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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WITHDREW

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Autobiography, 53:I and I got nowhere with him so I grinned and withdrew - literally, so you can see how deep myAutobiography, 71:ago what he thought would happen if the British withdrew all their troops and their interest out ofAutobiography, 175:minutes simply to slit the envelopes before I withdrew the letters. When this is the case and whenDiscipleship1, 497:The inertia proved too strong and this aspirant withdrew of his own free choice from participationDiscipleship1, 544:period of work. NOTE: Temporarily, this disciple withdrew from the group of the Tibetan'sDiscipleship2, 316:initiation is one of them. When the Hierarchy withdrew behind the separating curtain in AtlanteanDiscipleship2, 409:guarding and nurturing. Later, the Hierarchy withdrew into a subjective expression and humanity wasDiscipleship2, 413:of the Spiritual Triad. The Masters, therefore, withdrew their attention from aspirants upon theExternalisation, 21:(in order to further man's mental development) withdrew behind the scenes for a period. If thisExternalisation, 124:is that for the good of humanity, the Hierarchy withdrew into the background, leaving man to findExternalisation, 125:are the embryonic form. Second, the Hierarchy withdrew in order that humanity, on reaching maturityExternalisation, 519:the physical plane for the first time since it withdrew into the subjective side of life andFire, 558:longer for physical manifestation; He therefore withdrew His life. All that is left is theHealing, 303:He saw His creations and liked them not and so withdrew His attention; then the creations He hadHercules, 15:serve." The Teacher sat in silence and Hercules withdrew and faced the first great Gate. Then theHercules, 141:a hazard, and more than once Hercules quickly withdrew his foot lest he be sucked downward by theHercules, 155:into yielding ground. At length the birds withdrew. Before the marsh stood Hercules, and ponderedMeditation, 182:of men and devas was threatened, so They withdrew gradually from the human consciousness theRays, 381:and theosophical literature that the Hierarchy withdrew as a penalizing measure because of the
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