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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Magic, 362:It is difficult to express these ideas in words that can be comprehended by the uninitiated, butMagic, 366:he becomes a divine idealist. I use these words in their true sense and connotation. From thatMagic, 374:constitute his field of experience. Those two words - unfoldment and experience - should ever beMagic, 384:superseded by the will of the Whole. These are words meaning but little, or having at best only aMagic, 385:is sensed at the third initiation, that the words I have here dictated convey any practical meaningMagic, 386:in that Life, all little lives remain." These words, chanted in the ancient formulas on peculiarMagic, 388:energy as the Plan dictates. Note these last words, for they hold the key to manifestation. OurMagic, 390:rarefied and more etherealized. I am choosing my words with care. "Our God is a consuming Fire"Magic, 393:(if I may use so unusual a phrase where words are necessarily almost worthless!) lies in realms ofMagic, 395:exercise care. The usual connotation of the words "spiritual growth" is largely that of religiousMagic, 395:consciousness. The true significance of the words "spiritual growth" is far wider and moreMagic, 398:interpretations and the limiting effects of words. An event is however transpiring upon earth whichMagic, 401:of symbols [401] and scriptures vary, or their words are few or many. They see their group membersMagic, 417:body of thinking Souls can speak the needed words, and outline those concepts which will hasten theMagic, 421:development. He will not therefore use the words anti this or pro that. Such terms automaticallyMagic, 426:Perhaps in the early stages of integration, the words friendliness and cooperativeness bestMagic, 432:force of the astral (desire) body. In other words, the astral elemental, which embodies the desireMagic, 440:(from our planetary standpoint - I am using words with care) the great event of individualizationMagic, 440:failed to register what had happened. In the words of the Old Commentary: "The sons of God shotMagic, 442:the work of nature is seen under the following words: Pisces - And the Word said: Go forth intoMagic, 442:of desire for satisfaction. The group of mantric words used by the aspirant in the power of his ownMagic, 447:within the ensphering wall; next, pronounce the words which will tell them what to do and where toMagic, 449:to a mathematical formula. Pronounce certain words which will give the form vitality and so carryMagic, 449:formula has relation to the thought-form, the words of power to the objective for which the formMagic, 453:is not, of course, possible to give the mantric words and phrases which are mentioned in Rule XI.Magic, 453:As to the comprehension of the initiate, these words convey definite commands which only hisMagic, 454:meditation (or its, if you prefer, for what do words matter when all is futile to express realityMagic, 456:three great books of formulas. Note the words "symbolically speaking", and forget them not. ThereMagic, 457:the form which it should take. These last seven words are of vital importance. Reduce the vague andMagic, 460:must be used and developed in this one. In the words "the light of the intuition" we have conveyedMagic, 460:will of God, the Plan, as we regard it. In the words "the light of the soul", we have an expressionMagic, 460:There is a truly occult significance to the words "to throw the light" upon a problem, a condition,Magic, 463:of the Three Sentences II. Pronounce the words which will tell them what to do and where to carryMagic, 463:functioning. It is the soul who pronounces the words. It is the soul who utters forth the mysticMagic, 467:than the injunction to live kindly, speak words of gentleness and of wisdom, and practiceMagic, 467:human are omitted as none who will read these words possess the equipment to comprehend their innerMagic, 467:been traveled. Another door stands open now. The words sound forth: "Enter upon the way of realMagic, 470:or desire, accretion and effect - these four words govern the construction of any thought-form.Magic, 471:key to its creator's purpose. Ponder on these words. Hence, we find in this Rule XI that theMagic, 474:centered on the plane of concrete life, thy words and speech will indicate thy thought. To theseMagic, 474:attention. Speech is of triple kind. The idle words will each produce effect. If good and kind,Magic, 474:of the price cannot be long delayed. The selfish words, sent forth with strong intent, build up aMagic, 474:See to thy motive, and seek to use those words which blend thy little life with the large purposeMagic, 474:passed along because it gives a thrill - these words kill the flickering impulses of the soul, cutMagic, 475:of Adepts for long ages to come. The directional words are capable of ascertainment, but only toMagic, 475:These can, and do, speak the impulsive words which bring into being those new forms and organisms,Magic, 476:forward for the most part unconsciously. The words to be dealt with are as follows: III. Finally,Magic, 476:of public opinion, the utilization of catch words and slogans, the tendency to embody the conceptsMagic, 477:in its turn, has been differentiated into words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, books, until weMagic, 477:make their sound heard, to speak those mystical words which will enable humanity to see