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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDED

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Discipleship1, 285:achievement in accomplishment. I have definitely worded my thought that way so as to arrest yourDiscipleship1, 521:are not permitted to take form. Note how I have worded this injunction. Stand as the soul and (as aDiscipleship1, 637:you to try to hear and see what I say. I have worded this with definite intent. You will gain muchDiscipleship2, 165:and all that is immediately possible. I have so worded and rendered the Invocation that theDiscipleship2, 425:of revelation. The fifth point of revelation is worded as follows: "When the light of the sevenDiscipleship2, 684:or loving phrases, of teaching so tactfully worded that much of its import might be lost, and inEducation, 109:this in view. Note the manner in which I have worded this request: first, regard; then, train.Externalisation, 141:every day. It is a modernized and mystically worded version [142] of the one which was used widelyExternalisation, 693:on a new cycle of spiritual growth. [693] I have worded all this in such a manner that it will beFire, 285:take up the question next in order, which was worded: "Why do we consider certain aspects ofFire, 476:in terms of the Old Commentary, which is so worded that it reveals to those who have eyes to see,Fire, 837:solar Logos. The above paragraph is specifically worded thus because the effects are felt in theGlamour, 86:perhaps become clearer to your perception if I worded the truth about maya as follows: The latentInitiation, 165:Word, but of a mathematical nature, precisely worded so as to convey the exact intent of theMagic, 258:desire. Hence the constant, e'en though badly worded injunction in many of the esoteric books,Psychology1, 150:impulse towards a definite purpose. I have worded these impulses as above in order to show thePsychology2, 177:by the disciple. The previous sentence is so worded because it is important that all should graspPsychology2, 479:and energies which make him what he is. I have worded this with care. Determine which of thePsychology2, 483:the form side of life which (even if it is not worded guidance) is, nevertheless, the recognitionRays, 138:for the teachings (which I seek to give) to be worded in such a manner that they becomeRays, 151:The Law of the Supplementary Seven can be worded as follows: "The Law demands the entrance of thatRays, 262:with the impelling Law of Evolution which (as worded in the rule we are considering) will "carryRays, 277:Rules For Group Initiation This injunction is worded as follows: Let Transfiguration followTelepathy, 182:preamble to another statement, which can be worded as follows: The planetary Logos, the One in Whom
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