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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WOODS

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Autobiography, 27:countryside and the flowery lanes and the many woods through which my sister and I drove our littleAutobiography, 122:my friend. I used to go out in the surrounding woods with a wheelbarrow, the children trottingAutobiography, 127:in the care of a neighbor, I went out into the woods alone. For hours I lay on my face wrestlingDiscipleship1, 529:place of repose and peace for those who love the woods. Although one cannot see the lawn, one canDiscipleship1, 529:one sees, a few feet away, midway between the woods and the stream, a long flower border set rightDiscipleship1, 529:of the rocks along the stream's edge and in the woods. The lotus pool is kept replenished by waterDiscipleship1, 529:by water piped from the spring in the woods. Seated on these rocks one looks over and down about aDiscipleship1, 530:corner, as they form the beginning of the woods. In the northwest corner there are three tall yews,Discipleship1, 530:corner is filled by the pagoda, with the woods behind it and the spruce trees to right and left, inFire, 914:the radiant little beings who inhabit the woods and the fields, the elementals who work with theHealing, 29:kingdom, as any chance walker through the woods can note, so germs - individual and group - todayHercules, 78:the moon and Diana, beauteous huntress of the woods of God, followed the movements of the doe and,Hercules, 79:to find that in the fastness of the deep [79] woods it had been lost. From hill to hill and wood toHercules, 79:I was led, and found no doe. Into the deep dark woods I fought my way, but found no doe; and overPatanjali, 29:with the Soul." (Gita II, 51, 52 and 53.) J. H. Woods makes this clear in his translation of thePatanjali, 98:or clarified sense. In the commentary found in Woods' translation the following words may serve toPatanjali, 103:words from the commentary dealt with in Woods' translation of the sutras will be found helpful:Patanjali, 291:of Light (Dvivedi), The radiance in the head (Woods), The luminosity of the central organ (RamaPatanjali, 340:dwindling of the covering to the brightness." - Woods. "The external modification (of the internal
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