the vision.Magic, 477:Out of the present welter of speech and of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear conceptsMagic, 478:is directed upon it. We have him pronouncing the words which will enable his thought-form to do itsMagic, 478:been given out hitherto in connection with the words used in the creative work is the sevenfoldMagic, 492:to the second phase of our study of the final words of Rule XI. We have dealt with salvation fromMagic, 497:and move and have our being". In those three words - living, moving and being - we have the entireMagic, 506:my spirit." And we have another instance in the words, "Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant departMagic, 507:us to consider, and I would like to quote a few words from them: "It might be useful here toMagic, 512:interesting analogy works out as we study the words: "The web pulsates. It contracts and expands".Magic, 518:magical work and for the utterance of those words of power which will make divine purpose to be. ItMagic, 521:to the utmost of your ability (ponder those words and search out their significance) all worldMagic, 521:of life that we usually call subhuman, but these words must be given a [522] wider connotation thanMagic, 523:is possible for me is to grope for those feeble words which will somewhat clothe the thought. AsMagic, 523:fashion. I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order to create a certain impression; IMagic, 524:be telepathic and intuitive. Then these forms of words and these ideas, clothed in form, will notMagic, 525:the majority practically non-existent. I use the words "God the Father" in the sense of the OneMagic, 526:to each other is summed up for us in the words of The Secret Doctrine as follows: "Matter is theMagic, 528:cannot understand the true significance of the words. The point to be grasped is that throughMagic, 535:to wisdom, power, God consciousness. These words however mean but little or nothing in comparisonMagic, 544:will be so unlike what we now understand by the words, that we need not concern ourselves with thatMagic, 545:which can be conveyed in a few simple words. We are told that he must "recognize the four". TheMagic, 546:"the four that constitute the One." In other words, the first quaternary that he must know and knowMagic, 546:This can best be expressed in some wonderful words from an ancient writing in the Masters Archives.Magic, 546:is seen and round each form the blue... "Four words they utter forth, one for each human race, butMagic, 546:sound which bringeth forth the seventh. Two words have died away, four sound today. One sounds inMagic, 546:man can enter not as man. Thus are the seven words of man ringing around the square, passing fromMagic, 546:from mouth to mouth. "Each day of man the words take form and different seem. In... the words willMagic, 546:words take form and different seem. In... the words will be as follows. "From out the North a wordMagic, 548:that flies with utter freedom." In Aquarius the words spoken will be: "I am the server, and I theMagic, 549:the servant of the whole, persist." Study these words and note how the concept of the idealMagic, 550:to be found confusing by the neophyte for the words energy, dynamic purpose, vitality and ethericMagic, 551:Potencies produce precipitation. In those three words lies the entire story. They sum up theMagic, 551:apparent to you, therefore, as you study these words, just what is going on in the world of today.Magic, 552:be given and most of them - being clothed in words - would lose much of their true significance,Magic, 552:as long as his thought remains dynamic." These words are an attempt to express a symbol found inMagic, 555:to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is in itself ridiculous and that the onlyMagic, 557:the world. I here appeal to all who read these words to reconsecrate themselves and to recognizeMagic, 557:purpose. These can be summed up in three words: Power. Detachment. Non-criticism. So often simpleMagic, 557:Detachment. Non-criticism. So often simple words are used and because of [558] their every dayMagic, 558:thy whole body shall be full of light". These words which He enunciated give us a principleMagic, 558:and we can link up the idea which He clothed in words with the symbol I have earlier described inMagic, 560:upon the brain cells and working out into words. Because in a sudden burst of critical thought, theMagic, 566:energy units which we normally cover by the words "gaseous, liquid and dense", a meaningless phraseMagic, 573:quality, its strength, and its speed. These four words warrant consideration and elucidation. A.Magic, 574:the position he held mentally, and whether the words which he spoke on any particular occasion wereMagic, 574:the impulse of his spiritual will, that his words would be in line with soul purpose and intent andMagic, 574:prisoner the mind of his brother. But if his words were prompted by self-will and by the desire toMagic, 574:to be liked, on sentiment and on attachment. His words will indicate this to him if he will closelyMagic, 575:to achieve his object." I intend to speak a few words about the hands, for there is more occultMagic, 575:there is more occult teaching hidden in these words than is apparent on the surface. In one of theMagic, 575:available for the instruction of disciples these words are found: "The armed hand is an empty hand
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