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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 282:time, as I would ask you to continue with the work as outlined by me in my last communication. IDiscipleship1, 282:imparted and the reason why I emphasized certain work. E'en if you do not understand, I who watchDiscipleship1, 282:this for you is novel and educational. Your life work, esoterically speaking, consists in mentallyDiscipleship1, 282:loneliness from which he now suffers. Your work for the group is to blaze the trail to the highDiscipleship1, 283:initiation open before the disciple. Your major work today is to establish this habit. It lies forDiscipleship1, 284:phenomenal happening. As regards your meditation work, I would suggest the following procedure.Discipleship1, 284:Write down at the close of your meditation work each day your thoughts. Later see what has been theDiscipleship1, 284:which is one of your real needs, is it not? All work to be done at this time must be planned toDiscipleship1, 285:potency and I may then set you some definite work to do as a group. This will, however, depend uponDiscipleship1, 286:each day its full quota of inspiration, mental work and physical plane activity. Thus you willDiscipleship1, 287:only the using of a different medium in which to work. Of this I feel the need of reminding you.Discipleship1, 288:to gain authority over you. No one wants you to work or study or to serve, where [289] your ownDiscipleship1, 289:where [289] your own soul does not prompt you to work and to express yourself. But remember thatDiscipleship1, 289:the service, the responsibility, and the group work which counts and lasts; the fluctuations andDiscipleship1, 290:member of another group in my Ashram to do your work in the meantime. I am therefore assigning youDiscipleship1, 290:in the meantime. I am therefore assigning you no work, and you are regarded as temporarilyDiscipleship1, 290:I would ask you to bear in mind that group work involves sacrifice and oft the doing of that whichDiscipleship1, 291:to those you love and to the results of work was tried out; your intuition was strengthened, andDiscipleship1, 291:your intuition was strengthened, and now the work of the next few years must call for yourDiscipleship1, 291:to point out to you. The first one is that your work now falls into two main departments - oneDiscipleship1, 291:technique to use in fitting disciples for their work is through service to achievement, with theDiscipleship1, 291:the service and not upon the achievement. Your work in the world and your work [292] in my group ofDiscipleship1, 291:the achievement. Your work in the world and your work [292] in my group of disciples is your modeDiscipleship1, 292:impetus... In the coming years, my brother, work with ease and eliminate the consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 292:and the sense of pressure. You belong to the work to be done and not to yourself. This is true ofDiscipleship1, 292:You are needed in the pressure of the coming work, and you must keep the instrument in goodDiscipleship1, 293:and old joint experience enable you to work in this group with facility and understanding, and thatDiscipleship1, 293:not my intention today to change your meditation work or to alter my instructions to you. You haveDiscipleship1, 293:the Full Moon in May, and in the next halfyearly work. You will gain a fuller idea of the groupDiscipleship1, 293:work. You will gain a fuller idea of the group work and of your group brothers if you will take theDiscipleship1, 294:others. Continue, therefore, with the meditation work already given, but dedicate two or threeDiscipleship1, 294:two or three minutes before starting to definite work in order to produce alignment. See to itDiscipleship1, 294:and useful in their right place, and do your work as a soul. Work at establishing a close rapportDiscipleship1, 294:their right place, and do your work as a soul. Work at establishing a close rapport with your groupDiscipleship1, 294:with your group brothers. You are new in the work but are integrating into the group life rapidlyDiscipleship1, 294:We will today somewhat change your meditation work, as the visualization exercise has done much ofDiscipleship1, 294:the visualization exercise has done much of its work in stimulating the ajna center and in focusingDiscipleship1, 294:with your own immediate circle, with the work in your environment, and also in connection with yourDiscipleship1, 295:discipline but realized gain. The work to be done by a sannyasin lies ever in the realm ofDiscipleship1, 295:him without any attachment to the results of the work. This alert awareness must be fostered byDiscipleship1, 295:on this. Before indicating your meditation work for the next few months, I would suggest (forgetDiscipleship1, 296:during the day... You will note that most of the work I have given you here links the three aspectsDiscipleship1, 296:always accompanies the accepted disciple for work in the field of the world has been yours mostDiscipleship1, 297:learnt by all disciples (before they can [297] work with power in the world) might be expressed asDiscipleship1, 297:and relationships. Between the needs which group work evidences and demands and those of theDiscipleship1, 297:group brothers, must come concentration upon the work of preparation for the Wesak Festival. PureDiscipleship1, 298:steady in the light." This will involve renewed work in alignment, and in the conscious refocusingDiscipleship1, 298:suggested meditation, upon which you can work, unless I see fit to change it later... Will youDiscipleship1, 298:strength and time for both this and the group work outlined by me earlier, then choose theDiscipleship1, 298:and Magnetism - in preference to the group work. Discipleship1, 