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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WITNESSES

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Autobiography, 156:been simpler. The evidence was too good and the witnesses too reputable. An old friend of mine ofAutobiography, 156:then said, "I have read the depositions of your witnesses, Mrs. Evans, take your decree and theBethlehem, 179:they all bear testimony, and by the multitude of witnesses the fact is surely established. The oneBethlehem, 273:of Christ, and the meaning of that "cloud of witnesses" (Heb., XII, 1.) by which we are soExternalisation, 405:treasure of all the great religions and its witnesses are those who have transcended all forms andHercules, 6:and a cooperator with that great "cloud of witnesses", who through the power of their onlooking,Intellect, 14:it and you too can ascertain its nature. These witnesses fall into two groups; the purely mysticalIntellect, 16:angelic hosts; they refer to the great cloud of witnesses; they commune with the elder brothers ofIntellect, 16:testimony and a sufficient number of reputable witnesses, substantiating this testimony, to forceIntellect, 16:to force our belief in its verity. These witnesses to the unseen world spoke with words of powerIntellect, 149:the testimony of the many thousands of reputable witnesses and the similarity of the relatedMagic, 56:and are integral units in that great cloud of witnesses who are the "onlookers and observers". TheyMagic, 529:esoterically, the occult hierarchy, the cloud of witnesses, the disciples of the Christ, and otherMagic, 608:race, as Masters of the Wisdom, as the Cloud of Witnesses, as the Christ and His Church, asPatanjali, 313:wherein the saints of God, the great "Cloud of Witnesses" walk. He can, therefore, through itsSoul, 124:unseen world of spirits, and of that "cloud of witnesses" who testify to the reality of the soul
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