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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WONDERFUL

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Astrology, 186:anent the multiplicity of energies to which the wonderful mechanism of man can respond and [187] toAstrology, 684:beauty of nature's [684] synthesis, and of the wonderful correlation of all that is in process ofAtom, 46:to play His part and to find His place. It is a wonderful picture if true. Atom, 49:We are standing these days on the verge of wonderful discoveries: we are nearing a marvelousAtom, 50:use of the imagination will frequently open up a wonderful vision, and if this imagination is basedAtom, 92:to the Deity Himself. Thus opens up before us a wonderful picture, and a vista of possibility. ThusAtom, 126:is quite possible for us to meet great people, wonderful men and women, and fail to be impressed byAutobiography, 5:thing which I would like to do is to show how wonderful human beings are. I have lived on threeAutobiography, 9:of my possible readers might think it all quite wonderful in comparison with the early years ofAutobiography, 13:and twinkling with humor. "I am sure you have a wonderful testimony to make," said the leader.Autobiography, 26:I have been forced to recognize what a perfectly wonderful time they have had compared to the girlsAutobiography, 47:the friendship angle. I was absolutely sure (how wonderful that seems to me today and howAutobiography, 57:that night I untied the ribbon and there - in wonderful script - was every single grammatical errorAutobiography, 66:experience. This experience goes to show how wonderful human beings are, which, if you will note,Autobiography, 103:the soldiers was finished. Ahead of me lay a wonderful future with the man I thought I adored, in aAutobiography, 103:with the man I thought I adored, in a new and wonderful land, for we were on our way to America.Autobiography, 109:Joaquin in California. This turned out to be a wonderful thing for me, for the Bishop and his wifeAutobiography, 119:In spite, however, of knowing full well the wonderful qualities of the Jew, his contribution toAutobiography, 119:to western culture and learning and his wonderful assets and gifts along the line of the creativeAutobiography, 176:or two [176] others who have written perfectly wonderful letters for me to correspondents (lettersAutobiography, 194:the extent it has been had it not been for the wonderful help given by the workers at HeadquartersAutobiography, 199:myself that this was because I was such a wonderful person. It was largely because I made noBethlehem, 73:to God. Then we can offer to God that rare and wonderful gift of a mind made wise through pain, andBethlehem, 154:thus giving us the clue to the meaning of this wonderful story. Peter, as we well know, meansBethlehem, 278:us by Dr. Schweitzer, who presents to us such a wonderful picture of the kingdom of God. He saysDiscipleship1, 145:not his mind) makes no compromise between the wonderful ideas which may materialize in a farDiscipleship1, 407:enunciated occult truths, no matter how true or wonderful. Give them love and understanding. TheDiscipleship2, 727:of yours in mind. There was the glamor of the wonderful discovery you were going to make, coveringExternalisation, 122:as people today give to a child beautiful and wonderful things which the child uses and enjoys butExternalisation, 122:constituted in the eyes of the masses a form of wonderful magic. Sanitation, hygiene, means ofExternalisation, 124:off the earth of practically all signs of the wonderful Atlantean civilization except for those fewFire, 204:become fourth dimensional, till we have a wonderful fiery activity demonstrating on all the threeFire, 210:each new world Teacher takes office. There is a wonderful ceremony performed at the time that a newFire, 216:Progressive forward motion. Thus can be seen the wonderful synthesis brought about by theFire, 251:form the units in groups is both mysterious and wonderful. A Heavenly Man on His own planesFire, 298:of the beauty of nature's synthesis, and of the wonderful correlation of all that is in process ofFire, 326:- when [326] conceded and realized - serves in a wonderful way to clarify the whole subject ofFire, 598:idea of the vastness of the process, and of its wonderful beauty. It is impossible for us, sweepingFire, 769:as to time and sequence. This produces a wonderful appearance. Again just as the Master can (byFire, 1121:complete, the vehicles of the initiate present a wonderful appearance, due to the streams of energyFire, 1165:these three are working in unison, the effect is wonderful in the extreme, and impossible for theHealing, 615:occult or esoteric revelation is based on this wonderful doctrine of interdependence, of a plannedHercules, 26:All these divine gifts were very lovely and wonderful, but as yet he did