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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Glamour, 248:analysis of acts and sentient reactions, of words and thoughts. We are here concerned, as you canGlamour, 255:breathing, and unless the significance of the words "energy follows thought" is understood,Glamour, 256:the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad; in other words, the negative receptor of thought (theGlamour, 259:aura. The time for this is not yet. My words will be little understood today, but the singing inGlamour, 271:but I must decrease." When he spoke these words, he spoke as a disciple, prior to the secondHealing, 7:establishes the confidence of the patient? Two words I give you which embody the requirements ofHealing, 12:corruption and death. Ponder on these words: Inharmony, Disease, Pain, Congestion, Corruption,Healing, 13:are found everywhere. I am choosing my words with care. Disease is not, therefore, the result ofHealing, 17:govern) his activity. Bear in mind the two words which I earlier gave. They sum up the healer'sHealing, 56:in such a discussion as this. The readers of my words are not, with few exceptions, versed in theHealing, 57:like to call your attention to those last few words, and would emphasize to you the fact thatHealing, 83:conscious activity is initiated. There are many words used to describe these forces and theirHealing, 83:thus convey the same general idea. All of these words refer to forms of activity of the ethericHealing, 85:more clearly the occult significance of the words in the Old Testament that "the blood is theHealing, 124:A disciple serves; he writes and speaks; his words and influence permeate into the masses of men,Healing, 131:related. It might be said [131] in the words of an occult manual on healing, given to advancedHealing, 131:knows not the hand of death." In these few words the whole problem of the third group of problemsHealing, 135:the forces and energies (I use these distinctive words advisedly) which pour through them. MuchHealing, 138:the vitalization or inspiration (either of these words would be appropriate), or their lack orHealing, 166:and of divine power, and by the use of certain Words of Power, healing can be accomplished? TheseHealing, 166:to all the above requirements the use of certain Words and Mantrams, then the academic knowledgeHealing, 189:to the full life of the soul lies hidden in my words, but it takes the dedicated life and theHealing, 189:conveyed, and to see behind the form of words the key thought which gives it life and - occultlyHealing, 198:innate, hereditary, or of group origin. In these words I express for you a future probability butHealing, 211:is the esoteric significance of the Biblical words, "The blood is the life," and also of the wordsHealing, 211:words, "The blood is the life," and also of the words "saved by the blood of Christ." It is not byHealing, 212:mystic, long forgotten, used to say. His words have been remembered by the Master M - and thusHealing, 216:You can see, therefore, how three important words convey the purpose of the scientific unfoldmentHealing, 229:has been expressed (very inadequately) by the words, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." ThisHealing, 231:methods used to acquire what was desired, the Words of Power employed and the carefully plannedHealing, 246:of occult law. In the curious evolution of words - as any good dictionary will show - the wordHealing, 261:in this respect; to put it in clear concise words, the U.S.A. must see to it that the ConstitutionHealing, 268:the attitude which humanity should assume in the words: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile." TheHealing, 293:the end in one flash of time in space." In these words the Master Serapis once summed up the matterHealing, 293:all that I am attempting to do is to put into words - unsatisfactory and quite inadequate - stanzasHealing, 303:clue to this whole worldwide problem lies in the words of an ancient writing which says that "theHealing, 307:hardly makes sense. My problem is lack of words and of correct terms in which to carry to youHealing, 320:Questions Answered On Germs How inadequately do words meet the need of truth. We use the wordHealing, 321:hint here of real importance. When I used these words, "the focus of attention," I did not refer toHealing, 346:goes astray, is only a symbolic form of words. There is no pain or true suffering, and frequentlyHealing, 347:in terms of personality reaction. We use the words, but they really mean "detached and isolatedHealing, 361:sake and for the glory of His Name"? But these words must be spoken with love and will behind themHealing, 384:causes. Effect; Meaning; Cause. In these three words you have the key to the growth of man'sHealing, 394:for Healing You will note that the various words I have chosen in considering the basicHealing, 395:and the man comprehends the true meaning of the words of Krishna, "Having pervaded this wholeHealing, 425:understand the significance of Christ's words when He said, "Render unto Caesar the things that areHealing, 425:that are God's." In the incident where those words occur He was referring to the great act ofHealing, 425:of the ancient writings the following symbolic words occur: Said the Father to the son: Go forthHealing, 426:form. Stand free." The implication of the above words is clear. Two major thoughts will serve toHealing, 435:mastered. One point must be borne in mind. The words "earth to earth