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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Astrology, 21:point of evolution upon the Path or (in other words) the individual's place upon the wheel of life,Astrology, 27:to the zodiacal constellations - or - in other words - the interaction of the seven great LivesAstrology, 50:of this Hierarchy is well described in the words of the Old Commentary: "The devas hear the word goAstrology, 81:to a fresh surge and sweep onwards. These three words - crisis, polarization and sweep - are theAstrology, 93:towards expression starts and the foundational words of The Secret Doctrine, with which you are allAstrology, 97:brings of the final death is covered by the words liberation, relinquishment and final initiation,Astrology, 106:regeneration and initiation. There are four words of vital importance upon which we shall ring theAstrology, 106:towards the final liberating process. These four words express the subjective impulses and motivesAstrology, 107:functioning as a personality. It is these four words and their significance which will underlie allAstrology, 110:Cross. [110] The significance of the key words for the modes of progress through the signs. TheAstrology, 115:Until man is nearing the goal, these words mean but little though a study of the sign Pisces in theAstrology, 116:a dual renunciation referred to in these key words, for first of all the soul renounces the lifeAstrology, 116:of the Monad, its source (symbolized by the words "the Father's home"), and descends into the oceanAstrology, 120:quality of mind which is best described by the words, illumination and revelation. The Christ toAstrology, 128:and many changes have prepared him. It is these words also which, from a different angle, governAstrology, 133:to truth, holding it in durance vile." These words you are amply able to interpret for yourselvesAstrology, 140:and so bring our vocabulary and definitive words more into line with the inner teaching. InAstrology, 149:Constellations This appears clearly in the words spoken to the man [150] upon the Mutable Cross asAstrology, 150:as he passes through an Aquarian cycle. The words are: "And the Word said, Let desire in form beAstrology, 150:When the man is upon the Fixed Cross, the words come forth: "Water of life am I, poured forth forAstrology, 167:house can be found here. Ponder on those words "a karmic clearing house." The Mount ofAstrology, 173:- reveals the synthesis of these two. The key words upon the ordinary wheel are "And the Word said:Astrology, 190:which is inadequately translated by the words, desire-mind. This dual force controls and influencesAstrology, 193:reach that goal and then I see another." May the words of this final injunction to the discipleAstrology, 203:capacity of those who read and ponder my words. I am exceedingly anxious that in these days whereinAstrology, 205:initiate in this sign is voiced by Christ in the words, "Father, not my will but Thine be done."Astrology, 206:the experience in Scorpio can be covered by two words: recapitulation and reorientation. InAstrology, 214:to the throne of God." The connection of these words with Christ, the present world Savior, isAstrology, 214:in the same ancient writing in the following words: "...Ancient One dies by drowning. Such is theAstrology, 223:inter-communication, interplay - these are words governing the scientific basis of astrology, andAstrology, 223:basis of astrology, and they are beginning to be words in general use today in connection withAstrology, 226:the reversed wheel, the soul chants or sings the words: "Warrior I am and from the battle I emergeAstrology, 239:and Capricorn, can be summed up in the four words: Creation, Manifestation, Legislation andAstrology, 239:and Initiation. Having given you these words, their very scope and meaning make it hard for you toAstrology, 246:must be invoked and evoked. Ponder upon these words. It is not the bringing together of spirit andAstrology, 251:the zodiac, which is our next undertaking. The words or keynotes of this sign are so dear and plainAstrology, 255:found, and this truth is preserved for us in the words that "the Holy Spirit over-shadowed theAstrology, 258:service of the immediately present" or in other words that God immanent evokes reaction from theAstrology, 268:apparent to you (if you reflect upon my words) why we are progressing into a sign wherein the ranksAstrology, 271:is here also that the true significance of the words found in The Bhagavad Gita appears whenAstrology, 280:in this connection. For its impartation also, words are useless and in fact do not exist. As I haveAstrology, 284:wheel, the command goes forth in the following words which institute the activity of Virgo: "AndAstrology, 286:group conscious individual. I am choosing these words with care and forethought. Upon the reversedAstrology, 292:and to become emphatic and dynamic (I use these words with intent), leading to the pronouncedAstrology, 296:universal mind or the divine plan or purpose. Words are inadequate to express that of which theAstrology, 310:of the true Leo person can be expressed in the words of Christ, so well known to all of us:Astrology, 313:of life and man became a living soul. In these words, you have established the relation whichAstrology, 314:Cross holds hid the mystery of form. In these words, you have the key to the secret ofAstrology, 314:with that which was then revealed. To these words, thus translated somewhat inaccurately in theAstrology, 315:at life