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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WONDER

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Astrology, 417:Triangle: Sirius - Leo - Jupiter. Hierarchy. I wonder if you can grasp at least partially andAstrology, 500:men will look back at the pre-war centuries and wonder at their blindness and be shocked at theirAstrology, 623:Energies and Transformation It is here that the wonder of the work of Christ, the Lord of LoveAtom, 158:may laugh at our dogmatic assertions, and wonder how we could have looked upon matter as we did. ItAutobiography, 19:the picture of myself when small, I can scarcely wonder - skinny, scared and startled looking. IAutobiography, 27:and a cockaded hat, standing on the step. I wonder sometimes if my sister ever thinks of thoseAutobiography, 41:saved. I was very good at saving souls, but I wonder now - from the angle of more worldly wisdom -Autobiography, 48:Having decided what He would do (I wonder how I knew?) I went ahead and did it or advised others toAutobiography, 64:she had no one else at that moment to send. I wonder sometimes whether my Master sent the money. ItAutobiography, 70:so badly. I was at first almost stunned by the wonder of the Orient. It was all so new, so strange,Autobiography, 70:queer carriages, such as gharries and ekkas (I wonder if they have them now) crowded bazaars andAutobiography, 98:of two men who did so much for me and I often wonder if I would be alive today had it not been forAutobiography, 109:I have taken refuge in her small apartment. I wonder whether she and Mrs. Snyder are alive. I fancyAutobiography, 126:that shocked me and parts that made me often wonder how they ever got through the mails. In anAutobiography, 126:but in the Bible they were all right. I began to wonder if my interpretations were not as good asAutobiography, 132:care of the three little girls to have time to wonder about my soul. [133] Autobiography, 137:into some kind of order and, as he said, the wonder was that the book is as clear as it is. ItsAutobiography, 146:working out that inheritance towards a future of wonder and usefulness and beauty unparalleled. TheAutobiography, 175:to claim my attention. I sometimes wonder if the general public has the faintest idea of theAutobiography, 209:us all over very seriously and then said, "I wonder if it is possible that for one minute you wouldBethlehem, 11:will add the clear vision of the future to the wonder of the past. It will express what is divineBethlehem, 49:and the One Who had been worshipped in awe and wonder could now be known and loved. Today God isBethlehem, 92:may be future revelations of such stupendous wonder and beauty that as yet we can form no faintestBethlehem, 114:in connection with Christ's temptations, the wonder of what He did emerges, and is encouraging forBethlehem, 148:are light, radiance, beauty and indescribable wonder. All the mystical writings are attempts toBethlehem, 149:has been written in an attempt to portray the wonder of the transfiguration and the vision of God,Bethlehem, 150:stood before The Presence. The sense of awe, of wonder and of humility is ever an outstanding [151]Bethlehem, 152:first of all through the recognition of the wonder latent in every human being. That man who seesBethlehem, 152:face to face with the transcendent goodness and wonder which Christ revealed. From this realizationBethlehem, 158:is concerned. We sense dimly and distantly its wonder and its finality. We have not yet, as a race,Bethlehem, 163:forth into clearer and more radiant light the wonder and glory which lies, unrevealed as yet, inBethlehem, 167:the more modern hope. Keyserling has grasped the wonder of what the World-Savior does, and voicesBethlehem, 175:travestied in terms of men's small views. The wonder of the happening on Mount Calvary has beenBethlehem, 185:Testament of Man, by Arthur Stanley, p. 498. The wonder of Christ's mission lay in the fact that,Bethlehem, 214:meaning far wider than those usually given. The wonder of all He said (as it is the wonder of allBethlehem, 214:given. The wonder of all He said (as it is the wonder of all the world scriptures) is that theBethlehem, 223:Then there burst upon Christ's consciousness the wonder of accomplishment. He had succeeded, soBethlehem, 225:the meaning of what He did. Only today is the wonder of His sacrifice beginning to dawn upon theBethlehem, 242:transition, and live with the expectation of its wonder. Death thus faced, and regarded as aBethlehem, 244:of thought, development and understanding? The wonder of Christ's Resurrection, as far as HisBethlehem, 270:of purpose, of progress and of orientation. The wonder of the process is that it can be carriedBethlehem, 277:will enable him to recognize it, to share in its wonder and its larger sphere of contacts. WeDestiny, 51:never be theirs until they cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth into the future toDestiny, 119:of the higher triad, the monadic life. I wonder whether any of you have the faintest idea what willDestiny, 135:at the limited vision of our modern world and wonder why we thought and felt as we did. I wouldDestiny, 152:prophetic insight, and foresaw a little of the wonder of the Aquarian Age. The vision in men'sDiscipleship1, 42:the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IV I wonder, my brothers, if the following sequence ofDiscipleship1, 76:then what now you dimly sense, and realize the wonder of group love, of group intuition and ofDiscipleship1, 177:Disciples - R.A.J. December 1937 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you have noticed (and when I say "you" IDiscipleship1, 180:brings about, [180] be expected to emerge? I wonder if I can make it clear to you by pointing outDiscipleship1, 183:those relations which