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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISDOM

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Discipleship2, 517:ray of devotion on to the second ray of love-wisdom. The first and the second rays work closelyDiscipleship2, 518:naturally, numerous exceptions. Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second ray go to Shamballa andDiscipleship2, 523:can safely pour in; then, too, will come the wisdom which will enable you to render better serviceDiscipleship2, 555:your teaching work from the ancient reservoir of wisdom, and not so much from the pool ofDiscipleship2, 566:in all Ashrams under the care of a Master of the Wisdom; the Will-to-Good is developed andDiscipleship2, 568:had no difficulty in assimilating the Ageless Wisdom and you have served the Hierarchy consciouslyDiscipleship2, 577:Work on it so the mind is clear. Love more. Wisdom is yours, yet speed it out to others upon theDiscipleship2, 581:all who seek to spread this phase of the Ageless Wisdom which I have been instrumental inDiscipleship2, 582:theoretically, but that is different from the wisdom which comes from understanding as the resultDiscipleship2, 593:power, will and strength are blended with love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strengthDiscipleship2, 594:what they have done. You need also to learn with wisdom to choose your workers when it is your taskDiscipleship2, 599:is the more responsive he is to others. You have wisdom, beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerityDiscipleship2, 603:you are interiorly. You have much knowledge and wisdom. Use it as much as possible because you haveDiscipleship2, 607:knowledge, rapidly being transmuted by you into wisdom, must be made available for your personalityDiscipleship2, 621:in order to aid, stimulate and love with wisdom. These, my brother, are the platitudes of theDiscipleship2, 630:be prepared. This is not only worldly practical wisdom but also spiritual prevision. Your work inDiscipleship2, 640:you must learn to live, treating it with due wisdom and at the same time ignoring it in the serviceDiscipleship2, 657:a deepening which will, in its turn, produce wisdom and truth. I do not urge you to cease any ofDiscipleship2, 658:also an almost proud dependence upon the wisdom which you have undoubtedly developed during manyDiscipleship2, 661:energy then is in touch with the heart center. Wisdom, which is the fruit of love and indicates theDiscipleship2, 662:the way of life, and from your point of garnered wisdom and your trained experience give them aDiscipleship2, 667:This will tend to bring in more than just soul wisdom, for the angle of the spiritual will and ofDiscipleship2, 668:have been expected. They are usually on the wisdom aspect of the second ray and not on the loveDiscipleship2, 668:that they start with a strong bias towards wisdom. Contact with the "Ashrams of loving intent" (asDiscipleship2, 670:dual aspects of your soul ray energy, love and wisdom; you can record when either of these twoDiscipleship2, 671:intuition. The source of your life expression. Wisdom, blended with love. Reaction to theDiscipleship2, 673:that your second ray emphasis is, that of wisdom and not of love. Therefore the love quality is notDiscipleship2, 673:- at any cost - to develop the love quality. The wisdom attitude makes you hard, and you have notDiscipleship2, 673:to approach is only accorded when love and wisdom are balanced and equal. This is not so, in yourDiscipleship2, 674:loving understanding which is the complement of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom as theDiscipleship2, 674:complement of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom as the complement of love. As regards yourDiscipleship2, 683:not thus hold your respect. Love is farseeing wisdom which seeks to keep alive in the object ofDiscipleship2, 688:you stand. Let knowledge now be shewn as lighted wisdom and gentle loving poise. Let tendernessDiscipleship2, 695:aim - in meditation - at conveying strength and wisdom to the world leaders as they seek (as theyDiscipleship2, 696:social pride. In the eyes of the Masters of the Wisdom, there are only human beings at variousDiscipleship2, 701:much good came to me, and we, the Masters of the Wisdom, lay much emphasis upon gratitude. It -Discipleship2, 703:well. You have helped many and have grown in wisdom. You have shouldered responsibility for someDiscipleship2, 719:of a physical brain, that phase of the Ageless Wisdom which his own soul is seeking to have himDiscipleship2, 744:of what you have acquired of understanding and wisdom. I suggest for your helping, the followingDiscipleship2, 762:be trusted to handle the powers conferred with wisdom, to display the needed poise, and to proceedEducation, x:synthesis and find or create a body of wisdom for human evolution and personal self-development.Education, 5:it concerns the technicalities of the Ancient Wisdom, on which I have given you much in my otherEducation, 14:feel, and rightly to feel beauty, strength and wisdom. They must not be expected to rationalizeEducation, 18:who are studying the science of the Ageless Wisdom, but it is of no value to those who do notEducation, 19:the will-to-serve must be cultivated. 2. Love-wisdom. This is essentially the unfolding of theEducation, 20:group conscious. This is love. It leads to wisdom, which is love in manifested activity.Education, 22:purpose of being, and be led to work with wisdom in the field of creative activity, which means, inEducation, 36:intelligent activity is always used from the wisdom angle. 