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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISDOM

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Psychology1, 233:Kingdom Influences: The second Ray of Love-wisdom, working out in a vastly increased sensibility.Psychology1, 233:has been expressed symbolically in The Ancient Wisdom) the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun,Psychology1, 238:member of the great company of initiates of the wisdom, that which is at present inexplicable toPsychology1, 244:kingdom, the work of the second ray of Love-Wisdom is seen, symbolically, in one of its majorPsychology1, 261:Third Ray. The Heart center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray. The Solar plexus - Ray of Devotion.Psychology1, 265:the present one, in which the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is the major ray, and all the others arePsychology1, 277:the most good and saintly, can speak with real wisdom and understanding of this universal problem?Psychology1, 312:man, God the Son has secreted the treasures of wisdom and of love; in man, God the Holy Spirit hasPsychology1, 316:been told in the past teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that a human being is a triple aspect ofPsychology1, 316:of Plan. 1st and 7th subraces. Ray II. Love-Wisdom. 2nd ray souls. In the 6th root-race. PerfectedPsychology1, 317:Plan in the seventh race. The second Ray of Love-Wisdom leads from love or divine desire in thePsychology1, 318:of Love, Who arrive at the expression of Love-Wisdom. The final race marks the point of achievementPsychology1, 321:nature and form are governed by the Rays of Love-Wisdom and of idealistic Devotion. The vital lifePsychology1, 334:system, is the great cosmic second Ray of Love-Wisdom, a dual ray, - that is, a ray combining twoPsychology1, 334:speaking, the energy of love, expressed with wisdom, is the line of least resistance for thePsychology1, 336:upon the inspiration of love, expressed in wisdom. Love is not a sentiment. Love is the greatPsychology1, 339:cosmic ray of the solar system, the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and the cosmic ray of the planet, which isPsychology1, 342:by love. Note that I say, "wisely used." Wisdom, actuated and motivated by love, and intelligentlyPsychology1, 342:say, without exception. Many more must love with wisdom and appreciate the group aspiration beforePsychology1, 343:Knowledge, expressing itself eventually through wisdom, is attained only through the agony ofPsychology1, 344:as they may realize it) have already attained wisdom and are veritably at this time the divine sonsPsychology1, 347:from the major cycle governing humanity, and wisdom and intuitional buddhic response willPsychology1, 351:of Discipleship and transmutes knowledge into wisdom, feeding likewise the Christ life in eachPsychology1, 367:and liberated souls we call the Masters of the Wisdom, but there is no coercion under the Plan andPsychology1, 387:grouping. Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect of the second ray force for the AryanPsychology1, 387:the second ray, and will demonstrate it through wisdom and wise government, based on idealism andPsychology1, 387:and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its [388] beauty. But the periodPsychology1, 403:ray, which is a subray of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Therefore we have: [404] It should bePsychology1, 466:Spiritual impulse or energy. 3. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. Construction of forms through groupPsychology1, 417:cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the pointPsychology1, 418:principle seated in the heart. Ray II - Love-Wisdom Planet: Jupiter. Day: Thursday. Exoteric Color:Psychology1, 421:II - Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found inPsychology1, 421:Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. The Rays of Aspect andPsychology1, 421:Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad. Ray II Love-Wisdom Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III ActivePsychology1, 422:basic reservoir of Power. 2. Vegetable 2. Love-Wisdom. 4. Beauty or Harmony. 6. IdealisticPsychology1, 423:5. Egoic or Soul 5. Concrete Knowledge. 2. Love-Wisdom. Personality. Intuition. 6. Planetary LivesPsychology1, 423:Kingdom Influences: The second Ray of Love-Wisdom, working out in a vastly increased sensibility.Psychology1, 423:has been expressed symbolically in The Ancient Wisdom) the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun,Psychology1, 428:Third Ray. The Heart Center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray. The Solar Plexus - Ray of Devotion.Psychology1, 429:of Plan. 1st and 7th subraces. Ray II. Love-Wisdom. 2nd ray souls. In the 6th root-race. PerfectedPsychology2the medium of the mystical perception and the wisdom of the enlightened man. As is often gliblyPsychology2, 16:concerned, produces the liberated Master of the Wisdom, free from the limitations of thePsychology2, 40:to the Plan; Inclusiveness; A longing for wisdom and truth; Sensitivity to the Whole; RenunciationPsychology2, 40:illumination; Right speech through generated wisdom. Ray Three Force manipulation through selfishPsychology2, 41:intuition; Right judgment and pure reason; The wisdom which works through the Angel of thePsychology2, 42:Presence; Sensitivity to Deity, to light and to wisdom; Spiritual and mental devotion; the power toPsychology2, 45:merges with the will-to-love and strength with wisdom meets. These two are one. From that high spotPsychology2, 47:served the Plan. The mind that gathers all with wisdom into the boundaries of the Plan has reachedPsychology2, 54:From the angle of the initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, the story of man, the aspirant, is the storyPsychology2, 61:through reason and love, through idealism and wisdom, and through those many qualities and thatPsychology2, 64:unit, according to the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, has in it points of focus for differentPsychology2, 69:consciously to use his mind, and to express love-wisdom on the physical plane. This is a simplePsychology2, 70:the energy of the intuition, or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (which demonstrates asPsychology2, 80:heaven by force." Ray Two - The Energy of Love-Wisdom Souls on this ray use the method ofPsychology2, 83:Purpose Dynamically electrified forms. 