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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WITHDRAWN

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Psychology1, 36:the All-pervading, the Detached and the Withdrawn. The above abstract truths are difficult ofPsychology1, 57:forms God is immanent, yet persists aloof and withdrawn. Just as a thinking, intelligent humanPsychology1, 57:or in his emotional processes, so God dwells withdrawn in His mind nature; the world that He hasPsychology1, 58:will eventually find his way to that center - withdrawn [59] and abstracted - where God dwellsPsychology1, 347:create. Then the ray of the fifth Lord will be withdrawn from the major cycle governing humanity,Psychology2, 207:eternally in the consciousness of the One Soul, withdrawn from identification with any aspirationPsychology2, 247:is produced which eventually becomes stable and withdrawn from its present intense exteriorization.Psychology2, 248:and embodies reality; that it is he who has withdrawn and not the vision. The pain in all momentsPsychology2, 458:will not be anchored in the head. It will be withdrawn, and, therefore, the soul remains unaware ofPsychology2, 499:the thread of consciousness is not completely withdrawn as it is in deep sleep or inPsychology2, 539:is used to such an extent that the attention is withdrawn from the activity of the other centersPsychology2, 542:head and the heart centers, keep Themselves withdrawn from public life and much human contact?Rays, 165:the remaining centers is rapidly gathered up and withdrawn. What is true of the individual processRays, 165:which all human beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn" esoterically), "I, if I be lifted upRays, 166:to function upon the cosmic astral plane, when withdrawn or abstracted after the higherRays, 201:in space, holding it in quiescence on the withdrawn breath until a later cycle of expression dawns.Rays, 216:of loving intent as to purpose) can now be withdrawn. Triplicity, from the angle of the threeRays, 332:veiled will now be revealed; that which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light, and all menRays, 381:the Masters trod the earth with men and were not withdrawn and apparently invisible, as is now theRays, 403:through the magnetic power of the Master, withdrawn from our planetary life and are [404] "occultlyRays, 568:are cyclically objectified and are cyclically withdrawn. As they radiate forth into the threeRays, 568:At other times, during the process of being withdrawn "to their own place," they cause the fadingReappearance, 90:worlds of feeling and of thought; life was withdrawn and death resulted. The problem of Christ andReappearance, 124:veiled will now be revealed; that which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light and will then
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