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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 64:well be: What is the difference between this work which I am suggesting to you and the work of theDiscipleship1, 64:this work which I am suggesting to you and the work of the Lodge of the Lords of Form? NoneDiscipleship1, 64:and the point from which you must endeavor to work. The Lords of Form work entirely on and from theDiscipleship1, 64:you must endeavor to work. The Lords of Form work entirely on and from the lower levels of theDiscipleship1, 64:and to transmute their motives. You too must work from mental levels but knowledge and love must beDiscipleship1, 65:minds in [65] connection with any telepathic work which these groups (working under me) should do,Discipleship1, 65:you that it is what you are that counts in this work more powerfully than anything else. TheDiscipleship1, 66:with this most subtle and confidential work (or even discussion of the work with a fellow-disciple)Discipleship1, 66:and confidential work (or even discussion of the work with a fellow-disciple) can shatter theDiscipleship1, 66:you are attempting to build. It can render the work of weeks abortive. A balanced attitude inDiscipleship1, 66:and pain) is becoming so acute that we who work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive,Discipleship1, 67:activity and is the first real stage in our work. I do not want you to endeavor to buildDiscipleship1, 67:must not be forgotten by you, as you study and work in a Master's group. The objective is not yourDiscipleship1, 67:which will enable these groups of disciples to work in a definite and specific manner. The fact,Discipleship1, 67:manner. The fact, however, that one group will work with one type of force and another group ofDiscipleship1, 68:towards one objective or goal and all will work with the same divine energy, differentiated intoDiscipleship1, 68:aspects of the outlined plan or system of group work which I have brought to you, for it is aDiscipleship1, 68:endeavor. The energy used in the telepathic work is the "chitta" (as the Hindus call it) or theDiscipleship1, 68:or in group formation. In true telepathic work (carried forward without error and correctly andDiscipleship1, 69:groups have to learn to use this energy, to work wisely, to think with wisdom and to realize thatDiscipleship1, 69:the problem of humanity itself, as a whole, to work in the world glamor; it is the responsibilityDiscipleship1, 70:one to be healed and by the healer. Both have to work in cooperation. There must be rightDiscipleship1, 70:relatively new sciences and much of our initial work must be of a clarifying nature because thereDiscipleship1, 70:four, and they are occupied with the bridging work carried forward between the personality and theDiscipleship1, 71:of disciples along this line of activity has to work is the Light of the soul, remembering everDiscipleship1, 71:or pointed out the energies with which they must work in order to emphasize again to you the plansDiscipleship1, 71:to emphasize - the externalization of the inner work of the planetary Hierarchy for the first timeDiscipleship1, 72:and in the fatigue which is incident to daily work and the consequent physical liabilities, thereDiscipleship1, 72:aspiration), which untiring spiritual work demands. The disciple learns to pay no attention toDiscipleship1, 72:for danger it is - and ask you to go on with the work just "as if" it were entirely new andDiscipleship1, 73:to the ideas upon which they found their work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, whenDiscipleship1, 73:adjustments are made and groups of disciples can work together without criticism orDiscipleship1, 73:then they can pass on to organized group work. This is necessarily dependent upon the general levelDiscipleship1, 73:their applied persistence. The willingness to work through these groups exists on our side and isDiscipleship1, 73:of an adequate instrument through which we can work must come from you. The time must come,Discipleship1, 73:from you. The time must come, however, when the work of each group of disciples must definitelyDiscipleship1, 73:then it will become possible for the group to work as a group with power. 2. If the group fails toDiscipleship1, 73:later on. The teaching upon specific group work will be given up to the point where conscious useDiscipleship1, 74:over world happenings. When the war is over, our work must go forward at any and every cost and inDiscipleship1, 74:of World Servers must preserve its integrity and work steadily and undismayed. The steadiness ofDiscipleship1, 74:of the Hierarchy. These do not hate and they work for unity - both subjective and eventuallyDiscipleship1, 74:to disappear. The main objective of our joint work is still group integration and the setting up ofDiscipleship1, 75:result of many lives of close in the work and also in past personality relations andDiscipleship1, 76:time. In the stress and strain of your group work let each of you bear in mind, for yourDiscipleship1, 76:in group formation. None of us who do the work of preparing candidates for initiation are in aDiscipleship1, 79:the material with which I must carry forward my work. What can I do in such a situation, myDiscipleship1, 80:will not be possible or the desired group work capable of accomplishment. Several of you need to doDiscipleship1, 80:and somewhat understood prior to successful work in all these pioneering groups. Think outwardlyDiscipleship1, 80:and activity. This entails conscious work on those levels as energy units, each contributing hisDiscipleship1, 81:call them. This will take many years and the work of achieving finished group attitudes