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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Autobiography, 34:ritual and the narrowness of dogma. Missionary work was dinned into my consciousness by bothAutobiography, 35:he started to talk. He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the worldAutobiography, 36:and visit many countries, "doing your Master's work all the time." Those words have rung in my earsAutobiography, 36:and was consequently set aside for a great work. What it was I could not imagine, but picturedAutobiography, 38:that true disciples are ashamed to mention their work and position. I want to make it easier forAutobiography, 43:curious "protection" in the peculiar and unusual work which I chose to do in my next life cycle,Autobiography, 46:in the world and (apart from my chosen sphere of work) I had not a single responsibility. IAutobiography, 49:there is a plan which They are attempting to work out on earth and I believe that They, inAutobiography, 53:her intention to go to Edinburgh University and work for her medical degree and I was immediatelyAutobiography, 54:camps and very different to the usual Gospel work to be found in our cities. She had many homes inAutobiography, 54:salvation. I had to learn all aspects of the work and hard work it was, though I found I lovedAutobiography, 54:I had to learn all aspects of the work and hard work it was, though I found I loved every bit ofAutobiography, 59:was what in England is called "a nasty piece of work" - a bad soldier and a bad man. I played [60]Autobiography, 61:has found his way home." I know that all things work together for good to those who love God, andAutobiography, 61:at Currach that I did a most peculiar piece of work and one that would have left my family aghastAutobiography, 63:goose was not always good for the gosling. My work was varied: keeping accounts, doing the flowersAutobiography, 63:could see greatly disturbed her. The head of the work in India, Theodora Schofield, was not wellAutobiography, 64:five hundred pounds, with the words, "For the work in India" written across it. We neither of usAutobiography, 64:certain lessons and to set the stage for the work which He had told me years before that I could doAutobiography, 69:the "dak" bungalow (or rest house) and do what work had to be done. I heard one was then in town,Autobiography, 71:are closely related and have much karma to work out together and will have to work it out sometime,Autobiography, 71:much karma to work out together and will have to work it out sometime, and the karma is not allAutobiography, 72:but my real experience started in Quetta. My work in the Quetta Soldiers Home stands out in my mindAutobiography, 72:as one of the most interesting phases of the work. I like Quetta. It stands about 5000 feet highAutobiography, 74:much surprise, that understanding and love will work with individuals when condemnation andAutobiography, 78:sure it was a question of passing on to other work. Subconsciously I really never did believe inAutobiography, 79:[79] Thus the rhythm and the interest of the work gripped me and I loved every minute of it inAutobiography, 81:else. But in the evenings, after her day's work was done and I had gone to bed, she would come toAutobiography, 86:and difficulties in connection with the work, I shouldered the blame in my own mind. I had still toAutobiography, 87:my ministrations. Had I not been doing the work which I was doing, there would have been no problemAutobiography, 88:as myself, but I was also letting down the work and making things almost impossibly difficult forAutobiography, 88:I had been trained in a dignified reticence; my work in the Sandes Soldiers Homes had taught me notAutobiography, 89:me that things were planned and that the life work which He had earlier outlined to me would start,Autobiography, 89:or nice platitudes. He said, in effect, the work must go on. Don't forget. Be prepared to work.Autobiography, 89:work must go on. Don't forget. Be prepared to work. Don't be deceived by circumstances. To give himAutobiography, 90:I collapsed completely. I was worn out with over work, with constant migraine headaches of theAutobiography, 91:in this belief by the fact [91] that in my work dozens of Mary Magdalenes and Julius Caesars, andAutobiography, 92:a man soweth that shall he also reap" does [92] work; it eternally works. So today we do not doAutobiography, 92:but which I try to hide for the sake of the work. So with great determination and with a sense ofAutobiography, 92:to a spinster's life and tried to go on with the work. My good intentions, however, did not sufficeAutobiography, 94:to make me, young as I was, a trustee of her work. She felt I could carry on because, as she toldAutobiography, 95:from my point of view let the whole [95] work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun toAutobiography, 95:heroic, spiritual sacrifice for the sake of the work was being regarded as quite unnecessary. IAutobiography, 97:it, having no faintest idea how my life would work out; making up my mind to live one day at a timeAutobiography, 98:was kept exceedingly quiet as regards me and my work in the army and (when eventually I left IndiaAutobiography, 98:I went back to Umballa and carried through the work there all through that winter and then in theAutobiography, 98:and the migraine headaches more frequent. The work was very heavy and I remember with gratitude theAutobiography, 100:but they were basically superficial. I was doing work that I loved and I was successful at it. IAutobiography, 101:my case and in the case of all who endeavor to work spiritually) a greater capacity to meet humanAutobiography, 103:reaping my reward. The past lay behind me. My work with the soldiers was finished. Ahead