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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 239:emphasize your development, your training, your work, your need and what is thought of you. None ofDiscipleship1, 239:my Ashram has not aided either, has it? All the work that I seek to do with you and my otherDiscipleship1, 239:bind them together as a group. For this is group work which the Hierarchy and those associated withDiscipleship1, 241:way of liberation. Be concerned with the group work and its rightful processes. Your soul willDiscipleship1, 241:done in the past. Keep busy with the Master's work and with happiness enter upon and accomplishDiscipleship1, 241:now, brother of mine, begin to do more definite work. E'en yet, however, you must proceed with careDiscipleship1, 241:few months I would suggest that you do no work, except that which I may here indicate. The rent inDiscipleship1, 242:can, as a group of disciples, begin now our real work and can regard the past cycles as simplyDiscipleship1, 242:such purpose that you can contribute much to the work of my Ashram. Each of you must work towardsDiscipleship1, 242:much to the work of my Ashram. Each of you must work towards such a relative perfection so thatDiscipleship1, 242:affiliated group the conditions for such work are not yet present. Work steadfastly, therefore, atDiscipleship1, 242:conditions for such work are not yet present. Work steadfastly, therefore, at self-improvement andDiscipleship1, 243:to reality. You can resume your active study work and your meditation work as outlined by meDiscipleship1, 243:your active study work and your meditation work as outlined by me below... When you are meditatingDiscipleship1, 244:the first. When your sixth ray personality can work, free from the influence of your soul ray andDiscipleship1, 244:When your first ray ego can likewise so work, then much will be accomplished by you. But, at theDiscipleship1, 244:sixth ray personality produces more destructive work than a manifestation of the divine purpose ofDiscipleship1, 245:on the verge of seeing the [245] results of your work with your own nature. If you can accept thatDiscipleship1, 245:by substituting a dynamic interest in world work. Do not arrive at this detachment through anDiscipleship1, 245:excludes your own lower nature. I say to you: Work with detachment and, because you are demandingDiscipleship1, 245:and not destroy. Ponder on these suggestions and work simply, quietly and happily at your problem.Discipleship1, 246:You may now resume your full quota of work and I suggest for your consideration the followingDiscipleship1, 246:breathing exercise each morning and as you work at it, regard it as your meditation process, and soDiscipleship1, 246:process, and so run a dual line of thought and work. Proceed as follows: Inhale on 8 counts, and asDiscipleship1, 246:repeat the process, only this time carry on the work entirely in the heart instead of in the head. Discipleship1, 247:closely to my instructions and carry forward the work; it should now be automatic. Note how, inDiscipleship1, 248:the efficacy of that suggested; the inner work of Organization can proceed easily e'en when thereDiscipleship1, 248:for which it is done. As to your meditation work, I seek at this time to change it. You haveDiscipleship1, 248:I gave you earlier. I now suggest meditation work to be most carefully followed and attempted withDiscipleship1, 249:of yourself to that goal; discovery of the work to be done and discovery of the Plan. All theseDiscipleship1, 249:its essential nature, its dominant need, and the work to be carried forward during the next fewDiscipleship1, 249:can swing into the needed rhythm and so learn to work together as a unit. You are all so intenselyDiscipleship1, 250:to group life, so necessary a factor in the work to be done, is as yet unappreciated. The reasonDiscipleship1, 251:over all the reports you have written about your work during the past two years. Gather themDiscipleship1, 251:you should do, how you should proceed and how work towards liberation from the "I complex." Let me,Discipleship1, 251:go: Refuse to dramatize I. B. S. Go on with your work, plan, teach and study, but do it inDiscipleship1, 251:by world need and by my need of help in the work I plan. Learn to do this by pondering upon theDiscipleship1, 252:If you will with faithfulness carry forward this work, you will free yourself from the grip ofDiscipleship1, 254:another second ray attribute, thus aiding in the work of "sweetening" your nature, if I may useDiscipleship1, 257:During the remainder of your life, if you will work with and control (as a soul) your mental body,Discipleship1, 261:fanatical - then promptly discontinue its use. Work only in the heart center when using thisDiscipleship1, 261:The disciple oft becomes absorbed in the work to be done to such an extent that he forgets that theDiscipleship1, 261:soul is love and understanding. Cease not to work at the problem of true spiritual perception andDiscipleship1, 261:never wavered and is earnestly endeavoring to work for the Tibetan and to tread the Path ofDiscipleship1, 262:what shall I say to you, fiery warrior in our work? Just this: In quietness and in confidence shallDiscipleship1, 264:have carried much responsibility and done much work with fortitude, and you must now remember thatDiscipleship1, 264:but preparatory to the handling of still more work with increased efficiency and speed. Of oneDiscipleship1, 264:those whom they can specifically help. This work, they are taught by being put into a position ofDiscipleship1, 264:of trust in relation to their fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work of training people to beDiscipleship1, 264:to their fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work of training people to be workers