andDiscipleship1, 82:disciples from achievement and from satisfactory work: Lack of vision, incident to a lack of mentalDiscipleship1, 83:the group integration and tend to block the work. One of the things most needed by every discipleDiscipleship1, 84:can think unanimously along these lines and work in unison, then the first step will have beenDiscipleship1, 86:and become old and useless; he is ready to work as a practical occultist (and not only as aDiscipleship1, 86:level of consciousness. One phase of this dual work, the reflective, works out in an increasingDiscipleship1, 87:effect of conscious, intelligent, spiritual work, motivated by love. In the New Age, as I haveDiscipleship1, 88:whom they may be associated, or they love the work connected with the group endeavor, or they loveDiscipleship1, 88:to old rhythms. The success of the meditation work assigned and regularly followed may be proved toDiscipleship1, 89:IX PART IX The secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages is the power to visualize.Discipleship1, 89:(which is a definite feature of the work in many esoteric schools) is simply an exercise to bringDiscipleship1, 89:to bring about the power to visualize. In the work of those disciples who are being trained forDiscipleship1, 89:which he desires and for which he intends to work. The visualizing of what might be calledDiscipleship1, 91:ideas and divine purpose - that the Masters work and hierarchical purpose takes shape. Therefore,Discipleship1, 91:that you begin with deliberation and slowly to work in this manner and to use the above informationDiscipleship1, 91:times is increasingly great and the utmost of work and of purpose is desired. The goal ofDiscipleship1, 94:be grasped by all of you, prior to undertaking work with me. It is that in a group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 95:as to himself, his responsibilities and his life work. This, when present, will enable him to viewDiscipleship1, 96:this. First of all, a disciple may be called to work off certain karmic relationships, to fulfilDiscipleship1, 97:to learn to decentralize yourselves so that the work to be done becomes the factor of mainDiscipleship1, 99:world. Forget yourselves. The pressure of the work upon me has been very heavy lately. Much workDiscipleship1, 99:work upon me has been very heavy lately. Much work has rested upon my shoulders, incident to theDiscipleship1, 99:seek to force that energy of inspiration to work out in an effective display of [100] definiteDiscipleship1, 101:Will you give this? Will you aid Our work in every possible way, both as personalities, dedicatedDiscipleship1, 101:Hierarchy for channels and for those who will work under direction upon the earth can call forthDiscipleship1, 104:in the realization of the years spent in occult work, nor in feverish anticipation of a few moreDiscipleship1, 104:largely in your thoughts, my brother, and in the work of the present moment must the futureDiscipleship1, 104:First drop all form out of your meditation work and sit in perfect silence with your attentionDiscipleship1, 104:For you, it is release from form in your work of service. You will know to what I am referring.Discipleship1, 106:into the center of life from which all occult work is done. To be enjoined to be is an honor,Discipleship1, 108:of old, that I may know that you understand this work and in order that your brothers in my groupDiscipleship1, 109:acquiring and as a result of the past two years' work (for you only began to shift your focus atDiscipleship1, 109:breathing exercise and also in your meditation work and I would ask you in connection with bothDiscipleship1, 110:remainder of your life prepare for the future. Work at the development of a greater psychicDiscipleship1, 110:and a mental stability which will enable you to work as a soul. Thus you will learn to availDiscipleship1, 111:group of disciples to be prepared for psychic work. My reason is that under your outer reserve andDiscipleship1, 111:links which led you into the organization whose work you have aided for some years - anDiscipleship1, 111:aided for some years - an organization whose work is predominantly carried out on psychic andDiscipleship1, 112:every day prior to doing your meditation work... You can do this exercise twice a day but no moreDiscipleship1, 112:Should headache or tension supervene, stop the work for a day or two and then resume. Preserve everDiscipleship1, 112:voice of the Teacher which will enable you to work with greater ease on the subjective side ofDiscipleship1, 113:proceed then to meditation, beginning your work at as high a point as possible. Choose for yourselfDiscipleship1, 114:B.S.D. January 1936 I do not seek to change your work for the next six months, my fellow-disciple.Discipleship1, 114:to you in June 1935 a full quota of meditation work. Your growth in understanding has been real,Discipleship1, 115:urge and the inspiration of your own soul. You work and conform to the requirements, not from anyDiscipleship1, 115:because they are related to me and to your work with me, your teacher and your friend. First, IDiscipleship1, 115:from my mind. Herein lies a hint as to your work in the future for those who look to you forDiscipleship1, 115:assistance in their spiritual life. You need to work now more definitely and more confidently as anDiscipleship1, 116:by that statement? [116] I mean that you should work in the realization that - because of thisDiscipleship1, 117:which respond to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and isDiscipleship1, 118:this subject deals with the effect that your work and life has upon others through your
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