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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISDOM

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Meditation, 262:attain the fifth Initiation are Masters of the Wisdom, but all stay not and work as servers of theMeditation, 262:aids the evolutionary process. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has taken the first initiation thatMeditation, 263:our conceivable surmise. [263] A Master of the Wisdom is He Who can consciously function as part ofMeditation, 263:kind occultly comprehended. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has entrusted to Him, by virtue ofMeditation, 264:stages of occult meditation does a Master of the Wisdom increase still further His knowledge. NotMeditation, 264:Himself to further expansion. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has earned the right throughMeditation, 282:Sanctified service. Love demonstrating through wisdom. Intellectual application. They are all threeMeditation, 282:itself in service for the race through love and wisdom. But some individuals express this in oneMeditation, 284:is the sign of the occultist blended with the wisdom and love which are reflected from the higherMeditation, 284:through one-pointed effort animated by love and wisdom. The result will be the true Yogi. I wouldMeditation, 285:Access to the Masters via Meditation 2. Love and Wisdom This method is the line of least resistanceMeditation, 285:terms of service all are not. True love or wisdom sees with perfect clarity the deficiencies of anyMeditation, 286:not by blindness, but by discrimination and wisdom, separating contrary vibrations and placing themMeditation, 286:in evolution) and not enough has been placed on wisdom, which is love expressing itself in service,Meditation, 286:application can serve his race with love and wisdom as the animating cause. He has to learn theMeditation, 287:of the second method, that through love or wisdom. It is the fourth round, that wherein theMeditation, 302:that they alone are the repositories of the wisdom religion. Not so is the fact. At this particularMeditation, 303:receiving instructions from Us it is the part of wisdom and the line of safety to refrain fromMeditation, 313:measure of mental control that will permit the wisdom of the Triad to pour down into the physicalMeditation, 344:realization of the reality of the Masters of the Wisdom, and a strong inner determination to love,Meditation, 346:time goes on a stable foundation for the divine wisdom. Wisdom supersedes knowledge, yet requiresMeditation, 346:on a stable foundation for the divine wisdom. Wisdom supersedes knowledge, yet requires knowledgeMeditation, 347:of Learning prior [347] to entering the Hall of Wisdom. In training the mind body he seeksMeditation, 348:facility and good judgment. It is the part of wisdom in all who serve neither to rate themselvesMeditation, 354:They are the sum total of intelligence and of wisdom. Within the planetary scheme the reflection ofMeditation, 358:The Ray of Will, or Power. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. [359] RaysPatanjali, 20:have seen one of the Brothers (or Masters of the Wisdom), whereas all they have perceived is aPatanjali, 29:words are found: "For the possessors of wisdom, united in soul-vision, giving up the fruit ofPatanjali, 42:The Son or Christ aspect, The love aspect, or wisdom aspect, Buddhi or spiritual love, the secondPatanjali, 51:darkness. The Microcosm The second aspect Love wisdom. The son of the Father The revealer of thePatanjali, 69:permitted its owner to tap the resources of pure wisdom. With the development of this vision thePatanjali, 80:correspond to the remaining two aspects, love wisdom and organizing power, will or purpose. ThesePatanjali, 131:[131] Finally, the man enters the Hall of Wisdom to which he was admitted occasionally (and withPatanjali, 131:with this final stage: "Within the Hall of Wisdom, light fully shines upon the adept's ways. HePatanjali, 141:sound, of the Word. Atman vidya - True spiritual wisdom. The four noble truths have been stated forPatanjali, 143:the field of them all, is superseded by divine wisdom, there are fewer and fewer effects to workPatanjali, 143:subtly forged. Later he will enter the Hall of Wisdom and be taught certain esoteric and occultPatanjali, 159:called the intuition, whose nature is love-wisdom. This is the Christ-life or principle, which inPatanjali, 169:man cover the period spent in the Hall of Wisdom. The terms human life, mystic life and occult lifePatanjali, 229:process of transmitting the knowledge, light and wisdom from the ego or soul, to the brain via thePatanjali, 272:5. The eternal Will or Purpose. 5. Eternal Love-Wisdom. 5. Eternal activity and intelligence. 6.Patanjali, 294:In this he is guided by the love, insight and wisdom which is his through the transmutation of hisPatanjali, 318:rational reasoning mind. Hence in the Ageless Wisdom, the Secret Doctrine of the world, humanPatanjali, 320:unfolding and use of the heart center the love-wisdom aspect is similarly brought into use and thePatanjali, 334:Plane II. Monadic The Akasha God the Son Love-Wisdom. Plane III. Spiritual The Ether God thePatanjali, 342:gross forms are made. According to the Ageless Wisdom there are five grades of substance havingPatanjali, 358:all-knowledge, and the Halls of Learning and of Wisdom render up to him their secrets. He becomes aPatanjali, 363:geometry and space and time concepts, will with wisdom follow the method of developing intuitivePatanjali, 369:simply self-consciousness. It seems the part of wisdom to protest here against the use of the wordsPatanjali, 378:insight, pure vision, the attainment of the wisdom. They