and so fitDiscipleship1, 264:training and help. They have to be taught to work inclusively and to be animated by intelligentDiscipleship1, 265:of such seed thoughts and definite visualization work... The reason for the meditation which I amDiscipleship1, 266:throat center through which you must learn to work during the third stage of the meditation workDiscipleship1, 266:to work during the third stage of the meditation work assigned... Watch the meditation work withDiscipleship1, 266:meditation work assigned... Watch the meditation work with care and communicate with A. A. B.Discipleship1, 266:feel the need of advice. Your contribution to my work you know. You have to present a stable focalDiscipleship1, 266:You must also foster impersonality in those who work around you; this can only be accomplished asDiscipleship1, 266:that at the beginning of this fourth year of our work together, I am forced to recognize yourDiscipleship1, 267:I am not proposing to change your meditation work at this time. Continue with it as outlined to youDiscipleship1, 267:co-disciples. This is an interesting form of work and for you at this time most developing. Bear inDiscipleship1, 267:centers will come increased ability to do this work. This linking will come as you pour out love toDiscipleship1, 268:way and that may increase your efficiency in the work - the place wherein your soul, your karma andDiscipleship1, 268:may with steadiness and joy go forward to the work of the coming year and that you may give to theDiscipleship1, 268:instruction much upon which you can still work. There is much that you have not yet fully graspedDiscipleship1, 268:form very shortly... Until that time arrives, work at an intensification of your understanding andDiscipleship1, 269:into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in some direction or another and a newDiscipleship1, 270:I am not making any vital changes in the work of the group now. An increased momentum in serviceDiscipleship1, 270:service. Go forward, therefore, with the same work as outlined in the previous instructions; duringDiscipleship1, 271:they also indicate in a most amazing manner the work and the achievement of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 271:BROTHER OF MINE: I would commend you today for work accomplished silently within yourself. How muchDiscipleship1, 271:forward in your life and in your grasp of the work essentials, and you have succeeded in freeingDiscipleship1, 271:yourself inwardly from much of the detail work with which you have been confronted. This was myDiscipleship1, 271:future, you can do much towards an aspect of my work which makes the rest of it possible. I referDiscipleship1, 271:of it possible. I refer to the financing of the work which I have planned. Cooperating with thoseDiscipleship1, 271:endeavoring to procure the needed funds for the work to be done during the next few years willDiscipleship1, 272:responsibility and as a means to real world work. The custodians of money will then shoulder theirDiscipleship1, 273:already know in theory and which you need now to work out in practice. That working out lies withDiscipleship1, 273:you somewhat anent the newer aspects of group work and this I seek to do and you seek to know. OneDiscipleship1, 274:out of doors and lay [274] the foundations for work in the coming winter months by much quietDiscipleship1, 274:the physical plane and enhance your value in the work which you, as a member of the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 275:This is your dominant contribution to the work; I would have you ponder on this and intensify yourDiscipleship1, 276:which I gave you earlier have done their work, have they not? You see yourself more clearly now andDiscipleship1, 277:life, fusing the people with whom you may work through love and understanding. That is a hard andDiscipleship1, 277:analysis of human beings and a slow and patient work. As your work may grow and its boundariesDiscipleship1, 277:beings and a slow and patient work. As your work may grow and its boundaries extend, you will beDiscipleship1, 278:and your strong inner urge to be left free to work out the concept of this group work in your ownDiscipleship1, 278:left free to work out the concept of this group work in your own way. Group work in connection withDiscipleship1, 278:of this group work in your own way. Group work in connection with the spiritual life is not, forDiscipleship1, 278:as an artist in your own field has taught you to work on the physical plane in group formation. ItDiscipleship1, 279:of form and of form building, with the creative work of organized detail in every balancedDiscipleship1, 279:therefore, will aid the group, so regard your work as a service to be definitely rendered.Discipleship1, 279:mind as a divinely organized instrument. Work with symbols will be found of real value to you ifDiscipleship1, 280:as to the usefulness of this particular group work has been somewhat answered in yourDiscipleship1, 280:consciousness, through your application to the work itself and what you have learnt thereby. TheDiscipleship1, 280:- you can serve your group and facilitate their work in this connection. All gained quality of anyDiscipleship1, 280:of this conjunction, just in so far as you can work constructively in your chosen field of work andDiscipleship1, 280:can work constructively in your chosen field of work and with your fellow students. A first rayDiscipleship1, 281:render group service and which will aid me in my work of awakening these members of my Ashram toDiscipleship1, 281:I would like to point out that if you work this way, with the emphasis laid upon the giving-forthDiscipleship1, 281:exacting from each hour its full quota of work or rest, without the sense of undue pressure or
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