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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORD

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Fire, 984:wisdom and skill in occultism and no doubt our word magic is mostly indebted to that source for itsFire, 984:magha. To be sure, there is in the Sanskrit the word Maga meaning a priest of the Sun, but this wasFire, 1001:the imparted plans. He then sounds the Sacred Word, taking up the note of the Ego as he believes heFire, 1012:thought. In meditation, by the sounding of the word, the student awakens response in the major headFire, 1028:more scientific part of our thesis. I use the word "scientific," for that which will be saidFire, 1054:Words, and the Sounders of the Words become the Word itself. It will, therefore, be apparent, thatFire, 1062:unifying radiating centers will be found. The word "element" is yet confined to the basicFire, 1077:the student room for thought, though one more word in this connection might be added. In theFire, 1085:in Sanskrit the wheel of Samsara. This latter word derived from the root Sru, to move, indicates aFire, 1085:form gives rise to the Parjanya or rain. The word Parjanya is applied to rain and often times to aFire, 1086:again through a series of characters forming a word which - through its ideographic nature -Fire, 1087:one glance by the Master who has the ideographic word before Him. Other ideograms are available forFire, 1090:of causes originating in earlier kalpas or - to word it otherwise - the karmic seeds of earlierFire, 1095:these we might here touch upon, finding in the word "illusion" 15 the key to the mystery. We haveFire, 1097:again will be seen." 15 Maya or Illusion. The word Maya is one which has to be properly understoodFire, 1097:philosophy. The derivation that is given for the word is Ma + Ya or not that. Maya is therefore aFire, 1151:result of vibratory response to the enunciated Word, but as the working out of the karma of aFire, 1155:309, 310, 590, 591. Kernel comes from the same word as corn. Compare the words in Bible: "Except aFire, 1158:in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation)Fire, 1159:three points of supreme interest, which (to word it so as to convey sense to the interested) may beFire, 1188:Law of Synthesis, is succeeded by the Voice or Word, and that Word as it progresses outward fromFire, 1188:is succeeded by the Voice or Word, and that Word as it progresses outward from the center to theFire, 1188:to the periphery (for, occultly understood, the Word is "spoken from the Heart") becomes A phrase.Fire, 1205:heart center in a human being. Or, to word it otherwise, energy flows directly from: The solarFire, 1207:words of the old Commentary: "The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselves and outFire, 1208:ordered cycles into the next above, though the word "above" but serves to mislead. It isFire, 1214:- Equilibrized. Animal energy - Negative. Or, to word it otherwise, the positive controlling factorFire, 1231:Fire lies hid in the second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery of life is concealed within theFire, 1231:the consideration of the various charts and word pictures which will be found also scatteredFire, 1242:what is the true [1242] connotation of the word "Spirit." Pondering upon these matters is (for theFire, 1244:and which can only be expressed by the limiting word identification. This identification is aFire, 1246:that we are now discontinuing the use of the word "initiation" which has to do specifically withFire, 1246:and therefore with duality and are utilizing a word which connotes synthesis, though veryFire, 1250:will be apparent to all trained initiates. A word here is necessary in explanation of theFire, 1258:backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word. Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenaryFire, 1268:ground beneath the dragon's feet." The first Word having entered on its mission, the victor liftsFire, 1268:His head and seeks to utter forth the second Word. But, as He sounds it forth, He arrests its wideFire, 1269:burning love the Master utters not the final Word. He steps from off the disk and turns His LotusFire, 1271:Himself the One that is, the new-made threefold Word, the sacred OM, the fire of God, He treads theFire, 1271:of the sun and thence to... (GEMINI). The mystic Word is veiled by letters four - E, M, and A and OFire, 1276:great Words are spoken by the Adjuster, and each Word is heard by those whose ears have been deafFire, 1276:for nigh upon fourteen rounded terms. The first Word contains the value numerical of the syntheticFire, 1276:hear it, mounteth the scales and addeth to that Word another sound. None have heard it save he whoFire, 1276:upon the fivefold sons of flesh. This dual Word buildeth a wall which surroundeth the Son of ManFire, 1276:lips are dumb. It holdeth Him secure until the Word is spoken which will unseal the fount ofFire, 1277:when He changeth the key of the earlier spoken Word, the disruption of the wall is seen and a doorFire, 1277:and a door openeth before Him. * * * The second Word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. As itFire, 1277:head of Him who hath held His peace, utter this WORD... and look within." He who hath held HisFire, 1277:and thus the WAY is trodden. * * * The third Word holds securely sealed the key to the outer blue.Fire, 1277:for inversion, and only those can hear that Word whose ears