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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Autobiography, 251:Servers influence and with whom they seek to work and who can act as their agents, we call the menAutobiography, 251:Hierarchy and Their workers, and the goodwill work fell naturally into abeyance. That part of theAutobiography, 251:fell naturally into abeyance. That part of the work in which members of the Arcane School hadAutobiography, 251:of World Servers. I would emphasize that this work of anchoring the New Group of World Servers andAutobiography, 251:of World Servers and organizing the goodwill work has nothing [252] whatsoever to do with theAutobiography, 252:Axis position in any way. Many in the goodwill work and some few in the school interpreted this asAutobiography, 252:every man to think for himself, to speak and to work. Necessarily they cannot, therefore, endorseAutobiography, 252:and on the side of those in any nation who thus work. If being on the side of [253] goodness andAutobiography, 253:to the spiritual issues, then the Hierarchy will work to change the attitude of people as to whatAutobiography, 253:however that time adjusts all things and that work done, if rightly motivated, proves itselfAutobiography, 253:been interested in three phases of the work: the Books, the Arcane School and the New Group ofAutobiography, 253:upon the world by these three aspects of the work has been definitely effective and useful. The sumAutobiography, 253:and useful. The sum total of the useful work accomplished is what counts and not the criticisms andAutobiography, 253:public. I have sought to aid the goodwill work, for which F.B. is responsible, by suggestion and byAutobiography, 253:by suggestion and by indicating what is the work that the New Group of World Servers are seeking toAutobiography, 254:who could be tried out for fitness for the group work of the new discipleship. These peopleAutobiography, 254:some months ago under the pressure of very heavy work A.A.B. omitted to delete one paragraph inAutobiography, 255:words and have to prove their status by the work accomplished. The Masters work through TheirAutobiography, 255:status by the work accomplished. The Masters work through Their disciples in many organizations butAutobiography, 256:directly under the Masters and active in world work with a growing influence, requires a mentalAutobiography, 256:the earth and convey aid and help; the service work which I suggested, and which F.B. carried outAutobiography, 256:radio, by the use of the Invocation and by the work of the Triangles and the words and example ofAutobiography, 257:women of goodwill. [257] A.A.B. in her 25 years work for me in the occult field has taken noAutobiography, 257:us responsible for what she has done nor has her work been started or carried forward on the basisAutobiography, 257:of "The Master ordered this." She knows that the work of the Master is to put a disciple in touchAutobiography, 257:of the war, the fact of the Hierarchy and the work of the Masters - through Their disciples - mustAutobiography, 258:goals. They look not for recognition of Their work or the praise of Their contemporaries but onlyAutobiography, 259:When Mrs. Bailey became more accustomed to this work, and when the discipline and diet necessarilyAutobiography, 259:and diet necessarily began to take effect, the work was gradually changed and now in the writing ofAutobiography, 260:is necessarily ignorant. Her contribution to the work has been a strong initial interest in theseAutobiography, 260:these subjects, over twenty years of meditation work, many years of study and thought, and aAutobiography, 260:of the ancient language is not necessary in this work, as the most ancient manuscripts areAutobiography, 262:of esotericism has been good, preparatory work. It has brought to the attention of the generalAutobiography, 262:existence of the Masters of the Wisdom - as They work in the planetary Hierarchy under theAutobiography, 265:will be evoked and trained. He will be taught to work consciously on spiritual levels and to act asAutobiography, 265:as the result of applied knowledge and upon the work and plans of the Hierarchy. The intuition willAutobiography, 265:to know what esoteric teaching is and aid us to work as esotericists, taking the needed trainingAutobiography, 266:Those who cannot face themselves and rate their work at its true value, will find their schools inAutobiography, 266:purification has been undertaken, more advanced work is not possible. The physical disciplines areAutobiography, 266:by the disciple when he starts true esoteric work. This elementary training enables the neophyte toAutobiography, 266:more esoteric values. They train the disciple to work as a soul in the three worlds and prepare himAutobiography, 266:as a soul in the three worlds and prepare him to work in a Master's group as a pledged disciple.Autobiography, 267:He comes to know himself and struggles to work as a conscious soul and not just as an activeAutobiography, 268:An esoteric school trains the disciple in group work. He learns to relinquish personality plans inAutobiography, 269:that he is not a disciple, charged with the work of the Hierarchy. 