from the angle of the soul. In the words quoted above "My God, My God, why hast ThouAstrology, 315:for the first time, held before Hi eyes. The words, embodying that central mystery, have never yetAstrology, 315:glory and transcendent mystery. There are two words also which convey the purpose and intent ofAstrology, 340:and spirit is matter at its highest. In these words you have the true clue to the Cancer-CapricornAstrology, 343:the processes of incarnation have forged. In the Words given for this sign, the Word of the soulAstrology, 348:appearance. Speaking symbolically and in the words of the Old Commentary: "Upon the goldenAstrology, 356:situation is set up which I might express in the words of the Old Commentary: "When the dual forcesAstrology, 370:The obviousness of the meaning of the two Words for this sign requires from me no elucidation. ForAstrology, 371:impulse, incentive, plan - all these are words which attempt to express one of the major underlyingAstrology, 371:- aspiration - direction (will) are only three words which endeavor to describe the progress andAstrology, 383:of it may be gained by relating in your mind the words: Will, Desire, Light and Plan. In voicing itAstrology, 383:men can think in simple symbols and without words and can interpret these hitherto unrecognizedAstrology, 383:entire relationship has been summed up in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth whatAstrology, 398:I mean that, as man translates his ideals into words and acts, he brings about transformation,Astrology, 408:our somewhat difficult theme there are a few words I would like to say in reference to our generalAstrology, 467:process can also be covered by the three words: Sensitivity, Illumination and Inspiration. AnotherAstrology, 469:in greater beauty and in wider fullness." These words are clear. This triangle is, at this [470]Astrology, 478:I am explaining this situation in these simple words because it must be apparent to you that onlyAstrology, 479:and the rule of the square is ended. These words were once spoken to me by an ancient seer whoAstrology, 484:must be considered above all else. In other words, esoteric astrology is concerned with the soulAstrology, 493:to develop love-wisdom and both these words are [494] descriptive and expressive of theAstrology, 520:Races, the Rays and the Signs When I say these words, I am not speaking idealistically orAstrology, 545:conditions which evoke, aided at times by voiced Words of Power on the part of the Hierarchy.Astrology, 556:know and enjoy the significances underlying the words: Omnipresence and Omniscience, and are inAstrology, 563:it is almost impossible to find the needed words which will convey clearly the intended meaning.Astrology, 566:identity. This is testified to by Christ in the words He spoke to His disciples: "What shall itAstrology, 567:for us by Christ in the oft misinterpreted words: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold,Astrology, 575:of the initiate upon the Cardinal Cross. My words would be meaningless. Most of you are in theAstrology, 581:not easy for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since GethsemaneAstrology, 581:standardizing force. May I repeat those two key words to the use of the Shamballa energy: Group UseAstrology, 589:exact word with which to express it and those words available are likewise misleading. I can,Astrology, 592:which is hinted at in the Bhagavad Gita in the words: "Having pervaded this whole universe with aAstrology, 592:itself. I know not how else to express this in words and having done so they prove whollyAstrology, 593:- Various Aspects of the Will In these few words, I have sought to convey an idea of a vastAstrology, 611:individual on the Earth - is to be found in the words: Transcending - The transcending cause.Astrology, 631:Commentary in reference to this matter. Three words are concerned with this triple manifestation:Astrology, 631:as the Transmitting One and says through the words of the Christ: "I, if I be lifted up, will drawAstrology, 631:and through the voice of the many chants the words: "Glory to God in the highest, on Earth peace,Astrology, 653:- Appendix - Suggestions for Students The Words for the Signs of the Zodiac From the angle of form.Astrology, 677:initiate and adept) and in the Biblical words 'the sheep and the goats'." (706) "Once in theAstrology, 682:cycle. It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint mayAstrology, 683:the correct understanding lies hid in the words: 'Venus is the Earth's primary.' It is notAtom, 12:of "things as they are" (and I choose these words very deliberately) has made immense strides.Atom, 20:us for the minute consider what we mean by the words "evolutionary process." They are constantlyAtom, 22:are, in the textbooks of different schools, many words which are used to [23] convey the sameAtom, 55:is carefully studied. It comes from two Latin words, meaning "to touch or handle by the hand"Atom, 56:first chapter of St. John's Gospel, where the words occur: "In the beginning was the Word, and theAtom, 58:idea perfectly. [58] It comes from two Latin words: inter, between, and legere to choose.Atom, 80:formed groups or congeries of atoms. In other words, we considered the atom as it was built intoAtom, 93:something greater and vaster in the following words: "When all the race is perfected alike As man,Atom, 99:The word consciousness comes from two Latin words: con, with; and scio, to know; and means
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