have been closed for eleven aeons. ItFire, 1281:which is heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forth as the aeons pass away; That whichGlamour, 5:of the intuition and can be covered by the word, universality, or the sense of universal Oneness.Glamour, 17:myself and with your fellow group members. One word of warning only will I give. Success along thisGlamour, 22:emotional MESS (yes, brother of old, that is the word I seek to use) in which the majority of humanGlamour, 33:The whole man is involved. Technically, the word MAYA should only be used in two cases: InGlamour, 34:to you what is the nature of glamor. The word is used in all esoteric books and teaching to coverGlamour, 50:knows the villainy of each. (I can find no other word, my brother, to translate the ancient wordGlamour, 50:other word, my brother, to translate the ancient word which designates the unrevealed stupidity,Glamour, 54:of contact. Taken the first initiation. The word illusion is frequently lightly used to signifyGlamour, 54:world illusion. But the time has come when the word must be used with a developed discriminatingGlamour, 71:idea into what we call racial glamor, using the word race to mean the human race. This constitutesGlamour, 77:to draw forth a responsive affection. Study the word "affection," my brother, and see its trueGlamour, 94:Growth of Glamor We shall now employ the word "glamor" to cover all the aspects of thoseGlamour, 94:he achieves unity. I would have you note that word "unity," for it holds the secret ofGlamour, 97:There follows the resolution (note this word and its usage) of the duality into a unity. ThisGlamour, 102:a living Unity, which - for lack of a better word - we call the PRESENCE. He then discovers thatGlamour, 111:of sentient consciousness. When I [111] use the word "sentient" I do not refer to the sensoryGlamour, 114:at this stage. It is of great potency. I use the word "handicapped" advisedly for lack of a betterGlamour, 127:the intelligent man and the disciple, using the word "disciple" to cover all stages of developmentGlamour, 146:hatred or the dislike (if hatred is too strong a word) that any of you may feel for the activitiesGlamour, 151:Agni Yoga "imperil" (a peculiar yet satisfying word, my brothers) is particularly essential forGlamour, 152:Irritation is a disease, if I might use that word, of the solar plexus center and it is definitelyGlamour, 173:it is consequently a sin (if you care for that word) of the intelligent and highly developedGlamour, 186:All revelation, however, when put into words and word forms, loses something of its divine clarity.Glamour, 193:some words out of the Bible, substituting the word "light" for the word "faith." I give you thisGlamour, 193:the Bible, substituting the word "light" for the word "faith." I give you this definition: Light isGlamour, 193:to be revealed in the next two generations. The word "faith" is a good [194] instance of the methodGlamour, 218:with a positive orientation. Again the Sacred Word is sounded with intent to produce what in occultGlamour, 254:the breath is built around the use of the Sacred Word, the OM. The use of the Word is intended toGlamour, 254:use of the Sacred Word, the OM. The use of the Word is intended to be confined to those aspirantsGlamour, 254:women of the occident into their clutches. The Word is then used with no spiritual intent butGlamour, 260:its own tune (if I may employ so inappropriate a word) and the groups which are in process ofGlamour, 262:living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word, the OM. When, for instance, a disciple inGlamour, 262:mine, if you understand the significance of this word "indifference"? It means in reality theGlamour, 262:vital thing than what is usually meant when the word is used. It is active repudiation without anyGlamour, 266:the spiritual "attention" (I use this inadequate word for lack of a better one) is away from theGlamour, 267:of tension, focused in whatever is meant by the word "Monad." Do you know what that means, myHealing, 2:by the souls they contact. When I employ the word "mechanism" in these instructions I refer toHealing, 9:on the surface of things (note I do not use the word "superficial"), and the hour has struck inHealing, 18:of Disease, I find it necessary to speak a word in connection with conditions - external andHealing, 43:I would remind you here that the use of the word "body" is most misleading and unfortunate. ItHealing, 90:conditions for the entire race. I used the word "establishing," for as the focus of racialHealing, 92:for this condition is to be found in the simple word acceptance. This is not a negative state ofHealing, 94:use by man of his spiritual will. We could word this otherwise and say that when soul energy andHealing, 99:cure by the power of the will, focused in the, Word of Power, and this only because they can testHealing, 130:existence and of its opposite, the Sacred Word, the OM, is intimately related. It might be saidHealing, 132:rays. You have here a reference to the Lost Word of Masonry and to the Sound of the Ineffable Name.Healing, 132:revealed as people learn to sound forth the Word in its three aspects. Students would do well toHealing, 154:center is the organ specifically of the creative WORD. It registers the intention or creativeHealing, 155:You have in this relation: Life or Breath, the Word or the Soul, and the throat center of Substance
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