6. An esoteric group is one inAutobiography, 269:the Hierarchy works and disciples are trained to work the same way, eventually themselves becomingAutobiography, 269:active in the world, for higher and different work. 7. An esoteric school is, therefore, a mediumAutobiography, 269:that through which his soul serves. He learns to work entirely from spiritual levels, and hisAutobiography, 269:as a soul, how to recognize a Master and how to work in [270] a Master's group. He learns theAutobiography, 270:live as a soul in the life of every day and to work consciously in relation to the Hierarchy. ThereAutobiography, 270:students to make the preliminary contacts and to work as true servers in the world. There is noAutobiography, 271:Herein lies the difference between the work of a well-intentioned aspirant and the trainedAutobiography, 271:very principles which have brought them into the work. He watches his helpers for signs ofAutobiography, 272:led the mediocre leader to attempt to push his work and attract attention to his effort by loud andAutobiography, 273:leader's interpretation of truth. They do useful work among the masses, familiarizing them with theAutobiography, 273:in the fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom. His work comes midway between the groups now forming andAutobiography, 273:radiation and a much wider influence and their work becomes worldwide in scope. It evokes not onlyAutobiography, 274:These disciples, entrusted with the difficult work of launching the new schools, are technicallyAutobiography, 274:therefore, to learn to distinguish between the work of a well-intentioned aspirant who founds aAutobiography, 274:a school of esotericism for beginners, the work of a disciple who is learning to be a teacher, andAutobiography, 274:who is learning to be a teacher, and the work of world disciples who are breaking up the old waysAutobiography, 274:The other three types of schools are doing good work and meeting the need of those who respond toAutobiography, 274:instruction and training disciples in methods of work and how to serve. The last and newer type ofAutobiography, 276:exercises are only given after several years' work, and no emphasis is laid upon their importanceAutobiography, 277:the initiations to be taken is taught, and the work of the Christ, as Head of the Hierarchy, isAutobiography, 279:the major prerequisites for successful esoteric work are patience, persistent effort, vision andAutobiography, 280:put before you. Upon these, the success of the work depends, both yours and ours. You areAutobiography, 281:of these will greatly facilitate all future work, disposing of questions and clearing the way forAutobiography, 282:by step the studies deepen and the meditation work becomes more intensive as the student passesAutobiography, 282:its curriculum is definitely eliminative. The work you are asked to do is not easy, nor is itAutobiography, 282:standard maintained and desired is high and the work is planned in such a way that those whoseAutobiography, 282:for themselves, that they cannot cope with the work. We never encourage people to stay in the workAutobiography, 282:work. We never encourage people to stay in the work unless they show fitness, for they only getAutobiography, 282:their disciples; that is the way They choose to work. They are seeking, therefore, intelligent,Autobiography, 283:spiritual discipline - through whom that work can be carried forward. Intentionally, therefore, weAutobiography, 283:forward. Intentionally, therefore, we make the work difficult and keep the standard of requirementsAutobiography, 283:and is thus being met. Running through all the work of the Arcane School is the theme of service.Autobiography, 283:found to have covered the necessary preliminary work, to have assimilated a certain measure ofAutobiography, 284:and enable the student, therefore, to work in the light of soul guidance. [285] The personalityAutobiography, 285:of the student. The help given in the meditation work and the suggestions made concerning theAutobiography, 285:cannot be imposed. If the student profits by the work and by the help given, we are glad but (inAutobiography, 285:and to grow spiritually. The student can work or not, as he chooses; he is free to leave, when heAutobiography, 286:we expect them to attend; we leave them free to work in any group, church, organization or socialAutobiography, 286:demands their loyalty. This complete freedom to work and serve outside the Arcane School is theAutobiography, 286:it as a healthy sign when a student tries to work this way, for the need of the world for thisAutobiography, 286:teachers, and as secretaries supervise the work of the younger students. This they can do if theyAutobiography, 286:These secretaries are of every nationality. The work of the students in the most advanced degreesAutobiography, 287:Himself. Little of this is taught in the earlier work of the Arcane School, except in so far thatAutobiography, 287:and this is referred to in the meditation work; if, however, this has no appeal to him, he isAutobiography, 287:is begun. By that time, necessarily, the sifting work of the previous degrees has been carriedAutobiography, 290:As we said above, our students are free to work in other organizations and are not expected to oweAutobiography, 291:to demand personal recognition. They prefer to work quietly, silently and behind the scenes,Autobiography, 292:parties and ideologies are also represented. We work together without interfering with each other'sAutobiography, 293:of spiritual and esoteric truth which makes the work of the School practical, useful andAutobiography, 293:the funds deliberately and with intention to the work of the Masters and to the helping of theAutobiography, 294:if it is for the implementing of the Masters' work) as harmful, evil and wrong; they state,Autobiography, 294:today is the building up of large funds for the work of the Christ and His disciples and for theAutobiography, 294:and money be made available for the Masters' work. This is one of the new and immediate tasks ofAutobiography, 294:instance, makes no charge for its services; the work is carried forward on a voluntary basis. AAutobiography, 294:The workers at Headquarters and in Europe work without pay or for the minimum of salary. This is
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