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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Discipleship1, 208:the sense that your personality would apply my words. Time has to be grasped by you in its cyclicDiscipleship1, 209:an amazing release. The implication of these words is far deeper than you might think. These basicDiscipleship1, 213:blue, vivid and living, say the following words, endeavoring to realize their significance as youDiscipleship1, 213:the spiritual significance of the following four words: Stability, Serenity, Strength, [214]Discipleship1, 224:will firmly stand. And standing, see." Three words stand out in this mantram and to them I willDiscipleship1, 224:of your truly dedicated life? Ponder upon these words as you pass through the "intruding seclusion"Discipleship1, 227:love coloring all your life. These are the three words which express what should be the color-toneDiscipleship1, 227:side of the veil of life. Ponder on these three words - understanding, courage or fearlessness, andDiscipleship1, 237:as tried and focused as yourself, I need no easy words with which to apply the truth. I can speakDiscipleship1, 240:refuse to be held by that past. Do not let the words or the influence of anyone lead you. May theDiscipleship1, 240:a simple instruction. I would say to you in the words of the initiate, Paul; [241] "Forgetting theDiscipleship1, 250:And will you give as much attention to my words as you would to an older, loved and trusted friend?Discipleship1, 251:so as to get their general trend and note if my words are not warranted. Here lies the crisis forDiscipleship1, 253:you can use them now and study also the ancient words of Patanjali who deals fully with theDiscipleship1, 253:your careful consideration. Only thus can your words and your life influence carry to others thatDiscipleship1, 253:say to you, but I can only convey my thought in words that are necessarily vague. It is not my taskDiscipleship1, 253:of the next two years see that these words of mine constantly recur to your mind, for thus will youDiscipleship1, 256:is now definitely established. I use these words in order to express the idea of the soul'sDiscipleship1, 262:power of love intelligently to serve. Let these words be the keynote of your reflection andDiscipleship1, 263:To R. V. B. November 1931 To you, my brother, my words are as follows: You have this life steppedDiscipleship1, 267:and the group achievement. I commend these words to you for consideration - life, problem,Discipleship1, 267:In this connection (for I choose my words with care) I would remind you in particular, my brother,Discipleship1, 268:I am emphasizing to you, at this time, the two words: Freedom. Simplicity. They are, for you, theDiscipleship1, 268:life in terms of accomplishment. In these words are to be found for you the objective of thisDiscipleship1, 273:of you, my brother, and of the group who read my words. Money is the manifestation of energy. AllDiscipleship1, 284:your synthetic effort. Ponder [284] on these words and definitions, for in them is to be found theDiscipleship1, 284:me, my brother, if I say to you the following words? Spend your time listening. Give expression toDiscipleship1, 284:the intangible, endeavor to formulate it into words and expression of some kind, preserving theDiscipleship1, 286:formulation into mental concepts, thought-forms, words and phrases; To its clothing with desire,Discipleship1, 291:out to you at this time, my brother, but not my words or my instruction. Seek the way of selflessDiscipleship1, 293:in the task to be accomplished. Study the three words which are your life keynote, and withDiscipleship1, 293:not interested in much writing, or in the use of words and phrases which will intrigue theDiscipleship1, 297:light can be seen. There is occult power in the words: "And in that light shall we see light." TheDiscipleship1, 298:then choose the elucidation of these two words - Radiation and Magnetism - in preference to theDiscipleship1, 302:a while dynamically extroverted. I use these two words because they express the process to beDiscipleship1, 303:path and there meditating upon the following words: "I am the Way myself, the door am I. I am theDiscipleship1, 305:Finish the rest of the invocation, saying the words with all the power of your soul behind them.Discipleship1, 307:your inner life pattern, or, in other words, the inner program which your soul undertook to followDiscipleship1, 322:your personality. Ponder on these cryptic words or phrasing, for they hold for you the truth. Discipleship1, 323:love pour through you. Say daily the following words, as oft as you feel the urge and when youDiscipleship1, 325:in May? I am impelled to give you just two words of practical import. They are graciousDiscipleship1, 325:door of opportunity will stand wider open. These words are for you to interpret. Symbolically I sayDiscipleship1, 326:you not, how difficult you find it to clothe in words the ideas you contact and the field ofDiscipleship1, 326:to express spiritual ideas in the right words has necessarily its counterpart in the limitations ofDiscipleship1, 327:and which fails of right [327] expression in words, finds its inevitable counterpart in theDiscipleship1, 327:with the watch that I want you to make over all words and descriptions. This self-imposed attentionDiscipleship1, 329:and then to express that understanding in words. This is never an easy task for a natural intuitiveDiscipleship1, 330:as you would not have understood the truth of my words nor would you have been able to profit byDiscipleship1, 331:achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care. A desire to impose upon theDiscipleship1, 335:with spiritual essentials or not? Are my words emphasizing the spiritual