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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORDS

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Magic, 575:the dagger, and the finger of enticement." These words are most significant, and it might be wellMagic, 576:throat, and must be accompanied by appropriate words. In the work of linking a man up with his ego.Magic, 579:emanate. You ask me to differentiate between the words type and quality. I would say that the typeMagic, 580:method. There are, for instance, certain dynamic words of power which, when employed by theMagic, 580:speed could be more correctly translated by the words "correct direction", for where there isMagic, 581:to the entire magical work and in these four words - type, quality, strength and speed - the storyMagic, 585:of the wrath of God alone" or who (in other words) have worked out their karma alone and who haveMagic, 585:a single line. Let him learn to diagnose his own words, deeds, and motives, and to call things byMagic, 601:sheath is completed. Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire and water. The EsotericMagic, 603:ask me to define more clearly what I mean by the words "esoteric sense". I mean essentially theMagic, 604:and to understand the real significance of the words: to work without attachment. They are also,Magic, 609:power to be a trained Observer. I commend these words to all aspirants. It is persistence in theMagic, 610:It is to this stage that Rule XV refers. These words mark the consummation of the magical work, andMagic, 611:He has not yet finally chanted those mystic words or those spiritual sounds which will produceMagic, 612:the [612] point of condensation, after the great words bringing about that effect have beenMagic, 612:and it is not permitted to me to give to you the words that effect this process. Only some hintsMagic, 612:and conceals. I cannot make this clearer in words. It is only possible to suggest to theMagic, 615:with the statement that the magician chants the words that "blend the fire and water" - but theseMagic, 616:of a paralleling kind end with the [616] words: "Let the initiate sound the note that unifies theMagic, 616:go he knows not, nor understands. He sounds the words of magic, but muffled, dim and lost, the mistMagic, 617:point of peace serene let him sound forth the words that will create the forms, build worlds andMagic, 617:magical work I may not at this time give. The words that blend may not under any circumstances beMagic, 617:own soul when that soul has conveyed to him the words. He finds them for himself as the result ofMagic, 618:pledges himself never to reveal these [618] words to any one who is not functioning as a soul orMagic, 619:and these conditions can be summed up in the words: impersonalisation wherein the state, group orMagic, 619:objective sides of manifestation. In these three words - impersonalisation, amalgamation, andMagic, 620:Students should therefore ponder on these words which will be found to become of increasingMagic, 621:of the underlying purpose has been expressed in words - a purpose which is recognized by many allMagic, 631:by those who refuse to be separative and whose words are watched so that no evil is spoken; theseMagic, 631:of a loving spirit. May I repeat in other words this theme, for its importance is vital and theMagic, 638:have they the time to consider, specific deeds, words and conditions, and the sooner students graspMagic, 638:on the head, or by expressing their pleasure in words. They are occupied in making knowers andMeditation, 25:way make clear without misleading by the use of words - whereas in the first period the physicalMeditation, 29:body? Say not glibly, the body of causes, for words thus spoken are oft but nebulous and vague. LetMeditation, 29:the Group Soul, aptly described (as far as earth words permit) as a collection of triads, enclosedMeditation, 41:limitations lies, towards the close (I choose my words with deliberation), a [42] fresh period ofMeditation, 43:Points considered when assigning Meditation Some Words of Cheer June 18, 1920 ...It is only as theMeditation, 107:you mean by the "karma of the student?" We use words lightly, and I presume that the thoughtlessMeditation, 141:to leave in the minds of those who read these words a just apprehension of the relationship betweenMeditation, 152:until such vision is yours my point may be but words to you. Meditation, 155:He will obey the orders, say the imparted words, or work through the outlined formulas, and theMeditation, 162:with. Mantric forms are collections of phrases, words, and sounds which by virtue of rhythmicMeditation, 163:its current tapped, by the sounding of certain words in a specific manner, and in a specific tone.Meditation, 163:the sounding of their key note with appropriate words employed; each root-race has its mantricMeditation, 164:these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed. Their indiscriminate useMeditation, 164:adepts as well. So the scale is mounted, and the Words are sounded forth, until we reach theMeditation, 165:the Master's direction. Mantrams, or formulas of words, sung by the pupil, which have direct effectMeditation, 170:attained in evolution. If you study the three words applied to the three lines you will find itMeditation, 170:mental body but to train the intuition.) These words demonstrate the law as working through theMeditation, 178:involves something more than just chanting the words and sounds. This something is one of theMeditation, 180:that touch the elemental