11. The new education will take intoEducation, 52:race to acquire knowledge, to transmute it into wisdom by the aid of the understanding, and thus toEducation, 54:time the motivating power of the Masters of the Wisdom, until such time that enough disciples areEducation, 79:which are undesirable can be offset through the wisdom of the educator, plus the cooperation andEducation, 81:which it will be possible to superimpose the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handleEducation, 82:systems. It is, secondly, a process of learning wisdom as an outgrowth of knowledge and of graspingEducation, 110:and this can only be possible if I demonstrate wisdom and you demonstrate intelligence andEducation, 116:sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care its Observers andEducation, 117:higher correspondence of these lower forces - wisdom, love and direction - must appear; the moreEducation, 121:a long period of time because the Hierarchy of Wisdom sought to bring the people to the point ofEducation, 123:is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom. The fact that men today misapply theseEducation, 145:fusion. Abstractly and in relation to knowledge-wisdom, which are two words used in relation toExternalisation, 4:of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focused at this time on humanExternalisation, 6:be placed here and there, but it is the part of wisdom to face facts and to realize the cause ofExternalisation, 11:be done by any trained disciple of the Ageless Wisdom should the occasion warrant it, andExternalisation, 15:or unconsciously, with such Masters of the Wisdom as the Master Morya or the Master K.H., form oneExternalisation, 34:same time to absorb and thus transmit knowledge, wisdom, force and light from the PlanetaryExternalisation, 50:may be stimulated by the inflow of the light of wisdom and thus constitute a bridging group betweenExternalisation, 50:world disciples in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occult understanding. This groupExternalisation, 53:names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence. 4. Government byExternalisation, 55:consecrated to the Buddha Who embodied the wisdom of God, and the other to the Bodhisattva (knownExternalisation, 89:Will. II. Hierarchical energy. Divine love-wisdom. Expressions: Buddha and Christ. Planetary heartExternalisation, 89:Second Ray. Inspiring. Permanent. Builds. Love-Wisdom. III. Humanity's energy. Divine intelligence.Externalisation, 94:under the direction of various Masters of the Wisdom. The groups for which I have made myselfExternalisation, 98:described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (the heart nature and the higher [99] mind)Externalisation, 99:is not love, however, as usually understood, or wisdom as man generally defines it. This is free ofExternalisation, 99:of this silent depth of true understanding? Wisdom is the sublimation of the intellect, but thisExternalisation, 106:effective. That meeting of the Masters of the Wisdom upon spiritual levels led to three results orExternalisation, 107:Ruler: The Christ. The World Savior. Love Wisdom. Unity. Planetary Heart center. At-one-ment. 3.Externalisation, 113:catastrophe? Unquestionably the Masters of the Wisdom with Their knowledge and Their command ofExternalisation, 123:body, so the sons of men, led on by the Sons of Wisdom, opened their folds and spreading out like aExternalisation, 134:- under the influence of some group ideal or wisdom plus personal ambition, personal will-to-powerExternalisation, 155:World in Shamballa under the motivation of love, wisdom and selflessness with a sure touch and aExternalisation, 158:and the representative of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; and the Lord of Civilization, theExternalisation, 172:uniform and united activity. The Masters of the Wisdom have no time today to do the taskExternalisation, 172:people working as elsewhere. The Masters of the Wisdom are active in dispelling the depressions andExternalisation, 186:a developing appreciation of reality, beauty and wisdom. Instinct has developed into intellect;Externalisation, 224:exists, with all its potencies of love, wisdom and skill in action, or for ages humanity hasExternalisation, 227:between the Buddha, temporarily embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, andExternalisation, 227:will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focused inExternalisation, 242:as a whole. In this all will share, with wisdom and a planned efficiency, offering to the planetaryExternalisation, 248:be reached, if possible, and rehabilitated with wisdom, and re-established subjectively. They mustExternalisation, 257:of Christ and His disciples or of the Masters of Wisdom, as these (under diverse names) constituteExternalisation, 264:and - just as the Buddha expressed the Wisdom of God and Christ revealed to us the Love of God - isExternalisation, 270:without any inhibition to divine Love - which is wisdom, understanding, and effective, skillfulExternalisation, 286:people everywhere and to convey the message of wisdom, light and love to humanity - coming as HeExternalisation, 287:Illumined One, the Revealer of the light and the wisdom which come to us from sources far greaterExternalisation, 297:and His disciples, stand the Masters of the Wisdom. They are united, all of Them, in one stupendousExternalisation, 337:group synthesis and fusion, and to choose with wisdom those who (from inner development and outerExternalisation, 347:and the Christ, both upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, Who were the first of our humanity to comeExternalisation, 354:you the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom until you stand where the One Initiator isExternalisation, 372:be done on an international scale and with the wisdom which comes from a grasp of immediate needExternalisation, 407:of Light, as the center where the Masters of the Wisdom are to be found, as the Great White Lodge.
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