of me layAutobiography, 105:races and the white for it never seemed to work for happiness on either side. I was appalled toAutobiography, 106:ask is equality of opportunity, of education, of work and living conditions. I have never met oneAutobiography, 108:her word. Today there is nothing about laundry work that I don't know and I owe it all to Mrs.Autobiography, 122:talk for days on end and gave me the bulk of the work to do but I had no further cause to be afraidAutobiography, 124:a place where he could again resume his church work. He finally got a small charge in a miningAutobiography, 126:starve I decided to become a factory hand and. work in a sardine cannery. I remember the time ofAutobiography, 128:of what I earned, whatever that might be. The work was piece work and I knew that I was quick and IAutobiography, 128:whatever that might be. The work was piece work and I knew that I was quick and I hoped to earnAutobiography, 129:of man I had never met before - even in social work. When I first went into this department theyAutobiography, 130:to watch me and then I paid the price of my good work and had to listen to comments such as,Autobiography, 130:to have brought herself down to this kind of work." "Better not be taken in by appearances, she'sAutobiography, 131:and she certainly did not like the truth. This work in the factory went on for several months.Autobiography, 132:for the duration. He did most distinguished work and was given the Croix de Guerre. I, therefore,Autobiography, 133:lives. If a person is ever to find their life work, if they are ever in any particular life toAutobiography, 135:and (after getting my breakfast) I write and work until 7. That has been my life rhythm and perhapsAutobiography, 135:Chapter IV Another reason that has helped me to work hard was the extremely ordered discipline ofAutobiography, 136:I was from that time on going to put my public work first and them last. I asked them to remember IAutobiography, 137:told me himself that in writing this monumental work (for that is what it is) H.P.B. would writeAutobiography, 137:knowledge it gave me has made all the best of my work along occult lines possible. I sat up in bedAutobiography, 142:one would know it; but the intuition does not work unless the mind is developed and that has been aAutobiography, 142:I sowed was good and find my place in Christ's work. I could endeavor to approach a little closerAutobiography, 144:was sent direct to me by the Y.M.C.A., until his work with them ceased. This, with my own smallAutobiography, 144:through more regularly) enabled me to drop my work as a sardine packer and make other plans. MyAutobiography, 144:as a sardine packer and make other plans. My work with the Theosophical Lodge in Pacific Grove wasAutobiography, 150:are making one step towards it when we talk or work for security. [151] Autobiography, 155:to hold one's tongue is essential in group work, and one of the first lessons which any oneAutobiography, 156:and I grew more and more active in Theosophical work and associated very closely with us was Dr.Autobiography, 157:which was running Krotona. All phases of the work and all the different policies and principlesAutobiography, 160:he gave up entirely, in order to help me in the work which was gradually shaping up for us to do -Autobiography, 161:running along the line of united public work and we were planning and arranging for the future. TheAutobiography, 161:about which I hesitate to speak. It concerns the work which I have done for the past twenty-sevenAutobiography, 161:have done for the past twenty-seven years. This work has received worldwide recognition and hasAutobiography, 161:continue my hitherto fixed policy of letting my work and the books speak for themselves and proveAutobiography, 161:easier for other people to do the same kind of work, provided it is the same kind of work. ThereAutobiography, 161:kind of work, provided it is the same kind of work. There are so many aspects of so-called psychicAutobiography, 163:I didn't care, that I wasn't interested in any work of a psychic nature at all. The unseen personAutobiography, 163:I would like to make it quite clear that the work I do is in no way related to automatic writing.Autobiography, 164:as the result of automatic writing. In the work that I do there is no negativity but I assume anAutobiography, 164:make sense and evokes intuitive response. This work of the Tibetan has greatly intrigued people andAutobiography, 165:with Foster and me since the inception of our work - Mr. Henry Carpenter - went out to India to tryAutobiography, 165:The abbot told him that he was interested in the work that we were doing and asked after me. HeAutobiography, 166:scared and absolutely refused, to do any more work. I told the Tibetan that the three little girlsAutobiography, 166:opportunity of doing a really valuable piece of work. He told me that it was He, Himself, Who hadAutobiography, 166:spiritual group) but that He wished me still to work in His. I therefore complied with the wish ofAutobiography, 166:wish of K.H. and told the Tibetan that I would work with Him. I have been strictly his amanuensisAutobiography, 166:group. He has never interfered with my personal work or training. In the spring of 1920 I enteredAutobiography, 167:the beginning, but between us we have managed to work out a style and presentation which is suitedAutobiography, 167:Today, as the result of twenty-seven years work with the Tibetan I can snap into telepathicAutobiography, 170:the time that Foster Bailey and I came into the work, this whole situation had been fundamentallyAutobiography, 170:impossible for the individual, therefore, to work in the Lodge. The sectional magazines and the
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