are different from the lower powers, forPatanjali, 379:such advanced aspirants as the Masters of the Wisdom. These five methods are capable of applicationPatanjali, 417:now hinder the downflow of spiritual force and wisdom into the brain, for the entire lowerPatanjali, ix:of the Secret Doctrine, of the Ageless Wisdom, and thus has been gathered together the personnel ofPatanjali, xiii:in the love nature of the Son of God, and the wisdom which demonstrates when love and activity (thePatanjali, xiii:School to which many of the Masters of the Wisdom belong, and many students hold that the EssenesProblems, 16:have the new vision act with promptness and with wisdom - and of this there is too littleProblems, 52:which it will be possible to superimpose the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handleProblems, 53:systems. It is, secondly, a process of learning wisdom as an outgrowth of knowledge and of graspingProblems, 111:become dangerous if the white race demonstrates wisdom, understanding, selfless thinking and aProblems, 124:from death to immortality and from ignorance to wisdom. If the great organized religious groups ofProblems, 144:surrounded by His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, accessible to those who make the rightProblems, 145:His working disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, those "just men, made perfect" (as the BibleProblems, 150:unfolded on any large scale its latent beauty of wisdom; love today is only just beginning toProblems, 150:came embodying in Himself the divine quality of wisdom; He was the manifestation of Light, and theProblems, 151:and became "the Illumined One". Light, wisdom, reason, as divine yet human attributes, were focusedProblems, 151:to tread the Path of Illumination of which wisdom, mental perception and the intuition are aspects.Problems, 163:of the divine purpose. Men everywhere will evoke wisdom and understanding and the inflow of lightPsychology1, xvii:the ear and eye of statements anent the Ageless Wisdom, serve only to increase responsibility, orPsychology1, 19:up the consideration of the second Ray of Love-wisdom. The seven rays are therefore embodiments ofPsychology1, 23:as the esoteric substitute. 2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of pure love, isPsychology1, 31:itself can be a hindrance unless transmuted into wisdom. [34] An evolutionary growth inPsychology1, 45:expresses itself through the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Desire is a word which has been prostitutedPsychology1, 47:The Knower (man) is the custodian of that wisdom which will enable him to further the divine planPsychology1, 47:has attracted to itself the desired, has with wisdom utilized the experience of a gradually growingPsychology1, 48:II - Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found inPsychology1, 48:two great Lives Who embody or ensoul the Love-Wisdom and the creative Intelligence aspects of thePsychology1, 48:objective. The soul is a Lord of love and wisdom, whilst the personality is a Lord of knowledgePsychology1, 51:Will or Power - Plane of divinity. Ray II - Love-Wisdom - Plane of the monad. Ray III - ActivePsychology1, 65:Answers The Second Purpose of Deity Ray II. Love-Wisdom The Word is issuing from the heart of God,Psychology1, 66:of Eternal Love The Cosmic Magnet The Giver of Wisdom The Radiance in the Form The Master BuilderPsychology1, 66:the magnetic power of God, produce the word of wisdom. Send forth that word, and lead the sons ofPsychology1, 66:on to the path of understanding. Quality - wisdom. [67] Within the radius of the love of God,Psychology1, 67:revolve. Let each son of God enter into this wisdom. Reveal to each the oneness of the many lives.Psychology1, 89:and the Law in manifestation. Ray II - Love and Wisdom, the synthetic ray which is the goal forPsychology1, 110:through which a particular aspect of the Ageless Wisdom can reach a waiting world. I do not regardPsychology1, 118:of a high order, and for an outpouring of wisdom from the world of souls through the hundreds whoPsychology1, 127:of the major rays. Will or Power - Red Love-Wisdom - Blue Active Intelligence - Yellow [128] WePsychology1, 133:Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. Through the Words ofPsychology1, 162:Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad. Ray II Love-Wisdom Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III ActivePsychology1, 170:ray force, that of power-will and that of love-wisdom, are predominantly operative at this time.Psychology1, 181:sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care its Observers andPsychology1, 201:so called, but if it were power alone, without wisdom and love, a destructive and disintegratingPsychology1, 201:for the former when the will is directed by wisdom and made selfless by love. The first ray manPsychology1, 202:Builders, the Seven Rays The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom Special Virtues: Calm, strength, patiencePsychology1, 203:unselfishness, energy. This is called the ray of wisdom from its characteristic desire for purePsychology1, 203:of humanity, - those who, having attained wisdom for the sake of others, spend themselves in givingPsychology1, 203:of affairs, he will have clear intelligence and wisdom in dealing with matters which come beforePsychology1, 204:of living, thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom. A bad type of the second ray would be bentPsychology1, 216:basic Reservoir of Power. 2. Vegetable II. Love-Wisdom Magnetism. IV. Beauty or Harmony UniformityPsychology1, 217:V. Concrete Knowledge Personality. II. Love-Wisdom Intuition. 6. Planetary Lives VI. Devotion to
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