and dust to dust," so familiarHealing, 435:vital form to the general etheric reservoir; the words "the spirit shall return unto God who gaveHealing, 439:individual, identifiable persistence. Note these words. The focus of activity shifts from theHealing, 445:of death; it holds the clue to the mysterious words "the reservoir of life." Death is in realityHealing, 454:and move and have our being." In those three words - living, moving and being - we have the entireHealing, 458:My spirit." And we have another instance in the words, "Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant departHealing, 489:the mental body through the use of certain Words of Power. These Words are communicated to theHealing, 489:through the use of certain Words of Power. These Words are communicated to the disciple via theHealing, 512:- a response which does not please. In other words, it is friction. You will, therefore, betterHealing, 516:in the last analysis - man's attempt to put into words the transmuting and the transfiguring effectHealing, 518:work. Think this statement out and emphasize the words "suited to." Second: The soul then preparesHealing, 531:healing, so-called, is lost amidst a mist of words and high-sounding affirmations. The sincerity ofHealing, 567:in the first volume of this treatise of the words spirit-soul-body; we defined them asHealing, 570:reality with eyes in the physical body. Here the words, "the eyes of the personality," refer to theHealing, 573:use an unsuitable word but we lack the correct words for these new sciences) into the point ofHealing, 582:finally of creative directing. In these three words: placing, vitalizing, directing, you have theHealing, 584:less potent but is anchored. In these last two words you have the key to the problem of theHealing, 596:and which is indicative of its nature. All words in these laws and rules are most carefully chosen,Healing, 639:that of the spiritual man. Therefore - to use words in an effort to arrive at understanding - twoHealing, 656:The situation is summed up for us in the words: "Thus can his presence feed the soul life of theHealing, 657:Applied This rule, therefore, concludes with the words: "The patient's soul responds through theHealing, 666:you at this time to comprehend the meaning of my words. They are, however, related to the words inHealing, 666:of my words. They are, however, related to the words in the Great Invocation which say, "and sealHealing, 676:apply Rule Six with ease. What is meant by the words "to keep the will in leash"? The will aspectHealing, 684:initiates. This is made clear by the use of the words, "O Rising One" - a term applied only toHealing, 684:experience. Here we must again consider words and phrases if we are to understand their trueHealing, 685:of spiritual possibility, are covered by four words, applicable at various stages of evolution.Healing, 692:a new factor in time and space. The remaining words of this law need no explanation and mark aHealing, 693:time would not be wise; so many mantrams and Words of Power have been communicated, and so wide aHealing, 694:rather because of it, I am communicating no Ray Words at this time, such as the trained initiateHealing, 694:employs when engaged in the healing work. These Words have to be accompanied by a trained use ofHealing, 694:those "focusing Points," those "organizing Words," and those "expressed Intentions" of theHealing, 694:that I am able to impart, and the symbolic words I may dictate, and so prepare for a greaterHealing, 706:to the fifth and focus on the seventh. These words mean not what doth at sight appear. The third,Healing, 714:unsuitable language and hidden by inappropriate words. This fact, as I have oft told you, handicapsHercules, 3:of life, which has been expressed in the two words: "Be good". Again and again we have been toldHercules, 11:The second key thought can be expressed in the words: "The conception of a concealed Deity lies atHercules, 12:gives us a clue to the method. Down the ages the words have sounded forth: "I am he . . . whoHercules, 15:earth? What will you do? Prepare to prove your words and liberty. Boast not, my son, but prove toHercules, 15:came and gave to Hercules their gifts and many words of sage advice, knowing the tasks ahead andHercules, 16:skill must move." And Hercules, with joyous words, tendered his thanks. He had yet to prove hisHercules, 22:upon him for fulfilment. We are told that these words were spoken to him: "From this day forth thyHercules, 24:the demonstration of his powers and by the words he spoke, we have the proofs of the Initiate. AndHercules, 31:sign of creation, and this thought underlies the words in the Bible, "The Lamb slain from theHercules, 34:significance of the sign is to be found in the words of an ancient Indian scripture: "Man does notHercules, 37:pays close attention to his thoughts and to the words he speaks, which are ever the result ofHercules, 38:the price in our own natures of wrongly spoken words and ill-judged actions. Again the soul, in theHercules, 38:of thought has been well expressed for us in the words of Thackeray: "Sow a thought, and reap anHercules, 42:and thus between the opposites. Four Symbolic Words We find that this test concerns predominantlyHercules, 42:predominantly the problem of sex. There are four words in the English language which areHercules, 42:as follows: God, Sex, Law and Sin. In these four words we find expressed the sum total of all that
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