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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WISHES

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Astrology, 135:and a profound interest in self and its need and wishes. As the interplay goes on between Leo andAstrology, 294:apparatus of the soul; Sensitivity to the will, wishes and desires of the personality, [295] theBethlehem, 73:through the disciple and initiate as He wishes to do. Gold is a symbol of the material nature,Bethlehem, 73:the emotional nature, with its aspirations, wishes and longing, and this aspiration must rise asBethlehem, 94:of a new being, with a [94] different set of wishes, desires, ideals, and methods of worldBethlehem, 100:the complete cleansing of all feeling, of all wishes and of that desire life which is theBethlehem, 118:appalled; the rampant nature of our longings and wishes, and their glamorous effect upon theBethlehem, 129:seer, the lesser ends or motives, and the tiny wishes and desires for and of the personal self fadeBethlehem, 202:the relationship between these two, and when the wishes of the "hidden man" are violated, the sinDestiny, 122:to be repositories of the hitherto unrevealed wishes and secrets of the Masters of the Wisdom. ItDiscipleship1, 9:Hierarchy successful. The feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of the individual mostDiscipleship1, 43:type of group work, the feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of the individual mostDiscipleship1, 55:no personality inclinations, objectives, or wishes. There is for him nothing but constant work andDiscipleship1, 529:see the lawn, one can come out on it when one wishes, over the pine-needles and moss, leavingDiscipleship1, 600:it and to modify your life in conformity with my wishes. How you do love authority, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 606:the sacrifice of your own thoughts, of your own wishes, aims and dreams. It means for you theDiscipleship1, 607:I told you: To sacrifice your own thoughts, wishes, aims and dreams. Have you done this? To followDiscipleship1, 607:desire, demands, aspiration, longings and wishes - but not one clear thought. Why? Think this out,Discipleship1, 687:holding on to your personality interpretations, wishes and ideas which leads you to draw back fromDiscipleship1, 691:be good and obedient disciples, carrying out his wishes and working out his purposes. He isDiscipleship1, 696:upon the disciple; his desires, aspirations and wishes must not be the enforced directing agency inDiscipleship2, 43:on behalf of others, and to obliterate your own wishes in the emergency and need. One of the pointsDiscipleship2, 62:and the atoms of his body along the line of his wishes. Energies are but the rhythm of hisDiscipleship2, 212:even their vision. All these desires, longings, wishes, visions and dreams are the "ingredients" ofDiscipleship2, 492:the world of outer things to know it too. The wishes, coming from my heart for you, surround you. Discipleship2, 708:and will - from life to life. Against her wishes, I ask you to give her in some small measure whatDiscipleship2, 723:this year; we are doing so, much against her wishes, in order that the work in Europe can beExternalisation, 209:present and consciously used, and when the wishes of the people involved are consulted in aExternalisation, 233:the work? I tell you that your prayers and your wishes are unavailing when divorced from right andExternalisation, 318:that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned; Third, they respectExternalisation, 329:you to follow individually. Subordinate your own wishes and ideas to the group decision. Let thisExternalisation, 471:of goodwill implement their response to His wishes. Speaking symbolically, the first step after theFire, 860:awaken his centers according to plan, and if he wishes safely to follow along the line of the trueFire, 935:body is made of atomic matter, and when He wishes to materialize it on the dense physical plane, HeFire, 1103:should become a transmitter of the thoughts and wishes of the solar Angel, and should act as theFire, 1266:out of karma in the solar system. They know His wishes, His will and His aim, and to Them HeGlamour, 32:of mankind, and have been subordinated to the wishes of men, through the [33] use of language withHealing, 43:in the form of desires, impulses, longings, wishes, determinations, incentives, and projections,Healing, 260:of any man's [260] rule, freedom to do as one wishes, to think as one determines and to live as oneHealing, 260:This is as it should be, provided that one's wishes, choices, thoughts and desires are free fromHercules, 147:suffering from this affliction too often wishes to receive everything and to give nothing. TheInitiation, 69:a private interview. This occurs when a Master wishes to see a disciple for commendation, warning,Initiation, 191:out of karma in the solar system. They know his wishes, his will and his aim, and to them heIntellect, 160:of the light, and says in one place that he wishes to prove that "Illumination is - not only aMagic, 481:and responsibility, a submergence of the wishes of the [482] personal self and the manifestation ofMagic, 498:incident upon egoic contact and awareness of the wishes of the ego. It involves sometimes aMagic, 507:us, and that the coming generation can, if it so wishes, perform the magical work with many of theMagic, 638:of humanity, to subordinate their own ideas and wishes to the group good, to take their eyes offMeditation, 145:group, with no interests and desires, no aims or wishes apart from the good of that group. ItMeditation, 338:reflector, - one that accurately transmits the wishes, the desires, the aspirations of the Ego andMeditation, 338:constant watching of all desires, motives and wishes that cross the horizon daily, and by theMeditation, 338:to contact the Higher Self, and to reflect His wishes in the life. At first mistakes will be made,Patanjali, 134:the power to transmit to the brain the thoughts, wishes and will of the ego or soul. This bringsPatanjali, 354:be utilized as a transmitter to the brain of the wishes, and plans and purposes of the one Master,Problems, 23:powers into her arena of activity against their wishes or through undue pressure and force. RussiaPsychology1, xx:of real sacrifices and the giving up of personal wishes and desires in order that group purposesPsychology2, 144:will then subordinate their personal lives and wishes to that ideal. With these the sixth rayPsychology2, 154:of the mental life, in terms of the underlying wishes, longings and acquisitive aspirations asPsychology2, 154:of environing conditions. To these longings and wishes and the labor incidental to theirPsychology2, 318:and, therefore, slowly becoming aware of the wishes of the soul. But as man's basic identificationsPsychology2, 440:stress of circumstance) and all the unformulated wishes and urges which drive a man into activity,Psychology2, 496:or an inability of the soul to impose its wishes and designs upon its instrument, the man. ThesePsychology2, 501:Buddha. Thought forms, created by the similar wishes of the multitude, will be found to meet hisPsychology2, 569:become aware of the things which the sitter wishes to hear, which will be in line with the usualPsychology2, 586:How can this be changed, provided the medium wishes for such a change, which is rare indeed. InPsychology2, 736:us in full surrender of our personal desires and wishes join in the common task of leading humanityRays, 25:dominate or are in a position to enforce their wishes. Laws are occult and basic. Orders areRays, 305:along some line. Desire to attain one's wishes by the removal of all obstacles. Violent emotionalRays, 751:world affairs? The task which the Hierarchy wishes to see accomplished at this time is the spreadTelepathy, 196:and [196] to obliterate one's own personal wishes in the emergency and need, and to do so
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