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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISDOM

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Telepathy, 64:circumstances the needed intelligence, wisdom, [65] intuition or will. Ponder on this.Telepathy, 92:attractiveness of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom in one of its three major forms or Rays of Aspect,Telepathy, 96:he has surrounded himself) the knowledge and the wisdom which he realizes his service to hisTelepathy, 103:Again, later on, when he is a Master of the Wisdom and, therefore, a full member of the fifthTelepathy, 109:contact occurs; the second aspect, that of love-wisdom, is the factor which makes the higherTelepathy, 119:making it available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of SanatTelepathy, 135:is the custodian of second Ray energy of Love-Wisdom, whilst the third Ray of active creativeTelepathy, 161:takes place into the second Ray of Love-Wisdom which is the ray of our present solar system. YouTelepathy, 161:five initiations which make him a Master of the Wisdom. The first initiation is purely the concernTelepathy, 171:exponents of the technicalities of the Ageless Wisdom. All I would remark is that as the point inTelepathy, 184:The second Center is created by the Ray of Love-Wisdom; this is the basic energy which brought intoTelepathy, 185:life, conscious, intelligent and active wisdom, and conscious, intelligent and active creation. InTelepathy, 194:having at its center a Chohan or a Master of the Wisdom; each of the seven Ashrams has connected
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