reality in my brother orDiscipleship1, 337:the various aspects of your life so that (in the words of the occult phrases given to you a yearDiscipleship1, 337:be either a temple of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and "many prisoners goDiscipleship1, 338:of definite spiritual crises. Then, remember the words which I spoke to you last year. We grow byDiscipleship1, 339:you at this time by quoting to you some familiar words: "In quietness and in confidence shall beDiscipleship1, 339:ever noticed the occult significance of these words? Quietness refers to the necessary condition ofDiscipleship1, 339:that of the mind. In quoting to you these words I have given you the working rules which shouldDiscipleship1, 346:and as rapidly as possible. Then, in your own words, holding the mind steady in the light, andDiscipleship1, 358:that you work with color more than with forms of words, such as seed thoughts, or with ideas. YouDiscipleship1, 358:and have the key to the realm of ideas and the words of many books are in your mind. I would,Discipleship1, 362:what I have to say to you can be embodied in the words of an ancient Book of Rules for disciplesDiscipleship1, 368:wisdom to your co-disciples. I have for you two words. One of them is based upon the instructionsDiscipleship1, 372:handling your problem. I leave you with the last words of the occult phrases I gave you a year ago:Discipleship1, 374:The meditation I would give you is based on the words "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." IDiscipleship1, 375:and used with due detachment. In these few words I state your immediate problem. Ponder upon them,Discipleship1, 378:understanding and a consequent application of my words will greatly facilitate your usefulness andDiscipleship1, 381:I had in mind when I gave you the three key words - will, detachment, and strength. You needed toDiscipleship1, 382:is the radiation of love, the resultant words and actions can be stern without hurting. That isDiscipleship1, 389:May I close this message to you with the simple words: Please be happy, my brother. [390] Discipleship1, 390:of the room in which you are pondering my words and is only separated from you by the window andDiscipleship1, 397:of the soul? 3rd month - How can the words and the understanding of "the joy of the Lord is yourDiscipleship1, 398:D.P.R. February 1937 I have only the briefest of words for you, my brother of old and trustedDiscipleship1, 401:have knowledge of that which should be said, and words flow with ease from your pen, even if youDiscipleship1, 407:that which you need, if you ponder duly upon my words, and resent not what I say. My problem is toDiscipleship1, 422:live the life of spiritual tranquility. The words, detachment and service, have for you much realDiscipleship1, 422:usefulness. Joy and tranquility are the two words that I would seek to add to the content of yourDiscipleship1, 426:in a short space of time. Study, therefore, my words with an awakened intuition and with a gladDiscipleship1, 426:to spiritual pride negate the import of my words. In my last Instruction to you, I pointed out theDiscipleship1, 431:a goal, a light upon the Path. Which of these words expresses my personal objective and why? HowDiscipleship1, 441:is not around you. You will remember the three words I gave you some years ago which were to be theDiscipleship1, 441:This gives great significance to the Tibetan's words. P. D. W. died later in the year, and "ceasedDiscipleship1, 442:- to that of the Interpreter. In these words I give you the keynote of your present soul cycle,Discipleship1, 448:review your life in the light which these three words can throw [449] upon it. You will neverDiscipleship1, 455:At each breath, as you inhale, say the following words: "Power and strength is mine." During theDiscipleship1, 459:may take shape and these when later embodied in words may carry real benefit to your groupDiscipleship1, 460:the Lord's Prayer. Instead of pondering on the words of that prayer, I give you here some sentencesDiscipleship1, 460:untranslatable; I but put them into English words which will make their meaning clear. I make noDiscipleship1, 464:for you, my brother, I would clothe it in words of great simplicity and would say to you: Be happy.Discipleship1, 468:Study the ideas which give utterance to your words and note, in writing, their general import. ThenDiscipleship1, 476:spiritual ideas and in recording those ideas in words. . . Discipleship1, 477:as a person, may mean to them. Reflect on these words for they hold for you the key to progress. IDiscipleship1, 478:wonder what I can do to help you or what words I can say which will enable you to break through theDiscipleship1, 480:word of commendation and to give you certain words and phrases upon which you should meditate untilDiscipleship1, 480:he from the glamor of his own thought-forms. The words and phrases which I have chosen for theDiscipleship1, 481:say to you today and it can be stated in simple words: You need fuller emotional expression. ThereDiscipleship1, 482:are as follows: What things, attitudes, and words of beauty did I come across today? Note theseDiscipleship1, 482:which attracted your attention or the spoken words which brought you light. Hunt every day forDiscipleship1, 483:joy and an enlarging horizon. Ponder upon the words: Beauty, color, service, outer relationships,Discipleship1, 483:changes in the physical plane of life. To these words of mine pay special attention or you willDiscipleship1, 484:of the spiritual life but in their expression in words. This will carry for you much release.Discipleship1, 491:blind you. Can you imagine, as you consider my words, the effect of this condition? A light that
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