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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Bethlehem, 186:to bring this truth home to us, though his words have been so often distorted through translationBethlehem, 193:this idea, the reference thus being clear in the words of the Epistle to the Hebrews: 'It is notBethlehem, 198:bring to our attention through His life and His words. That is also why, from the psychologicalBethlehem, 201:shall we define sin? First let us look at the words which are used in the Bible and in theologicalBethlehem, 201:- are interchangeable terms. What do these words mean? The real meaning of the word sin is veryBethlehem, 201:aspect hidden in himself, is a sinner. Some words by Dr. Grensted are illuminating in thisBethlehem, 206:our fellow men; in a careful watchfulness over words and deeds lest in any way we should "offendBethlehem, 207:He fulfiled the will of God, and said to us the words which give us a simple rule with a greatBethlehem, 208:It is so well known and so familiar that the words in which it is couched are apt to mean little.Bethlehem, 209:(St. John, X, 10.) We have so interpreted His words that only the "saved" are credited with havingBethlehem, 214:so often ascribed to them. What were those seven words? Let us consider them, realizing while doingBethlehem, 214:kingdom of God on earth. In every case the seven words have been interpreted as having either anBethlehem, 214:personal significance in our minds. But these words of Christ are of too great importance to beBethlehem, 214:wonder of all the world scriptures) is that the words are capable of various meanings. The time hasBethlehem, 214:a wider connotation than the individual one. His words were Words of Power, evoking and invoking,Bethlehem, 214:than the individual one. His words were Words of Power, evoking and invoking, potent and dynamic.Bethlehem, 216:into Thy kingdom." The significance of his words is eternal and universal, for the man whoBethlehem, 216:the kingdom, is ready to take advantage of the words, "To day, thou shalt be with me in paradise."Bethlehem, 216:He was as helpless as a little child, and in His words He testified to the reality of the firstBethlehem, 217:to "paradise" - a name connoting bliss. Three words are used to express this power to enjoy -Bethlehem, 217:of the soul's triumph was His. Thus in these two Words of power "Father, forgive them for they knowBethlehem, 218:between Christ and His mother, summed up in the words: "Woman, behold thy son," and followed by theBethlehem, 218:"Woman, behold thy son," and followed by the words spoken to the beloved apostle: "Behold thyBethlehem, 218:apostle: "Behold thy mother." What did these words mean? Below Christ stood the two people whoBethlehem, 218:and gives birth to him in Bethlehem. In these words Christ, utilizing the symbolism of these twoBethlehem, 218:is glorified through her son. Therefore the words of Christ have a definite reference to the thirdBethlehem, 218:of the Transfiguration. Thus in His first three Words from the Cross He refers to the first threeBethlehem, 218:was capable of infinite suffering; and in these words there was wrung from Him the recognition thatBethlehem, 219:to the kingdom, just as had the three previous Words. One always hesitates to intrude upon thisBethlehem, 221:But it is in the dark that we know God. Four Words of Power had now been uttered by the Christ. HeBethlehem, 222:the perfected lower nature. These are the three Words of the physical, the emotional, and theBethlehem, 222:Why hast Thou forsaken me?" Then followed three Words of a different quality altogether. In theBethlehem, 222:Words of a different quality altogether. In the words, "I thirst," He expressed the motivatingBethlehem, 223:of Crucifixion. Only when we can utter the five Words of Power do we really understand the meaningBethlehem, 223:its lesson has been summed up in the following words, which warrant our careful consideration, andBethlehem, 224:The moment of His death was prefaced by the words, "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit."Bethlehem, 224:you all." (Eph., IV, 4, 5, 6.) Furthermore, in words later used by Christ, the psalmist says, "IntoBethlehem, 224:of spirit. The sign given is expressed in the words: "Behold, the veil of the temple was rent inBethlehem, 225:In an ancient scripture of India we read these words, spoken thousands of years ago, yet capable ofBethlehem, 227:its gradations of recognition in the following words: "The descending stages of service correspondBethlehem, 234:Dr. Grensted points this out in the following words, giving us a fine summation of the attitude ofBethlehem, 236:To the latter, Ovid addressed the following words: "Hail, Great Physician of the world! All hail!Bethlehem, 236:- The Resurrection and Ascension These words might have been appropriately addressed to Christ, andBethlehem, 239:have our own ideas endorsed by other minds. The words of Dr. [240] Streeter have here a definiteBethlehem, 240:Christ addressed to his earliest followers the words 'Follow Me,' we are told they left all andBethlehem, 240:is the way, walk ye in it,' is preceded by the words 'and though the Lord give you the bread ofBethlehem, 244:the same idea in the following beautiful words: "Death is to life as marble to the sculptor, WaitsBethlehem, 245:to the despair which St. Paul expressed in the words: "If in this life only we have hope in Christ,Bethlehem, 263:and world unity; but these are mere words and names which differing types of mind apply to the oneBethlehem, 274:the Gospel story and a spirited attention to the words of Christ will make apparent that the threeBethlehem, 277:for