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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORD

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Psychology2, 60:with the purely mental apparatus, though the word "apparatus" is basically unsuitable. It might bePsychology2, 60:Evil Forces and Devils. Divinity (using the word in its separative sense) connotes the expressionPsychology2, 68:of energy) are anchored, if one may use this word in a symbolic and esoteric sense, in the humanPsychology2, 80:we may yet grasp the real significance of that word) and that vibration affects its environment,Psychology2, 82:is diffusely electrified (I know of no better word to express the intent), and all third ray egosPsychology2, 84:look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I still persist!'" Ray Two - "Let allPsychology2, 84:soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence:Psychology2, 84:- "Let the army of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end inPsychology2, 84:the soul realize the One in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am thePsychology2, 84:of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: Let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and glory veil Me not. IPsychology2, 84:out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for IPsychology2, 84:to eternal Life and cosmic Peace, let the word sound: 'I am the seeker and the sought. I rest!'"Psychology2, 84:the silence subsequent, let him chant forth the Word: 'The creative [85] work is over. I, thePsychology2, 94:of the divine purpose of God, of the Word incarnated through a planet, of those solar angels whoPsychology2, 94:of those solar angels who are themselves, the Word incarnate through a human form. Whether theyPsychology2, 124:as possible. [124] How do we define the word "service"? What is the field of this science and whyPsychology2, 124:Laws of Soul or Group Life How do we define the word "Service"? The definition of this word is notPsychology2, 124:the word "Service"? The definition of this word is not easy. There has been too much attempt toPsychology2, 127:to the higher assumes great proportions, and the word becomes quite suitable. There is sacrifice.Psychology2, 130:active rendering of service. We have used the word "Science" because service, as a spiritualPsychology2, 131:might hurt or cause any misunderstanding. By no word, suggestion, implication, innuendo or voicedPsychology2, 138:and the glamors of egoistic phenomena, using the word "egoistic" in its usual worldly,Psychology2, 145:speak those Words of Power which are a group word, and embody the group aspiration in an organizedPsychology2, 145:A striking instance of the use of such a Word of Power being enunciated by a group has lately beenPsychology2, 153:the Master is in possession of the true Lost Word. He has risen from the dead; he has been entered,Psychology2, 161:dominant place in the ruling of the life. The word "repulse" has an unfortunate connotation in manyPsychology2, 161:in many minds, and this revulsion against the word itself indicates man's innately spiritual bias.Psychology2, 161:considered and scientifically viewed, the word "repulse" indicates simply "an attitude towards thatPsychology2, 170:deep within the temple of his heart, he heard a Word. It spoke with clarity and power: 'Look, deepPsychology2, 174:a fast closed door. He speaks with power the Word which opens wide the Gate of Life. He standsPsychology2, 180:task in united formation. They will succeed. The word has gone forth with the request for thisPsychology2, 184:regard as the form-making substance. We use the word "God" to signify the one expression of the OnePsychology2, 231:may be one, as we are... I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated [232] them becausePsychology2, 232:also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, artPsychology2, 233:and life impression. Illumination. This is a word which should really be applied to the designationPsychology2, 240:which finds its distorted reflection in the word so often used by disciples: Endurance. ThisPsychology2, 264:deal in this division of our treatise. The [264] word, however, is very loosely used, and it mightPsychology2, 264:value to give here a list of definitions of the word "personality", both those in common usage andPsychology2, 264:if students know the many ways in which this word is used, both correctly and erroneously. Let usPsychology2, 268:termed "three impulsive movements" - using the word "impulsive" in its true connotation and not inPsychology2, 273:was born - conscious aspiration, if [273] such a word can be employed in connection with the vaguePsychology2, 274:of the Ray of the Personality, to add a word more to the information given above anent the threePsychology2, 276:forget that that theme is the embodiment of the Word of their souls in any particular incarnation,Psychology2, 277:can perhaps be made clear. God, or whatever word anyone may employ to express the Originator of allPsychology2, 277:terms more clearly, nor can I find an adequate word for the phrase which qualifies the radiantPsychology2, 299:psychologists and thinkers of the race of the word "pattern". It is a word which has a deep occultPsychology2, 299:of the race of the word "pattern". It is a word which has a deep occult significance. One of thePsychology2, 323:There is, therefore, no scientific proof (as the word is understood at this time) of the , field ofPsychology2, 324:which is time-conscious in the true sense of the word, and which views the period of manifestationPsychology2, 329:of all desire and that we have only used the word "desire" to signify aspiration which has aPsychology2, 