300:vibration of the Hierarchy. I change not your work. I have little, my brother, to say to you today.Discipleship1, 300:to say to you today. You have not done the work earlier assigned. Why, therefore, should I assignDiscipleship1, 300:therefore, should I assign more or different work? That earlier given is still needed. Think lessDiscipleship1, 300:the light where the Great Ones walk and live and work. In the assigned meditation given in the lastDiscipleship1, 300:- The radiant Way. We shall otherwise leave your work to be completed, if you so will. Discipleship1, 301:could not face and hence your retreat. Thus, you work out your problems in solitude away from yourDiscipleship1, 301:1934 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: I am asking you to work in this group of students and aspirants for twoDiscipleship1, 301:itself can give you much if you will try out the work for a year or so. [302] No attempt is madeDiscipleship1, 302:to impose restrictions on the students and their work, and all can cease from the endeavor at anyDiscipleship1, 302:and watch the footsteps of all aspirants, must work out in exoteric service, rendered progressivelyDiscipleship1, 302:plane. Bear this in mind as you attempt to work with this group of my disciples; make your mentalDiscipleship1, 302:hurry in the realm of the soul. The meditation work to be done by you should be for a whileDiscipleship1, 302:by the meditation process below. All the work done should be controlled by the consciousness,Discipleship1, 302:the radiation of the soul. For your meditation work I suggest the following procedure: First ofDiscipleship1, 304:this out as I would like you - if you will - to work towards establishing a telepathic rapport withDiscipleship1, 304:each of the groups to form another group whose work will be to preserve a group interplay betweenDiscipleship1, 304:done it for a few months and the rhythm of the work must be definitely established so that itDiscipleship1, 304:freedom of thought within the limits of the work. I will, however, change your meditation outlineDiscipleship1, 305:OF MINE: I seek to give you some personal work to do in connection with me that will not be easy.Discipleship1, 305:ever been interested in that inner subjective work which might be called telepathic clairvoyance.Discipleship1, 305:might be called telepathic clairvoyance. This work you would have done had it been possible for youDiscipleship1, 305:would have done had it been possible for you to work with my first planned group. Would you care toDiscipleship1, 305:with my first planned group. Would you care to work with me, my brother, along this line for aDiscipleship1, 305:them and the word for which they stand. This work will form part of your meditation. Achieve aDiscipleship1, 307:those who stand with him upon the Path and to work for those whom he can help, but whoseDiscipleship1, 307:then take on definite forms and he can begin to work with intelligence. These points you need toDiscipleship1, 308:involve criticism. I seek to change your work and meditation considerably this next half year. MyDiscipleship1, 308:Your mental polarization is good and your work in the world greatly aids you in this respect. ItsDiscipleship1, 308:stronger and more dynamic, and for this we will work for a little while. I seek, secondly, to aidDiscipleship1, 309:of the Plan. Insert here what intercessory work you seek to do. Sound the O. M. For your ownDiscipleship1, 309:to do. Sound the O. M. For your own personal work I would ask you to write one paragraph which willDiscipleship1, 309:your own progress. Continue to serve and to work and leave realization with its results and effectsDiscipleship1, 310:I hold out before you no illusions of a great work to be performed for which you are divinelyDiscipleship1, 310:you are divinely predestined. The eventual great work, successfully carried forward, which falls toDiscipleship1, 312:at this time, and upon them I would ask you to work until the next period comes around. First,Discipleship1, 312:outer service. You have always been able to work subjectively with others. This has been one ofDiscipleship1, 312:This has been one of your major assets in group work. You are mentally magnetic, and through aDiscipleship1, 314:problem: To stand free whilst surrounded; to work in the subjective world whilst active in theDiscipleship1, 316:is nearing the time when it should begin to work with regularity at the problem of dissipating theDiscipleship1, 316:When it becomes possible to do this world work (done naturally behind the scenes) then there willDiscipleship1, 316:- if I may use such a term. It is dangerous work, my brother, and I am mentioning it to you in thisDiscipleship1, 317:must be developed as group qualities, if the work planned is to be safely undertaken. The producingDiscipleship1, 317:them the rays with which they predominantly work in order to help them subordinate the lower man toDiscipleship1, 317:their two major rays, with the view to practical work with themselves. This is for you a peculiarlyDiscipleship1, 317:them in gaining the needed group poise for the work to be done. The Old Commentary, in speaking ofDiscipleship1, 317:be done. The Old Commentary, in speaking of the work of those whose dharma it is to dissipate worldDiscipleship1, 317:their outer labors, pausing to do a different work. Within their hearts is rest. They run not hereDiscipleship1, 318:and idealistic interpretation, you would work with greater power and freedom. In reference to yourDiscipleship1, 318:and freedom. In reference to your meditation work, continue as before, but when you have finishedDiscipleship1, 318:as before, but when you have finished the work of building the symbols, and have sounded the O. M.
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