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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 187:our activities) . Such chelas do not, however, work with the intelligentsia or with the pioneers ofDiscipleship1, 187:of the race or with the thinking aspirants. They work with the quality of spiritual aspiration toDiscipleship1, 187:and not with or in the individual. They do not work with the type of person whom you can reach. IDiscipleship1, 188:the illiterate and ignorant masses. It is one work but delegated to different groups who work inDiscipleship1, 188:one work but delegated to different groups who work in the closest possible . I amDiscipleship1, 188:. I am assigning you no special work at this time, for your time is fully occupied inDiscipleship1, 188:of loneliness. There are certain glamors which work out as the result of a too close and restrictedDiscipleship1, 189:the Latin countries to carry out the Tibetan's work and doing so most successfully. Discipleship1, 189:To S. S. P. May 1934 MY BROTHER: We are to work together for a while and I seek to help. Your firstDiscipleship1, 189:many possible aspirants to do this particular work? Partly for karmic reasons, my brother - a karmaDiscipleship1, 189:to my suggestions? You can at any time cease to work and can drop out at will. There is noDiscipleship1, 189:drop out at will. There is no compulsion in this work of service which love of humanity and of theDiscipleship1, 189:heal those afflicted with physical ills. Some work in the field of psychology and deal with thoseDiscipleship1, 190:will be of service to you if you will work at it for the space of six months. . . . Your mainDiscipleship1, 190:and to measure the mind of immensity is futile. Work, therefore, at the production of that innerDiscipleship1, 190:I give you, my brother, a special piece of work to be done during the next six months. In myDiscipleship1, 190:all that does appear, but learn to love and do. Work from the heart and not from the head andDiscipleship1, 191:from what plane and through which body you will work. Will you be mentally magnetic, and stimulateDiscipleship1, 191:that point of soul influence you can some day work. But as the soul makes magnetic all threeDiscipleship1, 191:in your spiritual diary. Thus will you learn to work and understand. [192] Study again with careDiscipleship1, 192:apparently elementary, stage of alignment. The work of watching each day your use of energy, andDiscipleship1, 192:alignment. I told you earlier that you could work as a psychological healer. This is true. But yourDiscipleship1, 193:and most effective part of the meditation work. An interlude, properly held and utilized, is one ofDiscipleship1, 193:summation of your thoughts and service as you work with the monthly seed thoughts. Endeavor to makeDiscipleship1, 194:you this half year, my brother. The meditation work and the exercises assigned to you in your lastDiscipleship1, 194:in your last papers were intended to cover your work for the period of one year... I would ask youDiscipleship1, 194:Have the thought of the divine Perceiver as you work over it each day, and seek to see yourself inDiscipleship1, 194:do it with care. Disciples everywhere have to work hard at the task of self perfecting for theDiscipleship1, 195:as heretofore. Follow carefully the review work assigned you. Above everything else pay closeDiscipleship1, 198:brother. If you and all your group brothers will work on these ray ideas and deal with yourselvesDiscipleship1, 198:as composites, you will soon be ready for group work in healing. For this I am planning. Discipleship1, 199:in enlightening those around me? If this review work is a definitely scientific method of bringingDiscipleship1, 199:changes be? What basis can I find in my study work which would indicate that I could be illuminedDiscipleship1, 200:strongly established, we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, in the last analysis,Discipleship1, 200:we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, in the last analysis, dependent upon certainDiscipleship1, 202:Way" more than upon the "Christ [202] Way." To work this out effectively, you should concentrateDiscipleship1, 202:some in my group are starting definite group work in healing. You are on the active line and itDiscipleship1, 202:of the healing force which - in this group work - must come from the soul. The group is not reallyDiscipleship1, 203:is still loosely affiliated with the Tibetan's work and is still, on occasion, in touch with theDiscipleship1, 204:as well as bring much of benefit to others. Such work as you are now undertaking brings with it itsDiscipleship1, 204:Ponder on this. I am assigning you no special work. I would ask you to study the instructions IDiscipleship1, 204:and understanding. You can then take up the work intelligently along with the other group members,Discipleship1, 204:and the dominant forces with which you have to work in this incarnation: Your soul ray is the firstDiscipleship1, 207:threefold time which is your main hindrance. Work at this problem during the coming year and, asDiscipleship1, 207:this problem during the coming year and, as you work, clarification will come. You will note that IDiscipleship1, 210:M. softly three times. I am responsible for this work and I would ask you to proceed as indicatedDiscipleship1, 210:NOTE: This disciple was given the opportunity to work but did not carry through and resigned earlyDiscipleship1, 210:did not carry through and resigned early in the work. Discipleship1, 210:several suggestions which I seek to make. From a work and life of much outer usefulness, you passDiscipleship1, 210:to one of intense, interior application. Your work will be increasingly subjective, and this in noDiscipleship1, 211:years go