ever," (I St. John, II, 17.) and in these words we have the clue. There has been a tendency toBethlehem, 278:complex which rises up in questioning when such words occur as the above phrase: "As ChristDestinyof these energies or radiations (rays, in other words) as they play upon humanity in its manyDestiny, 28:with an open mind; I would beg you to relate my words to present world conditions and to see,Destiny, 41:any true idea of what is intended by these two words? I doubt it. White magic is realistically theDestiny, 44:and would study their disclosures, their words, their reactions and their modes of working theyDestiny, 65:so also is the attitude, veiled under beautiful words and misty idealism, of any neutral power whoDestiny, 110:or the seventh ray influence. I use these words "impulse and influence" deliberately because theyDestiny, 116:import might be covered briefly by the following words: Contact, conflict, adjustment, equilibriumDestiny, 122:with rays of differing colors and to utilize Words of Power, to pronounce decrees and to beDestiny, 130:of their ray impulses (I am handicapped here for words which are appropriate), interpreting them inDestiny, 130:and related), by his understanding of the "Words of Power" (which he discovers by experiment) andDestiny, 131:of mass action. This is the embryonic use of Words of Power, and from a study of their tonalDestiny, 131:to embody these signs and symbols into a word or words, thus imparting to them what is esotericallyDestiny, 133:sixth ray disciple, was expressed for him in the words of Christ when He said: "I, if I be liftedDestiny, 145:refers symbolically to this in the following words: [146] "The Lion begins to roar. He rushes forthDestiny, 146:service and sacrifice. Those are the three words which I give you. I have no spectacularDiscipleship1, 5:brother of mine, for I surmise that both words are true?) are to be subjected to experiments whichDiscipleship1, 33:and of organizing contact man - if I may use words which will mean something to your ears, versedDiscipleship1, 35:I would point out that in these last three words are summed up the whole story. These groups areDiscipleship1, 42:in its terminology - except in so far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. EachDiscipleship1, 55:and to choose with wiser exactitude the right words (written and spoken) by which to express theDiscipleship1, 62:prayer of the personality to the soul: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart beDiscipleship1, 66:doing, is also a vital factor; the utterance of words in connection with this most subtle andDiscipleship1, 73:because too many disciples are receptive to the words of the Masters and are less receptive to theDiscipleship1, 78:Where I, your teacher, am concerned, give to my words the attention which is due and endeavor toDiscipleship1, 79:henceforth over-emphasize the importance of my words and if you fall into the dangerous habit ofDiscipleship1, 87:they are then of real value. Those three words - reality, synthesis, relation - indicate the goalDiscipleship1, 93:and disciple that it did not find expression in words and was not, therefore, revealed in any way.Discipleship1, 104:OF MINE: I would say to you the following words: Waste not time in the realization of the yearsDiscipleship1, 113:advanced condition which is expressed by the words to "stand in spiritual Being." There may alsoDiscipleship1, 121:hinted. I do not voice my suggestions in clear words at all times for my object is always to evokeDiscipleship1, 123:sound of human pain. This I referred to in the words "the slowly opening heart." For two reasons,Discipleship1, 124:the truth is clearly seen." Then, we come to the words, "that which is distant fades from view andDiscipleship1, 125:I - your Master and your friend - will mince no words with you or with any of my group. There isDiscipleship1, 140:whereof I speak. First, I would say to you these words, disciple of the Master K. H. who has alsoDiscipleship1, 141:are for you the rule in the future. Into these words read their hidden meaning. Clearer I may notDiscipleship1, 141:meaning. Clearer I may not speak for these words will be seen by others. But should you not withDiscipleship1, 142:It will be obvious to you now how true were my words in my last communication when I foretold theDiscipleship1, 147:the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Study these words, for they give you the clue to the type andDiscipleship1, 159:and can best be described by the following words: Alignment. Dedication. Directed thought.Discipleship1, 169:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. January 1938 Three words I gave to you, my friend and brother, in my lastDiscipleship1, 181:intent to do more than to give you a few brief words, a suggested meditation and a shortDiscipleship1, 181:meditation and a short elucidation of certain words which should embody for you your personalityDiscipleship1, 181:today is so intense and full that a multitude of words might fall on ears stunned by the noise andDiscipleship1, 181:this would be that the significance of two other words would become apparent and you would radiateDiscipleship1, 184:is the higher spiritual connotation of the trite words "give and take." What do you give the group?Discipleship1, 185:which exists between joy and radiation - two key words which I gave you years ago for yourDiscipleship1, 191:your vibration attracted attention where your words on occult matters would have fallen on deafDiscipleship1, 206:group meditation, for pondering on the familiar words, "In quietness and in confidence shall be
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