not know how to use them.Hercules, 63:and bears it himself. Then we are told in the wonderful consummation of the story, that Atlas,Hercules, 71:he need not expect congratulations upon his wonderful progress, nor will he find a carefulHercules, 83:Hercules, will serve to give some idea of the wonderful synthesis of the picture, and of the steadyHercules, 163:there emerges out of the period of silence, a wonderful butterfly. It is almost as though in theHercules, 167:horse and shot them with his arrows. It is a wonderful story. Marshes are a symbol of the mind plusHercules, 184:There you have the story. Having traced that wonderful, idealistic, evolutionary teaching down theHercules, 188:emerging through the medium of them all. The wonderful thing, if you study the world intuitively,Hercules, 197:city consisted of two towns connected by a wonderful wall and a gateway called the Gateway of theHercules, 209:achievement, and herein lies the hour of our wonderful opportunity. We find Hercules starting atInitiation, 4:We can do no more than sense a fraction of some wonderful whole, utterly beyond the reach of ourInitiation, 5:other, and utter bewilderment is ours as the wonderful pattern they form unfolds before us. We knowInitiation, 55:with goldenbrown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour theInitiation, 128:repeated for each new World Teacher. There is a wonderful ceremony performed at the time that a newIntellect, 10:beyond. The progress of evolution has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive responseIntellect, 35:for the new and divine experience and for that wonderful experiment which will put them everywhereIntellect, 111:senses, we rise past our own mind to the wonderful wisdom of God... Man rising to the summit of hisIntellect, 152:behind the outer form and finds the good and the wonderful. - Hall, W. Winslow, M.D., Illuminanda,Intellect, 234:himself. The goal he has set himself is so wonderful, that he is more apt to be discouraged thanIntellect, 249:the writer and make him feel he is a great and wonderful soul; and, fortunately, they are generallyMagic, 62:nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picturing of an eternal law. As theMagic, 344:the sources of inspiration will increase in a wonderful manner. So many close the sources ofMagic, 421:telepathic rapport. This may seem to you to be a wonderful but impractical vision. I assure youMagic, 546:he belongs. This can best be expressed in some wonderful words from an ancient writing in theMeditation, 198:its radius. You have an instance of this in the wonderful Wesak festival, kept so universally inMeditation, 198:in that Himalayan center) form themselves into wonderful avenues of approach to the center ofPatanjali, 68:the aspect of the tangible form, upon [68] the wonderful film which every man possesses. It isPatanjali, 299:steady impulsion of the wind." We have here a wonderful picture of how all lives are driven by thePatanjali, 314:others and being a lamp must always precede that wonderful experience wherein the mystic turns hisPatanjali, 357:it, and heard the voice of the silence.' " The wonderful synthesis of the teaching is nowhere moreProblems, 26:power of the race shows itself as yet in a wonderful control of nature and in great constructionProblems, 36:(that civilization we have thought so wonderful) is vanishing. Some of us are thankful it is so.Problems, 109:sharing of resources, so rich and varied in that wonderful continent, and contribute their trainedProblems, 117:achievement made it possible for a still more wonderful expression of rightness to manifest. We canPsychology1, 291:of the Christ. Great is the glory of man and wonderful are the divine functions which he embodies.Psychology2, 33:the life of the Blessed Ones. It ends with the wonderful injunction: "Therefore be full of joy, 0Psychology2, 261:the dogmatism of the Church, the great and wonderful scientific developments of the immediate past,Psychology2, 466:feels he cannot march forward into this new and wonderful world. He feels the need to temporize andPsychology2, 473:of psychical phenomena. He regards it all as wonderful, revealing, true and desirable. Psychology2, 474:it desirable and interprets its activities as a wonderful spiritual development within himself.Psychology2, 571:astral plane and his contacts have only been a wonderful and inspiring expression of the phenomenaRays, 598:higher or abstract mind. You will here note the wonderful synthesis of the spiritual work. WhenSoulto embrace a mysterious doctrine all the more wonderful because, to him, it may seem absurd. SheSoul, 34:nervous system, perhaps the most intricate and wonderful part of the human structure, that weTelepathy, 155:borne in mind. There is within the human body a wonderful symbol of distinction between the higher
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