lives up to the great Words chanted in rhythm that call the Lord of a Ray,Meditation, 180:of a Solar System Himself. The sounding of these Words, the ascent through graded forms to someMeditation, 182:consciousness the knowledge of the formulas and Words until such a time as the reason was developedMeditation, 187:here given you a lot of information in very few words. The matter is much condensed. It has aMeditation, 189:meditation, for it is not the sounding of the words alone that bring about the desired end but theMeditation, 190:helpful and encouraging; to add to that the words "I believe" may carry added assurance, but toMeditation, 196:of the visionaries of the race. Mantrams or words sounded forth collectively by which the deva, orMeditation, 201:will be found, subject to certain mantrams and words, and moving under certain rhythmic laws. OneMeditation, 201:By means of their united rhythm and chanted words, they will seek to put themselves in touch withMeditation, 205:needs of the worker and the work (I choose these words each one with deliberation) that that supplyMeditation, 210:produced by the esoteric sounding of the occult words "Our God is a consuming Fire." These wordsMeditation, 210:words "Our God is a consuming Fire." These words apply to the manasic principle, that fire ofMeditation, 214:sense as you might imagine from the use of the words, red, yellow, orange, blue and violet.Meditation, 240:out, for it has much hidden under the veil of words. The occult student, therefore, from theMeditation, 258:outer forms. The great Initiate, Who voiced the words I quote, added still other words of radiantMeditation, 258:Who voiced the words I quote, added still other words of radiant truth: "Then shall we know even asMeditation, 263:to Him, by virtue of work accomplished, certain Words of Power. By means of these Words He wieldsMeditation, 263:certain Words of Power. By means of these Words He wields the law over other evolutions than theMeditation, 263:with that of the third Logos. Through these Words He assists with the building work, and theMeditation, 263:of the second aspect logoic. Through these Words He cooperates with the work of the first Logos,Meditation, 263:meaning of Will as applied in the system. These Words are imparted orally, and through clairvoyantMeditation, 264:inherent in the Monad, and thus learn the Words of Power. This ability comes only after theMeditation, 267:1. The ability to contact his group, or in other words, to be sensible of the vibration of theMeditation, 293:not realize the appearance of the Master or the words that passed His lips, but having consciouslyMeditation, 338:[338] thought, or rise the tides of desire. What words should describe the emotional body? theMeditation, 338:words should describe the emotional body? the words: still, serene, unruffled, quiet, at rest,Meditation, 349:up: The motive may be epitomized in these few words: The sacrifice of the personal self for theMeditation, 349:simply an attempt to render into English certain words used in this book, so that the reader mayMeditation, 356:objective [356] through divine magic. A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so thatPatanjali, 18:written for disciples of a certain degree these words occur and are of value to all probationaryPatanjali, 27:translation seeks to give this meaning in the words "the right use of the will is the steady effortPatanjali, 29:In the Bhagavad Gita the following illuminating words are found: "For the possessors of wisdom,Patanjali, 34:as the color of that object, and hence the words of Patanjali IV, 17 become illuminating in thisPatanjali, 36:He gets a perception of what may lie back of the words found in a later sutra as translated byPatanjali, 54:should remember that there are three basic Words or sounds in manifestation. This is the case asPatanjali, 57:the clue to the true esoteric meaning of the words in the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky: "LifePatanjali, 58:The other translators omit the final three words, though the inference is clear. The expressionPatanjali, 65:of questions" spoken of by the Christ in the words "Ask and ye shall receive." This faculty ofPatanjali, 68:vision. This is spoken of by Patanjali in the words: "The seer is pure Knowledge (gnosis). ThoughPatanjali, 69:medium of the mind." (Book II, Sutra 20.) The words "pure knowledge" have been translated "purePatanjali, 76:idea is well covered by Charles Johnston in the words of his translation of this sutra, "ThePatanjali, 84:translation is a particularly free one, as the words used in the Sanskrit are somewhat difficult ofPatanjali, 85:the knowledge which dreams give. The significant words in Sutra 38 are the phrase "the knowledgePatanjali, 89:atoms which constitute his forms, or, in other words, at a knowledge of the varying forces; thePatanjali, 92:and feels. This is the meaning behind the occult words of St. John's Epistle "We shall be like HimPatanjali, 94:of Union 42. When the perceiver blends the words, the idea (or meaning) and the object, this isPatanjali, 96:he seeks to embody in form - he utters certain words or sounds and thus calls in certain forcesPatanjali, 98:found in Woods' translation the following words may serve to elucidate, and, if meditated upon byPatanjali, 102:of the Chitta (or mind stuff). The Sanskrit words employed in this sutra can only be adequatelyPatanjali, 103:of the densest substance. The following words from the commentary dealt with in Woods' translation
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