329:in the consciousness of man, confining the word "aspiration" to that transmuted desire which makesPsychology2, 340:That is what we really mean by the use of the word "alignment". This alignment results from: ThePsychology2, 351:of those forms which wield no power. The word goes forth from soul to form; 'Stand up. Press [352]Psychology2, 355:is the first step towards a deeper search. The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Release thyselfPsychology2, 355:the One Point stands.' What mean you by that Word? " In reference to this second ray, it isPsychology2, 360:control, not love of my own wild activity.' The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Be still. LearnPsychology2, 362:three formulas can each be summed up in one word, for the sake of clarity. These words embody thePsychology2, 363:carries with it that which is pleasantness. The word goes forth from soul to form. 'Both sides arePsychology2, 368:the three ray formulas already given, the word for this ray: Steadfastness. Therefore we have: RayPsychology2, 369:loves and serves the form, the One Who Is. The Word goes forth from soul to form: 'Behind thatPsychology2, 372:of mystery, and veils and hides reality. The word goes out from soul to form: 'Run not so straight.Psychology2, 375:God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak? 'I, at the center, stand,Psychology2, 376:focus upon your share in that great work.' The word goes forth from soul to form: 'Stand in thePsychology2, 379:therefore be remembered that I am not using the word Aryan as synonymous with Nordic but asPsychology2, 380:through which the Monad can work, using the word Monad to express the first differentiation of thePsychology2, 391:man himself who regards himself as isolated. The word [392] "isolated" refers to that completePsychology2, 392:man can feel and know himself to be a part. The word "unity" expresses his relationship to thePsychology2, 394:has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the word "detail". It might rather be called the Ray ofPsychology2, 394:when brought into relation with each other. The word "isolated", the words "detail" and "presented"Psychology2, 396:comprehend the significance and meaning of the word "attribute". This third ray meditation concernsPsychology2, 398:could be illustrated through attention to the word Love. Love is such a presented attribute, and itPsychology2, 425:for we have no adequate terms, and in which word-symbols mean but little. Just as the discovery ofPsychology2, 451:be of value if, first of all, we defined the word stimulation, dealing with it from the occultPsychology2, 452:In occultism (or esotericism) [452] we use the word "energy" to connote the living activity of thePsychology2, 452:of that spiritual entity, the soul. We use the word "force" to connote the activity of the formPsychology2, 463:first of all to point out that when I use the word meditation in this place I am using it in onlyPsychology2, 467:this we call illumination for lack of a better word. All knowledge is a form of light, for itPsychology2, 470:otherwise negative and futile lives. I use the word "negative" in this place to indicate aPsychology2, 472:unthinking, emotional mess (yes, that is the word I seek to use) in which the majority of humanPsychology2, 493:position of the esotericists. The origin of the word "dream" is in itself debatable and nothingPsychology2, 493:Webster's Dictionary, two origins of the word are given. One traces the word back to a SanskritPsychology2, 493:origins of the word are given. One traces the word back to a Sanskrit root, meaning "to harm or toPsychology2, 500:be brought about forcibly (if one may use this word in that connection) through the determinationPsychology2, 541:of it something spiritual, as that much misused word is understood by the orthodox religious man.Psychology2, 557:he must become increasingly aware. Let this word, Inclusiveness, govern your thinking as you readPsychology2, 559:b. Hearing. Hearing. Sound. Response to the Word. c. Sight. Seeing. Perspective. The mysticalPsychology2, 562:Logoi: Hearing - The recognition of the fourfold word, the activity of matter, the third Logos.Psychology2, 565:well illustrated by a study of the uses of the word telepathy. As generally used today it indicatesPsychology2, 566:has been imparted; they will see the message, word or information appear before their eyes inPsychology2, 580:I would like here to point out that I use the word "Aryan" in contradistinction to the majority ofPsychology2, 602:and Mystics 3. Delirium. I use this powerful word with deliberation when dealing with the dangerousPsychology2, 630:the focal point of their struggle. I use this word "struggle" advisedly. The Hierarchy isPsychology2, 632:destiny, fate or karma (we can use whichever word we like) casts them for that position, and theyPsychology2, 638:draw their membership (if such an inadequate word can be used) from all classes, - the aristocracy,Psychology2, 643:economic nature. They say nothing and write no word which could feed the fires of hatred, or tendPsychology2, 644:interdependence. They will endeavor to speak no word and do no act which can separate and breedPsychology2, 665:are available, through the medium of the spoken word. There must be synthesis of effort and thePsychology2, 665:planning the work and in finding the workers. A word should be spoken here about the dangers thePsychology2, 667:they may work through the spoken and the printed word, that they may employ every possible meansPsychology2, 680:in conformity with the following rules: No word must be spoken or written which could be construed
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