may later manifest. I wonder if you are proceeding in any way consciously toDiscipleship1, 185:and fifth) are lacking in this incarnation. I wonder, my brother, if you have noted the relationDiscipleship1, 209:and also directs the future. You may perhaps wonder why I emphasize this question of time in yourDiscipleship1, 318:to do so may come to you in a few weeks' time. I wonder if you will recognize it, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 341:of this will clear your way to a future of wonder. In the lives of the world disciples at thisDiscipleship1, 429:you feel it not, then know that it is there. I wonder, my brother, if it is possible for me toDiscipleship1, 478:- L.U.T. September 1935 MY BROTHER: I sometimes wonder what I can do to help you or what words IDiscipleship1, 482:a note of selfless service and learn thereby the wonder of the human being. Give your reactions toDiscipleship1, 491:to you grows out of your earlier instructions. I wonder how much you have read and pondered uponDiscipleship1, 571:you have to give. The thing of beauty and of wonder which is your real contribution lies as yetDiscipleship1, 575:the past four months definitely to help you. I wonder if you were aware of my vibration and myDiscipleship1, 633:to Disciples - B.S.W. January 1938 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you will be able to grasp my intentionDiscipleship1, 657:to Disciples - R.R.R. October 1937 I wonder, brother of mine, if you have ever really grasped theDiscipleship1, 697:and how their interdependence demonstrates. I wonder how I can make the idea clear to you? Let meDiscipleship1, 748:the Master's plan and meet human need. You may wonder perhaps why I so constantly emphasize thisDiscipleship2, 10:though this does not connote synthesis. I wonder if any of you really grasp the extent of theDiscipleship2, 152:with the impartation of a major concept. I wonder if it was so registered by you? The idea behindDiscipleship2, 156:the point in evolution reached by mankind. The wonder of these mantric stanzas is that they areDiscipleship2, 187:VI - The New Invocation - Spiritual Inflow I wonder, brother of mine, if you have grasped theDiscipleship2, 277:of the world - in or out of incarnation. I wonder how many of you pondered on the significance ofDiscipleship2, 296:will become man the accepted disciple. I wonder whether you have ever considered the widespreadDiscipleship2, 322:them for you in my previous instruction and wonder if you have read them often. You will find it ofDiscipleship2, 335:book Discipleship in the New Age, you may well wonder why on earth I chose such a group of peopleDiscipleship2, 395:with the idea of direction in time and space." I wonder, brother of mine, if you can realize that aDiscipleship2, 428:moment of potency is appropriated by mankind. I wonder if you realize the gravity and theDiscipleship2, 456:and are fully aware of all they think and do. We wonder sometimes where they think the Masters findDiscipleship2, 476:Disciples - R.A.J. September 1943 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you drew out of the six statements whatDiscipleship2, 512:and yet without any sense of being above. I wonder, my brother, if I am making my meaning clear. ItDiscipleship2, 554:you will let loose the fires of comprehension. I wonder if I am making some idea of value clear toDiscipleship2, 574:P.G.C. To P. G. C. August 1940 BROTHER OF OLD: I wonder whether you have sufficiently realized thatDiscipleship2, 576:this you, as a group, must be prepared. You may wonder why I am dealing with this matter in myDiscipleship2, 611:information which I saw fit to impart to you. I wonder if the implications of what I said made dueDiscipleship2, 616:MY BROTHER: You are no longer in my Ashram. I wonder if you have realized this fact? Like A.A.B.Discipleship2, 628:appear, but to it you will pay no attention. I wonder if you can realize, my brother, what thisDiscipleship2, 676:you must follow will clearly appear to you. I wonder whether you have ever studied the reasons whyDiscipleship2, 682:group; she also sensed your sincere desire. I wonder, my brother, if you realize that the basis ofDiscipleship2, 696:sure." A.A.B. knew what she was saying, but I wonder if you yourself realize the esoteric values ofDiscipleship2, 717:to be worked out in practical effectiveness. I wonder if you have noticed how frequently, in thisDiscipleship2, 751:has prepared the way. Sometimes, my brother, I wonder if you will recognize them, knowing them forEducation, 34:this should in no way detract from the wonder and the beauty of what you sense, but should increaseEducation, 40:of God, to the sense of light and to wonder. The mysterious, the sense of awe, the followingEducation, 41:with the energies of material effect, is it any wonder that the major consideration of our modernExternalisation, 38:and one that is little grasped as yet. I wonder if you can appreciate the importance of the twoExternalisation, 88:nature in its physical and emotional forms. I wonder whether you can grasp the implications of thisExternalisation, 164:its just and right development; the future of wonder and of divine possibility appears - itsExternalisation, 403:extent of His sacrificial work for humanity, the wonder of the revelation which He brought, theExternalisation, 446:in some way be offset. That is the problem. I wonder if you can grasp the [447] significance ofExternalisation, 485:the Real. The beauty of this synthesis and the wonder of this opportunity are surely apparent as weExternalisation, 590:of all other sons of God, will fade out in the wonder of the true apostolic succession, in whichExternalisation, 592:and mankind's entire attitude to life. The wonder of that Life lived two thousand years ago is
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