancient AtlanteanDestiny, 18:situation is that of the second Ray of Love Wisdom, Christ's ray. This energy is poured into theDestiny, 19:are working out favorably. The potency of love-wisdom, [20] transmitted by the Hierarchy, isDestiny, 20:and uplift. Through them, the potency of love-wisdom can express itself. These people areDestiny, 23:gland. II. THE HIERARCHY The new Jerusalem. Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group unity. Ruler: TheDestiny, 36:on the shoulders of matter" as the Ancient Wisdom puts it. Now, however, owing to the widespread
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