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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISER

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Astrology, 132:of what is already related. Are you any the wiser for that statement? Astrology, 134:and have proven correct and its experts are wiser and more synthetic and selfless in theirAtom, 124:vision, a wider tolerance, and a greater and wiser optimism. Autobiography, 71:slower method of education might, therefore, be wiser. He shrugged his shoulders and then turned onAutobiography, 140:I get simpler as I get older and may be a little wiser. With the discovery that there was a law ofAutobiography, 188:superior group who regarded themselves as wiser and more spiritual than the rest of the membershipBethlehem, 9:the teaching with a clearer vision and a wiser use of the indicated lesson. This great Myth belongsBethlehem, 233:Love makes us humbler, and at the same time wiser. It penetrates to the heart of reality and has aDestiny, 88:it towards a better adjustment to life and a wiser discrimination. It will require the backing ofDiscipleship1I altered my point of view and recognized that a wiser mind than mine was responsible for theirDiscipleship1, 55:teach with greater clarity and to choose with wiser exactitude the right words (written and spoken)Discipleship2, 522:to point out to you that it is safer and wiser to take refuge in both the higher and the lowerDiscipleship2, 763:solitariness. Note the word "chosen." It is wiser to cultivate the quality of spiritual solitudeEducation, 54:should be the hallmark of the cultured, wiser group, plus an ability to correlate the world ofEducation, 80:as the foundation for a better system and a wiser approach to the goal of world citizenship. ItEducation, 91:should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate theExternalisation, 251:and I would like to do something to produce a wiser attitude to the reality of this inevitableExternalisation, 461:of life than heretofore, and to give a saner and wiser motivation to international relationships.Fire, 73:us reaches of ideas, which should eventuate in a wiser comprehension, a sounder judgment, and aFire, 319:spiritual man. It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward lookingFire, 319:in the forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind,"Fire, 1224:symbols would be revealed much that it is deemed wiser to guard in secrecy, but the symbols, asGlamour, 106:would be achieved and you would be none the wiser. Healing, 259:the modern use of the word "liberty" but is far wiser, better and deeper in its connotation.Healing, 358:to work with. You will then be the better and wiser for past experiences, and used as a groupHercules, 28:and escaped into the wilder lands of Diomedes. Wiser, grief-stricken, humble and discouraged,Intellect, 200:needed qualifications. Most of us are bigger and wiser, and better equipped than we realize. We canMagic, 182:but with a longer experience upon the path and a wiser control of themselves. They do not work withMagic, 187:in similar work. Sometimes it may be deemed wiser for a man to wait a little while before beingMagic, 339:the meaning of wisdom and become epochally wiser, but the present schools of philosophy have nearlyMagic, 546:runs thus, with certain deletions, which it is wiser not to insert: "At the four corners of theMeditation, 24:capable of a deep love for teachers and guides wiser than himself, of a wild unreasoning devotionMeditation, 344:that happens his way, who rushes wildly in where wiser ones refrain, who considers he has capacityMeditation, 345:oft destructive action, he wastes the time of wiser and greater ones in the correcting of his wellMeditation, 348:not for the result of his action. He knows that wiser eyes than his see the end from the beginning;Problems, 51:as the foundation for a better system and a wiser approach to the goal of world citizenship. ItProblems, 65:should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate thePsychology1, 8:of ourselves as ensouling entities, and at a wiser comprehension of our fellowmen. When, throughPsychology1, 340:to experience; by experience, leading to a wiser use of the powers of the personality; by a growingPsychology2, 63:has upon the mechanism. This will lead to a wiser, fuller direction, a deeper realization of thePsychology2, 511:to a truer understanding of the human family, a wiser comprehension of the human equipment, and,Rays, 108:said this, I would ask you if you are much the wiser, or of what profit it is for me to write theseRays, 388:higher order. The Master today is infinitely wiser and more full of love and more "occultly
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