2. Love-Wisdom Attracting Love Magnetically electrifiedPsychology2, 84:cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the pointPsychology2, 113:and Who work through the Masters of the Wisdom and the assembled Hierarchy. This group endeavorPsychology2, 114:it can do so in the strength of its own sensed wisdom and strength; yet all the time, behind thePsychology2, 114:the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength and love can flow. There are, therefore,Psychology2, 119:[119] service, rendered in love and guided by wisdom, cannot be given. What is found up to thatPsychology2, 120:it necessitates deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, and the ability to work without attachment.Psychology2, 124:idea of how certain groups of the Masters of the Wisdom serve upon our planet at this time. InPsychology2, 133:on all three planes. Thus has God, in His wisdom, chosen to [134] limit Himself, and the work ofPsychology2, 134:from the angle of the student in the Hall of Wisdom. The man becomes aware of his power andPsychology2, 136:when the disciple has become a Master of the Wisdom. He is then in contact with a still vasterPsychology2, 141:work in this sad way. Some of the Masters of the Wisdom and Their groups of disciples are activelyPsychology2, 144:than the first ray, for there is not so much wisdom to be found, and, as it works through desire ofPsychology2, 148:place where light dwells and the Masters of the Wisdom live and work. This is the thought whichPsychology2, 167:one eye seeth not as yet... Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love of that whichPsychology2, 167:he repulses and finds his way into that Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not deepPsychology2, 190:of two aspects of divine energy, - knowledge and wisdom. These must be thought of in terms ofPsychology2, 211:is well known, those of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence. The followingPsychology2, 211:two. That in Lemurian times, the egos of love-wisdom preponderated, and in their turn constitutedPsychology2, 211:the remaining 20% were along the line of love-wisdom. These all, with the egos which individualizedPsychology2, 218:work which concern himself. The Masters of the Wisdom Who are advanced enough to work upon thePsychology2, 226:are expressed by the words: Illumination or Wisdom, Intelligent Activity, and Attractiveness orPsychology2, 227:to the manifestation of divine Purpose. This is wisdom. They ordain and nurture the Plan. The RulesPsychology2, 248:a sudden realization of a color, a beauty, a wisdom and a glory beyond words breaks out before thePsychology2, 252:state of affairs will be found. A Master of the Wisdom appears phenomenally to be a human being. HePsychology2, 254:implications will emerge as the race grows in wisdom and in knowledge. We are here concerned withPsychology2, 277:to the Path of Light, of which knowledge and wisdom are two aspects. These, when brought intoPsychology2, 278:in Himself all that the Buddha had of light and wisdom (being fully enlightened in the occult andPsychology2, 281:the Christ, but Who will have a large measure of wisdom and of love, plus that "materializingPsychology2, 284:principles or bodies, so as to bring the Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientificPsychology2, 293:one whose intelligence is being transmuted into wisdom. The scientist, the educator, the writer. IPsychology2, 295:the Monad (the life aspect) - Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of The Soul (the consciousnessPsychology2, 295:(the matter aspect) - Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Ray of the mental body - Fifth Ray of ConcretePsychology2, 295:Ray of the physical body - Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Certain ideas should here be considered. TheyPsychology2, 298:a sensitive, intuitive, inclusive disciple whose wisdom has flowered forth, and whose vehicles arePsychology2, 324:of the equipment. There will be no true wisdom. Knowledge comes, as the individual integrates intoPsychology2, 324:the individual integrates into his environment. Wisdom comes as he becomes coordinated into thePsychology2, 325:soul which is ready to transmute knowledge into wisdom. An incarnate soul, which is now ready toPsychology2, 355:are but the subrays of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The One in the center, Who is the "pointPsychology2, 358:are the seven subrays of the Cosmic Ray of Love-Wisdom, or the seven planes of our system are thePsychology2, 358:his personality ray is the second ray of love-wisdom. This personality ray is the second subray ofPsychology2, 398:is at this time working into manifestation. Wisdom began to emerge in the time of the Buddha, andPsychology2, 405:to be done save to leave to time and greater wisdom much of the solution, coupled with an effort toPsychology2, 436:soul becomes possible. Finally, a Master of the Wisdom, Who is an exponent of the ChristPsychology2, 438:this. Progress can then be made on the Path of Wisdom. The over-development of the sense ofPsychology2, 440:therefore, of no immediate use. These are the wisdom, love and abstract idealism which are inherent
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