by. Later, I will indicate to you some work which can with advantage - prove of usefulnessDiscipleship1, 211:two other disciples in my group, are starting to work with me at this time with a most definite endDiscipleship1, 211:and you have for years stood alone. To work as a unit along your chosen line of service has beenDiscipleship1, 212:always a point of focus in the head. All your work with me - at any rate for the present - must beDiscipleship1, 212:be held steady. I would suggest that you work as follows: 1. Start your meditation work byDiscipleship1, 212:you work as follows: 1. Start your meditation work by imagining (great is the power of the creativeDiscipleship1, 213:the world. Interlude - 8 counts - Realization of work done. Later we might increase these countsDiscipleship1, 214:them into your very nature, thus aiding the work of closing the solar plexus and transmuting itsDiscipleship1, 214:force. In a voluntary obedience to the suggested work (and not to me, my brother) will come for youDiscipleship1, 214:we go forward to a wider realization and my work with you as an individual is not so much to teachDiscipleship1, 214:group of my disciples. I find it necessary to work slowly. I seek not to change the work assignedDiscipleship1, 214:to work slowly. I seek not to change the work assigned until the group is more developed. In everyDiscipleship1, 215:upon "the Lighted Way of the Lord of Life." You work with human beings and you seek to integrateDiscipleship1, 216:marks a vital change from personal to impersonal work. This capacity to be impersonal has beenDiscipleship1, 216:with the subjective life of the group and to work in rhythm with them is somewhat difficult forDiscipleship1, 217:you is along this line. Ponder deeply on group work and study carefully all I have said on groupDiscipleship1, 217:your aid. Make the idea and the ideals of group work in the New Age your major study during theDiscipleship1, 218:its pure, essential meaning and that you seek to work out the rules for group living which I haveDiscipleship1, 219:or conditioning rays so that they can work with intelligence at the fusion of The variousDiscipleship1, 219:because you have to add to these two tasks the work of shifting your soul ray from the sixth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 220:if you can truly comprehend your problem and work with a sense of synthesis. It is not so much theDiscipleship1, 223:by the understanding performance of the group work. That in itself will bring fusion. That fusionDiscipleship1, 223:in itself will bring fusion. That fusion will work out in the strengthening of the group relationDiscipleship1, 223:the individual in the group - an aspect of the work which is oft forgotten but which is of realDiscipleship1, 225:way into my group of disciples in which you now work, and at the same time you found your destinedDiscipleship1, 225:Owing to the pressure of the times and of the work for this immediate cycle, you may have heard itDiscipleship1, 227:of the soul and of the group. Your sphere of work is clear to you, and there you are both neededDiscipleship1, 227:all that you desire. The keynote of your daily work should be understanding, just as the key noteDiscipleship1, 227:be understanding, just as the key note of your work with yourself on all three planes should beDiscipleship1, 227:I would suggest the following: Meditation Work: 1. Alignment with the soul and a definite consciousDiscipleship1, 228:into the personality. 4. Next, do some mental work in meditation, holding the mind steady in theDiscipleship1, 228:service in my group and any other aspect of your work in the world into that light, seeing it allDiscipleship1, 229:So it must ever be with the servers in our work. But climaxing moments are of importance and theDiscipleship1, 229:attainment of the outer attitude in your chosen work has been good. The inner orientation to theDiscipleship1, 230:I have made to you. As regards your meditation work, I would change it somewhat. For the next tenDiscipleship1, 230:therefore, be given to the significances of the work assigned. The objective is to enable you toDiscipleship1, 230:accurately and simultaneously. Meditation Work: Give five minutes to alignment consciously achievedDiscipleship1, 232:have a curious combination of rays with which to work, my brother and my friend, but a correctDiscipleship1, 232:enable you to make a right approach to the life work which will be yours in your next incarnation.Discipleship1, 232:for you in certain aspects of creative work, but it was only the fulfilment of innate capacity andDiscipleship1, 234:to you in my earlier emphasis (when starting work with you) now seems [235] clear to yourDiscipleship1, 235:as a chela and to me has been assigned the work of safeguarding you. I say "work" with deliberationDiscipleship1, 235:assigned the work of safeguarding you. I say "work" with deliberation and ask you to ponder theDiscipleship1, 237:efficiency. Sit back and let the life aspect work in you and in others. Your digestive difficultiesDiscipleship1, 238:Yet balanced effort has not characterized your work the past few months. You have been swept by anDiscipleship1, 238:the past few months - or it may lead you to work in conjunction with the group which has lately soDiscipleship1, 238:time as you make your choice) we will hold the work you do with me in abeyance. The choice isDiscipleship1, 239:focus is on the astral plane. Resume then the work I outlined for you earlier which you have latelyDiscipleship1, 239:care. In connection with the meditation work and the energy you gather, will you remember that thisDiscipleship1, 239:but can become a group asset. The effect of the work you have been doing with the group which is
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