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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WITHDRAWING

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Astrology, 451:The heart must dominate the solar plexus by the withdrawing of its energies to the heart. The timeAstrology, 496:the subjective and real Self and the consequent withdrawing from that which is the not-Self is theDiscipleship1, 98:in the relation between teacher and pupil - a withdrawing and a coming forward where theDiscipleship1, 135:crisis presents a period or an interlude of withdrawing in order to refocus and to learn again atDiscipleship1, 147:not be the product of a seclusion, produced by withdrawing from outer activity. Your best work mustDiscipleship1, 184:of consciousness. This "gentle, unrecognized withdrawing" (as it has been termed) has its basis inDiscipleship1, 230:to alignment consciously achieved and to the withdrawing of your consciousness to as high a pointDiscipleship1, 279:and relaxation in a well-intended spiritual withdrawing and isolation; this is ever a limitation ofDiscipleship1, 314:inner life tendency becomes that of a planned withdrawing. He is passing through that stage uponDiscipleship1, 373:racial background will increase your sense of withdrawing from all personality contacts. It willDiscipleship1, 461:you months of inner recognition, of a spiritual withdrawing and of intense preparation. Though youDiscipleship1, 592:Cooperation, movement, dynamic effort and then withdrawing - such is your future task under myDiscipleship1, 663:swept your whole personality into an attitude of withdrawing from the things of the senses and toDiscipleship2, 115:cyclic law there are periods of outgoing and of withdrawing, of progressing in service towards theDiscipleship2, 118:of dim light within the solar plexus. Then, withdrawing again to the head center, endeavorDiscipleship2, 195:also to focus you upon the mental plane, thus withdrawing your attention from the world of theDiscipleship2, 453:emphasis should be, therefore, upon this withdrawing. I refer not to the withdrawing from outerDiscipleship2, 453:upon this withdrawing. I refer not to the withdrawing from outer service but to an inner, constant,Discipleship2, 496:the soul. Having achieved this alignment and withdrawing, and having thus related the three aspectsDiscipleship2, 505:moving, persistent orientation, and interior withdrawing or abstraction. The relation of theseDiscipleship2, 590:to your nature. Sound the OM three times, withdrawing your consciousness as you do so to the ajnaDiscipleship2, 634:to Disciples - W.D.S. 4. The stage of the "withdrawing alcove." I have to put these aspects ofDiscipleship2, 696:my brother, and I am not abstracting [696] or withdrawing my love or my attentive care of yourDiscipleship2, 715:you permission to resume. You are constantly withdrawing and escaping into the meditation process,Discipleship2, 756:is one of extreme personal reticence and of withdrawing from those verbal contacts which reveal tooDiscipleship2, 764:there is no morbidness, there is no harsh withdrawing, and there is no aspect of separateness.Externalisation, 157:to the Inhalation of the breath. This is the withdrawing of the consciousness to as high a point asExternalisation, 254:racial and nationalistic thought-forms and the withdrawing fear of responsibility are hindering theExternalisation, 682:His initial. This rule of solitariness or of withdrawing applies to all the Masters and to theExternalisation, 685:a majority of the Members of the Hierarchy are withdrawing Their close attention from reception ofExternalisation, 692:coming work of world purification. The stage of withdrawing of the purifying energies; this is toFire, 85:This demonstrates on the physical plane in the withdrawing from out of the top of the head of theFire, 957:destroys or disintegrates the thought form by withdrawing his energy (occultly, the "attention isGlamour, 82:and deceptions of glamor. It requires a quiet withdrawing in mind and thought and desire from theGlamour, 219:altogether. This is followed by a process of withdrawing wherein the aspirant consciously andGlamour, 220:The Act of Penetration. The Process of Withdrawing. You will see, brother of mine, that what I amGlamour, 237:The Act of Penetration. The process of Withdrawing. Glamour, 244:forms. God is the ONE WHO can withdraw and, in withdrawing, dispel, dissipate and devitalize allHealing, 125:This impersonality (which can be defined as a withdrawing of personality energy) produces its ownHealing, 125:upon the physical plane in the outgoing and the withdrawing dual life of discipleship, each phaseHealing, 126:Constantly and systematically, both outgoing and withdrawing, serving in the world and living theHealing, 246:result of soul activity produces, therefore, the withdrawing from the body of the "light body andHealing, 246:and the sequence of ideas is arresting. With the withdrawing of the wind or breath, a falling toHealing, 285:is one of either stimulating activity or of withdrawing energy, of making more active an alliedHealing, 415:demonstrates on the physical plane in the withdrawing from out of the top of the head of theHealing, 464:Process of Restitution Factors Confronting the Withdrawing Soul In physical death, therefore, andHealing, 464:therefore, and in the act of restitution, the withdrawing soul has to deal with the followingHealing, 466:There is first of all the collecting and the withdrawing of the etheric substance, so that it noHealing, 466:It is at this point in the experience of the withdrawing soul that the "word of death" is spoken,Healing, 467:in his phase of experience, and of a man who is withdrawing from that experience. It connotes aHealing, 470:prison house of the flesh is dissolved by the withdrawing of the light and life. The forty-nineHealing, 476:also present. It is that of the conscious man, withdrawing his consciousness, steadily andHealing, 483:is destroyed, the quicker is its hold upon the withdrawing soul broken. A great deal of nonsenseHealing, 557:of the patient's etheric body. The technique of withdrawing his healing power when that of theHealing, 642:life aspect is weakening or rapidly or slowly withdrawing itself. You can see, therefore, why it isHealing, 658:under soul direction, begins the process of withdrawing all consciousness from the body. This isMagic, 246:identify himself with the divine mind in nature. Withdrawing to the midway spot, he endeavors toMagic, 504:and watch all phenomena connected with the withdrawing process, whether followed in the meditationMeditation, 12:intervals. More frequently come the occasions of withdrawing within, until there arises for the manMeditation, 84:emotional and mental matter. This entails the withdrawing of the consciousness ever more and moreMeditation, 113:than the throat. The oriental progresses by the withdrawing of the center of consciousness to theMeditation, 257:that external wonder can only be contacted by withdrawing within, till the center of consciousnessPatanjali, 21:which enables him to recognize the fact. By withdrawing himself from active sense perception, by noPatanjali, 212:and carries forward this abstracting or withdrawing process. Transfer of the consciousness from outPatanjali, 231:petalled lotus or sahasara, by knowingly withdrawing the consciousness out of the head. This can bePatanjali, 244:of some "object" upon which to concentrate, The withdrawing of the mind-consciousness from thePsychology2, 517:of transition is over and the forces that are withdrawing their influences have ceased entirely toPsychology2, 622:activity of the seventh ray. The energy which is withdrawing itself from our planet in one of theRays, 73:he takes refuge from those left [73] behind by withdrawing himself and by much unnecessary andRays, 103:as the soul, reincarnating when desire calls and withdrawing when need arises. The group life as aRays, 307:to bring about, and does not require simply the withdrawing of the attention of the soul, theRays, 309:produces the death of the outer form. The withdrawing life of a great expression of theRays, 358:there is no astral plane for the disciple who is withdrawing identification; there is a field ofRays, 381:on - has conditioned all religious teaching. The withdrawing Masters had Their Paul to distort theRays, 569:ray will produce. It has been the gradual withdrawing of the sixth Ray of Idealism and ofRays, 671:up into the throat center - without, however, withdrawing all the energy from the lower center;Rays, 715:will withdraw this potent energy, and (in this withdrawing) destruction will set in. This ShamballaTelepathy, 174:therefore in a state of livingness, or whether a withdrawing is taking place due to introspection
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